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e ^■wag Tradition 
lar idem Teaching 


President's Message 


ears ago, Professor Virginia Francisco was asked 
how she would describe Mary Baldwin to someone 
who didn't know us. She said she would begin 
with, "We are not what you think we are." 1 would 
add today that we may not even be what we think 
we are. Extraordinary things are happening at 
Mary Baldwin. 

First, take a look at enrollment. Our total 
enrollment this year will he about 2,140, includ- 
ing all programs. This total compares with 2,025 
last fall. It is an all-time record. In the last three 
years, we have set three records for new on- 
campus students, including PEG: 298, 322,327. 
Our on-campus total this year will be a record 
848 students. 

What about quality? Our acceptance rate for 
new on-campus students is down from almost 89 
percent last year to 79 percent this year. Average 
SAT scores have risen to 1064 this fall, well above 
the national average. When historical SAT scores 
are recentered to get to the same scale, 1064 is the 
highest mark since 1975, up 46 points in six years. 

We have done follow-up surveys of our gradu- 
ates every year since 1 983 . We ask them to rate us. 
Graduates in the class of 1995 gave our academic 
program the best ratings in our history. 

Last year's entering class was the most diverse 
ever: 19 percent minority and international. This 
year's freshman class continues to be diverse. 

Please don't think it's like this everywhere in 
higher education. There are very few colleges in 
the country that have accomplished what we have 
in the area of enrollment. 

Our current success is not an accident. It is the 
result of a well-executed plan to bring our under- 
graduate on-campus enrollment to 850, a goal set 
several years ago by our planning committees and 
the Board of Trustees. We studied the demograph- 
ics and knew that although there was a decrease in 
the number of 18-20 year olds through the middle 
of this decade, there would be an upswing toward 
the end of the decade. We looked at where in the 
country the numbers would start rising, then made 
sure we had a strong admissions presence in those 
areas. We held fast during the demographic down- 
turn, not allowing programs to suffer. We were so 
successful even during the downturn that we 
bucked the trend and have had increased overall 
enrollments every year for the past 10 years. 

I wish I could now end by saying that everything 
is perfect at Mary Baldwin, but we know that is not 
true. I see seven areas of challenge ahead of us: 

1 . We need to find an acceptable middle ground 
given competing financial needs: balance the bud- 
get, reduce the draw on the endowment, raise 

salaries, raise operating and maintenance budgets, 
and find new money to pay for new technology. 

2. We need to increase our endowment. Of the 
colleges we consider our peers for faculty salary 
comparisons, our endowment is 16th out of the 17 
that report endowments. Our endowment per stu- 
dent is less than one-fourth the average of the 
other three women's colleges in the state. 

3. We need to maintain the necessary enroll- 
ment levels and hold the line on financial aid at 
the same time. We need to be affordable. Compe- 
tition tor students will do nothing but get more 
intense in the future. We are a tuition driven 
institution. How do we continue our great success 
of the last few years? 

4. We need to develop a sense of community 
congruent with our mission and traditions, but 
also congruent with our many academic programs 
and diverse student population. 

5. We need to develop governance structures 
that serve the complicated institution Mary Bald- 
win is today. 

6. We must develop a modern college com- 
puter information system with internet access for 
all students and faculty, a network linking all 
faculty and staff, access to the database for faculty 
and staff, and modern equipment for teaching and 
learning. This is expensive; we must find ways to 
pay for it. 

7. A final challenge is special to this year. In 
March 1997, we shall host a visiting team from the 
Commission on Colleges of the Southern Associa- 
tion of Colleges and Schools as part of our 
reaccreditation process. The college has been con- 
ducting a self-study as preparation for this visit and 
will be working hard to implement its recommen- 
dations beginning this fall. 

These are the challenges of our times. Our 
enrollment plan worked because we did our home- 
work, planned carefully, and applied ourselves to 
our plan over several years. We need to do the 
same thing to be as successful in meeting all the 
challenges I have outlined. 

You know that none of these challenges has a 
miraculous solution, but our strategic plan will be 
designed to work on all of them. We will keep 
moving forward, one step at a time, taking confi- 
dence from our successes of the last few years. 

So, on we go to meet the challenges... 

I wish you all a very good year. 

G|.ui:? I 


Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 

1996-1997 is the year to plant the seeds of Mary Baldwin College. 
Plant your seed by referring a prospective student to MBC. 

Use one of these cards or call in your referral to 1-800-763-7359. 

student Name 


Student IS a THS Senior I HS Junior "Transfer I Other. 

SO£€t a/^d'Qf bo^ nunoer 

Phone ( ) High School 

_ MBC Class oM 9. 


Home Phone (_ 

Work Phone (_ 


May we use your name? 
Check if you are a member: 

7. Board of Trustees 

I Advisory Board of Wsitors 

Z Alumnae Board 
Z Parents Council 
Z Faculty/Staff 


Hease send the student information on: 

I Traditional Program 

Z Virginia Women's Insfitute for Leadership 

Z Program for the Excepfionally Gifted 

Z Master of Arts in Teaching 

Z Adult Degree Program 











PO BOX 1500 

STAUNTON VA 24402-9912 



Vol. 10, No. 1 Fall 1996 

Editor Sarah H. O'Connor 

Art Director: Gretchen L. Shuman 

Assistant Editor Michelle Hite Martin 

Publications Advisory Board: 
Sarah H. O'Connor, Gretchen L. Shuman 
Sara Beth Bearss '82, Sue Caples '60, 
Dr. Brenda Bryant, Brenda Chandler. 
Jane G. Komegay '83, Dr. James D. Lott, 
Lydia J. Petersson, Dr. Robert Reich, 
Dr. Celeste Rhodes, Dr. Kathleen Stinehart, 
Dr. Heather Wilson, Dr. Elizabeth Roberts, 
Dacrie Brooks '98 

Associate Editors: 

Kathleen Kenig B^-ford '68 

Elizabeth Allan Collins '61 

Claire Eliiabeth Garrison '91 ADP 

Susan Massie Johnson '67 

Yvonne Poser 

Mary Shilling Shannon '53 

Cover design: Gretchen L. Shuman 
The magazine cover is taken from a 1962 
painting of Margaret Collins done by acclaimed 
portrait artist Horace Day. Day taught at Mar>' 
Baldwin College from 1941 to 1943, then from 
194-5 to 1967.^ 

Annual Report designer: Bradley Robison 
.Annual Rept:irt cover design: Gretchen L. Shuman 
Annual Report coxer photo: Bradley Robison 

The Mart Baklivm Magazine is published 
twice a year by Mary Baldwin College, 
Office of College Relations, 
Staunton, VA 24401. 
(p) 540-887-7009 (0 540-887-7360 

Copyxight by Mary Baldwin College 
All rights resen'ed. 

Mary Baldwin College does not discriminate 
on the basis of se.x (except that men are 
admitted only as ADP and graduate students), 
race, national origin, color, age or disability in 
its educational programs, admissions, co- 
curricular or other activities, and employment 
practices. Inquiries may be directed to Dean of 
Students, Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, 
VA 24401; 540-887-7028. 

In Hot Pursuit of 
THE Song Tradition 

Dr. Fletcher Collins describes a life 
spent in search of traditional songs. 

1 Tan DEM Teaching : 

MATs Unique Brand of Education 

Meet two recent MAT grads and find out 
what makes the MAT program unique. 

14 First Day Diaries 

a freshman and a senior share 
their first day on campus. 

16 Murphy's Law 

Death row activist Murphy Davis 71 
battles cancer and keeps the faith. 


2 Campus News 

3 News Bytes 

20 Newsmakers 

2 1 Alumnae Notes 

26 Chapters in Action 

This publication is printed on recycled paper. 

Campus News 

Enrollment breaks 
alkime record 

Mary Baldwin College has en- 
rolled 848 students in the residen- 
tial baccalaureate programs this 
fall — beating their previous en- 
rollment record set in 197 1 . This 
year's group of students has the 
highest SAT scores in the last de- 
cade and were enrolled under a 
record low acceptance rate. 

Enrollment figures are calcu- 
lated on the number of traditional 
students (711), students in the 
Program for the Exceptionally 
Gifted (57) and the Virginia 
Women's Institute for Leadership 
(80), who are registered tor fall 
courses. Total MBC enrollment 
includes over 2,100 students 
when the figure includes gradu- 
ate students (72) and Adult De- 
gree Program Students (1,200) 

MBC President Dr. Cynthia 
H. Tyson said, "We are particu- 
larly pleased that this large 
enrollment is the result ot a 
broadening applicant pool. 
More students and their parents 
are recognizing the value of high 
academic standards, enhanced 
leadership opportunities and in- 
dividual attention from faculty 
in a single-sex environment." 

J 996 Doenges ArtistlSchohr Brings 
Wealth of Writing Experience to Campus 

Mary Baldwin 
College's first 
E 1 I : a b e t h 
K I r k p a t r i c k 
Doenges Dis- 
tinguished Vis- 
iting Artist/ 
Scholar is 
writer David 
Bradley's 20- 
page resume 
includes two novels, over 100 published ar- 
ticles and a five-page list ot awards, fellow- 
ships and honors. 

A "PK" (preacher's kid) with a selt- 
proclaimed sarcastic sense of humor, Bra- 
dley admits his first novel. South Street, was 
a "compilation of the Clint Eastwood in 
him meeting the Richard Pryor side of 
him." South Street was published in 1975 
by Grossman/Viking Press. Bradley fol- 
lowed that book with The Chaneysville In- 
cident in 1981. It received the 1982 PEN/ 
Faulkner Prize and an Academy Award 
from the American Academy and Institute 
ot Arts and Letters. 

Bradley has also published book chap- 
ters, book introductions, forewords, book 
reviews, magazine articles and essays. 
These have appeared in a wide variety of 
publications, from Sport to The Nation, 
from Philadelphia Magazine to Esquire, 
Redbouk and The New York Times. He has 
written profiles of Alice Walker and 
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, pieces about his 

home street in Philadelphia and his family. 
His current book-in-progress, The Bondage 
Hypothesis: Meditations on Race in America, 
is under contract to Viking/Penguin Press. 

"In the past nine years of my career, I 
have learned that people will pay me to learn. 
1 enjoy the process of writing nonfiction. It 
is a challenge," he says. 

David Bradley received his bachelor's 
in creative writing from the University of 
Pennsylvania in 1972. He earned his 
master's in United States Studies from the 
University of London in 1974 and is a re- 
cipient of fellowships from the John Simon 
Guggenheim Foundation and the National 
Endowment for the Arts. 

The Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges 
Distinguished Visiting Artist/Scholar Pro- 
gram was established in 1994 to honor the 
late Mrs. Doenges, an alumna and trustee. 
The program was developed to benefit the 
entire college community by providing 
opportunities to learn from and interact 
with scholars and artists who are masters 
in their fields. Doenges artists and schol- 
ars will be drawn from within and outside 
of academia, from the performing or vi- 
sual arts, literature, sciences, social sci- 
ences or humanities. Each year the dean 
of the college will appoint the scholar or 
artist for from one semester up to a full 
year. Bradley was in residence on cam- 
pus from Oct. 29-Nov. 1. He gave a pub- 
lic reading, visited classes, and met with 
faculty. He will also be teaching on cam- 
pus during May Term 1997. 

College Inaugurates Two New Scholarships 


Dacrie Brooks, daughter of Mr. Robert A. Gray of Grafton, VA, is 
the first recipient of the Central Fidelity Minority Scholarship at 
MBC. Ms. Brooks is a rising sophomore majoring in communica- 
tions. This scholarship is the first awarded from an endowment es- 
tablished in 1995 by the Central Fidelity National Bank. The award 
recognizes outstanding effort and achievement by a deserving stu- 
dent from the Commonwealth of Virginia. As the fund grows, addi- 
tional awards will be presented. 


Heather Noelle Abernethy, a senior health care admmistration major 
from Verona, VA, has become the first recipient of the Virginia Health 
Services Scholarship at MBC. The new scholarship was established 

by Virgmia Health Services, Inc. of Newport News, VA, for health 
care administration majors interested in long-term care administra- 
tion. Each year for the next four years, a rising senior will be selected 
for the $1,000 merit-based award. 

Heather Abernethy is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. 
Abernethy. This summer she completed an e.xternship under the tu- 
telage of Bridgewater Retirement Community president John Garber. 

Dr. Steven Mosher, director of MBC's Health Care Administra- 
tion Program, said, "Heather is truly deserving of this award. She is a 
fine representative of the program and the college, in that she is a 
caring and sensitive person who truly wants to serve others." 

Wendy Klich-Satchell, an MBC alumna from the class of 1992 
and vice president of operations for Virginia Health Services, was in- 
strumental in establishing this scholarship. 

Fall 1996 • The Mary Balbwin College Magazine 

Campus News 


still Among the Best 

Mary Baldwin College was ranked 3rd 
among regionally-ranked liberal arts col- 
leges in the South in the 1 996 U. S. News 
& World Report's annual guide to 
"America's Best Colleges." Last year, 
MBC ranked first in the magazine's an- 
nual ranking of colleges. The ranking 
considers academic reputation, finan- 
cial resources, retention, alumni satis- 
faction, faculty resources and student 

This year, only Lyon College and 
Emory and Henry College were ranked 
higher than Mary Baldwin in a regional 
category including over 400 colleges 
and universities. This year's honor 
marked the fourth straight top-10 rank- 
ing for Mary Baldwin College. 

New Director Takes Helm of 
Master of Arts in Teaching 

Dr. Elizabeth 

Roberts has 

taken the 

helm of the 

MBC Master 

of Arts in 




Dr. Mary 


Cooper, the program's first director. 

Dr. Roberts comes to MBC from 
Emory University, where she has served 
as assistant professor of reading and 
language arts since 1 993. Prior to work- 
ing at Emory, she was an assistant pro- 
fessor and director of the Teacher Edu- 
cation Program at Agnes Scott College. 
At Agnes Scott, she was campus co- 
ordinator for the Ford Foundation 
Teacher Scholars Program and won the 
Outstanding Dissertation Award from 
the International Reading Association 
in 1989. 

Dr. Roberts earned her Ph.D. from 

Emory in educational leadership with a 
focus on reading education in 1 988 and 
received Emory's Outstanding Disserta- 
tion Award in 1989. She earned her 
M.A.T. and her bachelor's degree from 
Emory, as well. She has worked as an 
elementary school teacher and was 
awarded the Ford Foundation Scholar 

According to Dean of the College 
Dr. James Lott, Dr. Roberts was chosen 
from a field of over 60 strong applicants. 
She joined the MBC staff in September. 

MBC Appoints Director of 
African-American Affairs 

Andrea Cornett- 
Scott of 
Roanoke, VA, 
has been hired 
as MBC's 
director of 
African American 
affairs. She will 
provide support 
and program- 
ming for African 

American students and consult with 
departments across the college 
regarding African American affairs. She 
will report to the college's dean of 

Cornett-Scott has served as co-di- 
rector of Your Place After School in 
Harrisonburg, VA; as coordinator of the 
Peer Helper Program and Educational 
Skills Program at James Madison Uni- 
versity; and as assistant to the president 
on minority affairs, and later director of 
minority affairs at Monmouth College in 
Monmouth, IL. She is also a pastor at 
the Ebenezer A.M.E. Church in 
Roanoke, VA. 

"The duties of the director of Afri- 
can American affairs will be evolving 
as I assess the current needs at Mary 
Baldwin College in terms of the minor- 
ity student population and the campus 

environment as a whole," says 
Cornett-Scott. "My initial goals include 
developing an on-going survival skills 
program for first-year minority stu- 
dents, creating and implementing a 
strategy to enhance minority student 
leadership, cultivating an African 
American alumnae community, work- 
ing with admissions staff to support 
admissions strategies for the recruit- 
ment of minorities, providing emotional 
support for students of color, assess- 
ing and supporting the academic 
needs of minority students, engaging 
the college in discussions concerning 
diversity, providing opportunities for 
African American cultural enrichment 
and promoting opportunities for cross- 
cultural exchanges." 

MaiT Baldwin CoUese 

20 \j^lnnkersaiy 

Adult Degree Program 
is 20 Years Old 

Innovation is a tra- 
dition at Mary Bald- 
win College. Twenty 
years ago, the col- 
lege opened an 
adult program for 
MBC students who 
had never gradu- 
ated, and the bold 
program quickly 

broadened its scope to permit both ma- 
ture women and men the opportunity 
to tailor their degree work around their 

Growing from only eight students 
that first year, MBC's Adult Degree Pro- 
gram currently enrolls over 1,200 stu- 
dents and boasts 1,100 alumni. Each 
ADP student brings to the program a 
wealth of experience that greatly facili- 
tates the learning process. ADP offers 
courses through the main campus of- 
fice and through four regional offices 
across the state. 

ADP alumni have supported other 
ADP students through contributions to 

The Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Fall 1996 

Campus News 


the college's ADP Loyalty Scholar- 
ship Fund. In 1995, five $1,000 
scholarships were awarded to de- 
serving ADP students. 

VWIL Continues to Thrive 

If you're looking for the VWIL Of- 
fice, it has moved into Taylor House 
at 237 Sycamore Street. Returning 
sophomore VWIL students will also 
be in a new place, rooming to- 
gether in Tullidge Hall. The 44 VWIL 
freshmen will be mixed in with other 
freshmen in Woodson Hall, as they 
were last year 

Two new courses will be intro- 
duced this year — History and 
Theories of Leadership and Eth- 
ics, Community & Leadership, 
Sophomores will take these 
classes in the fall and spring, re- 

Having second-year students 
allows the program to begin using 
mentors. Each new student has 
been assigned to an upperclass 
VWIL student, who will serve as her 
mentor and take responsibility for 
helping her be successful in the 

MBC Online - the place for 
updates from your alma mater Check 
out the new News & Events sec- 
tion for current postings on campus 
happenings. How do you get there? 
From the MBC homepage, choose 
News & Events News contains 
recent press releases to regional and 
national media. Events contains the 
MBC arts calendar and other event 
listings as they become available. 
Suggestions'!' Send them to 

1996^97 MBC Art, Music and Theatre Calendar 

10/7- ll/l 

Dawn l.atane Painlinj;^ and Dr auiiigs 

Hunt Gallery 

10/ LS 

(Graham Scott Pianist 

Francis Auditorium 


Richard Carlyon Eli/aheth Nottingham Day Lecture Hraneis Auditorium 


John Salmon Pianist 

Francis Auditorium 

11/11 - 12/6 

Faculty Exhibition hy MBC StudioArt Faculty 

Hunt Gallery 


Makoto Nakura Marimbist 

Francis Auditorium 

11/21 - 11/24 

Evita lynes hy Tim Rice, music by Andrew Lloyd Weber 

John Lewis Auditorium, Robert E. Lee High School 


Christmas Cheer MBC Choir 

First Presbyterian Church 

1/6- 1/31 

Trisha Orr Paintings 

Hunt Gallery 


Warsaw Wind Quartet with .Michiko Otaki. Pianist 

Trinity Church 


Robert Allen, Baritone and Carsten Schmidt, Pianis 

t Francis Auditorium 


Yayoi Toda Violinist 

Francis Auditorium 

2/10 - 3/7 

Diego Sanchez Paintings, Drawings & Prints 

Hunt Gallery 


A Piece of My Heart b\ Shirley Lauro 

Fletcher Collins Theatre 


Leonard Hokanson Pianist 

Francis .^udilorium 


Remain Guyot Clarinetist 

Francis Auditorium 


.\nne Wick. Soprano Faculty Recital 

Francis .Auditorium 


Barbara Tisserat A Small Retrospective 

Hunt Gallery 


Carsten Schmidt, Pianist Faculty Recital 

Francis .Auditorium 

4/2 - 4/6 

Dancing at Liiglinasa by Brian Friel 

Fletcher Collins Theatre 


MBC Choir Spring Concert 

Francis .Auditorium 

4/28 - 5/4 

Annual Juried MBC Student Art Exhibit 

Hunt Gallery 

5/6 - 5/25 

MBC Senior .\rt Exhibitions Hunt Gallery & Deming Alternative Gallery 


ACTion Student Directed One-Act Plays 

Fletcher Collins Theatre 

Fall 1996 • The Mary Baldwin College Magazine 

Campus News 

College Becomes Student of Self 

by Dr. \'irginia Francisco, chair ot Selt-S:udv 

More than SO taculcy, scafi", students, 
trustees and alumnae have studied ev- 
er>' comer of the college for the past 
year. Organized into five committees, 
they drafted a report which evaluates 
the college's strengths and weaknesses 
and makes recommendations for im- 
provements. The draft undergoes a pro- 
cess of hearings and revisions this fall. 
Next spring, a visiting committee of fac- 
ulty and staff from other colleges will 
come to Mar^' Baldwin College to re- 
view our study and make independent 
recommendations and suggestions. All 
recommendations and suggestions will 
be forwarded to appropriate college 
committees for implementation. 

The internal process and the com- 

mittee visit provide a focused review of 
the state of the college and the issues 
which engage us as we move into the 2 1st 
century. As we carrv' out the recommen- 
dations and suggestions, we position our- 
selves well for the challenges and oppor- 
tunities to come. The draft finds much 
to congratulate: enrollment the largest 
ever, innovative programs solidly based 
on a tradition of excellent liberal arts 
education, a well qualified faculty and 
stEift, a clear and widely accepted mis- 
sion, and graduates who find that we are 
carrving out our mission effectively. And 
it identifies some challenges: finding 
enough money to provide learning re- 
sources, salaries and financial aid appro- 
priate to a nationally ranked college; 

honoring diversity and cultivating 
community within a diverse and chang- 
ing faculty, staff and student body; and 
refining faculty and administrative pro- 
cesses amid multiple programs and 
rapid growth. 

The process will end with the 
college's reaccreditation by the Commis- 
sion on Colleges of the Southern Asso- 
ciation of Colleges and Schools. Self- 
study is the foundation of SACS's pro- 
cess for reaccreditation and is required 
every 10 years. According to SACS, 
"Accreditation is principally concerned 
with improvement of educational qual- 
ity' .. . and the assurance to the public 
that regional institutions meet estab- 
lished standards." 

Former Trustee Andrew Jackson Brent dies 

Andrew ]acksonBrdnt, J 9/ 8 

"Jack Brent's accomplishments will live 
on for decades to come," says J. Stewart 
Br^'an 111, publisher of Th^ Richmond Trnies' 
Dispatch. "Throughout his successful law 
career, Jack offered his organirational skills 
to many community civic groups involved 
in education, economic development and 
other activities." 

Former chair oi the MBC Board of 
Trustees Andrew Jackson "Jack" Brent, 77, 
of Henrico died Saturday, June 8. He was 
a former partner with the Richmond law 
firm of Christian, Barton, Epps, Brent & 
Chappell and the retired director, general 
counsel and secretan* of Media General 
Inc., the parent company of T/ie Richmond 

Brent ser\'ed on the Mary Baldwin 
Board of Tnistees from 1969 to 1989. He 
chaired the board twice, from 1976 to 
1979 and from 1985 to 1989. During his 
board tenure he provided direction and 
counsel to eight key board committees. In 
1990, the college presented an Honorary' 
Doctorate of Humane Letters degree to 
Brent for his "clarit\- of vision, exceptional 
patience and tact, unmatched skill, ex- 
traordinarv' abilits' to moderate and rec- 
oncile and for his leadership in times of 
opportunity- and growth." 

Jack Brent was named attorney for 
Richmond Newspapers Inc. in 1958. 
He was elected director, general coun- 
sel and secretary in 1966, and he held 
the same positions with Media Gen- 
eral Inc. after its formation in 1965. 

In December 1992, Mr. Brent retired 
from Media General and his law firm for 
health reasons, but he continued to 
ser\-e the law firm as counsel. 

A native of Richmond. Brent re- 
ceived his undergraduate degree from The 
Universit\- of \'irginia and graduated from 
the law school in 1941. He began his law 
practice in Richmond in 1946 and became 
a partner in 1949. Brent was considered 
an expert in corporate and municipal 
bonds as well as in corporate law. 

Jack Brent's civic responsibilities and 
involvement were far reaching. He ser\-ed 
as legal counsel and as a board member 
and chair of many organirations, includ- 
ing the Virginia Commonwealth Univer- 
sitv' Board of Visitors, Collegiate Schools, 
the Metropolitan Richmond Chamber of 
Commerce, the Richmond Eye and Ear 
Hospital, the West End Branch ^'MCA 
Board, the Richmond Memorial Hospital 
Foundation, the Richmond Metropolitan 
Association, Governor John N. Dalton's 
Virginia Fuel Conversion Authorit^^ St. 
James Episcopal Church and the St. James 
Endowment Fund Inc. 

The NL«.y B.mdsts' College \Uo.^zine • RuL 1996 

In Hot Pursuit of 

BY Profrssor of Theatre Emeritus 
Dr. Fletcher Collins Ir. 

Traditional soiisj (s like great poetry in that it 
doesn't rei'eal itself completely on first 
hearin^^. A great song needs several exposures 
to shoiv its dimensions , its shapeliness . its 
transcendent beauty, ami to relate mysteri- 
ously t(i the hciirer's psyche. 

h has been my good fortune to have spent 
much of my life in search of traditional 
songs in remote manuscripts where they 
have slept for centuries , and in equally 
private sources where families still sing the 
old songs for pleasure and comfort. 

Y earliest exf>erience with 
song was betore I can remember, though 
I do recollect my mother's small voice 
singing, "Go tell Aunt Rhody" when I was 
too tired and measly to go to sleep at about 
the age of three. My grandmother Col- 
lins and my father played piano, mostly 
Chopin. I remember when they got a new 
songbook, Cecil Sharp s American edition 
of folksongs for children, with piano ac- 
companiments; I devoured it cover to 
cover, aged ten. Shortly after that I was 
admitted to a tine male choir, which re- 
hearsed two afternoons a week — with 
choirboy bloody fights in the churchyard 
afterward — and sang for two services on 
Sundays. That experience opened up the 
whole Episcopal hymnbook, with its quota 
of goodies. 

My parents bought a secondhand 
pump organ, a harmonium, and I taught 
myself to play the hymns I liked, my fa- 
vorite being Teschner s 1 Tth-century tune 
to "All gloTy, laud, and honor." In adoles- 
cence, I got peer-pressed and tried to fiddle 
modem dance music well enough to be 
tolerated in a very amateur band. I wanted 
to imitate Paul Whiteman's and Guy 
Lombardi's 78 rpm records. 

Those records went with me to Yale. 
There was lots of singing in the freshman 
glee club and in a pick-up quartet, but 
what was really "divoon," as we described 
ecstasy in those days, was an illegal (it 
being Prohibition days) beer parlor just 
off campus. I later learned that the good 
dean ot ^ale College, aware of what was 
happening there, had gotten the New 
Haven police to leave Turtle's, as the joint 
was called, alone. Our singing in that 
place was fairly continuous and undirected 
as the evening progressed, yet there was a 
tacit understanding that no one talked 
above the singing. The songs were mostly 
tavern song?, many of them stock glee club 
numbers of 50 years before. And ot course 
there was the compulsory" limerick gen- 
erator, "The Hedgehog Song," a splendid 
epic of the uses of the hedgehog at Yale 
and Har\"ard, with stanzas about a gener- 
ous Indian maiden and about deviate 
kings from Siam and Peru. 

Turtle's was the best course 1 had 
freshman yean it was also the only course 
I was ready for and the only one 1 remem- 
ber in any detail, that is, the songs. It was 
a kind of prerequisite, and nothing that 
happened to me the other years in New 
Haven would have made much sense 
without that wonderfully beery and lyric 

My later years at Yale included a 
chance discovery on the shelves of the li- 
brary: William Chappell s Popular Miisic 
of die Olden Time, a large collection of 
British folksongs from publications of 
three centuries. It greatly expanded my 
Cecil Sharp and Tuttle horizons. By the 
time I did a term paper on "Chaucer and 
Music," heard a concert by Edmund 
Fellowes' English Singers, and looked at 
Carl Sandburg's An American Songfcag, I 
was beginning to sense a Song Tradition, 
one that could be traced back to the 
Middle Ages, not only to Chaucer, but 
also to the French medieval court com- 
posers, the troubadours and trouveres, and 
to their contemporaries, the playwrights 
of liturgical music-drama. 

When I returned to Yale for graduate 
work, I roamed the libraries" shelves, 
searching for more, not just the verses, but 
also the music to them so the verses could 
be sung. I caught up with Robert Herrick, 
the 17th-century CavaUer poet, inany of 
whose poems were set to music by coUe- 
gial musicians at the Caroline court. Most 
circulated orally and were preser\^ed in 
manuscript commonplace books; a few 
were published in Herrick's time by 
Pla\=ford. I edited all that could be found 
in England and America. 

Still at Yale, my research for a disser- 
tation on "Chaucer's Understanding of 
Music" led me to outline a history of En- 
glish music in Chaucer's 14th century, 
none such having been attempted before. 
Part of the trouble was the notation of the 
music: musicologists in the 1930s were far 
from agreeing about its accurate transcrip- 
tion; no sensible musicologist would risk 
his reputation in such a wild-eyed en- 
deavor. Being young and not cautious — 
or at least not as cautious as a musicolo- 
gist — I struggled along, identified some 
14th-centurv songs in The CanterbitTf 

Tales, and did enough to satisfy the Yale 
English Department with my dissertation. 

Before I left Yale, 1 took Professor Karl 
Young's graduate course in Drama of the 
Mediev^al Church and encountered an 
exciting fund of dramatic songs in the 
12th- and 13th-centur\- religious music- 
dramas. Later, reading proof for his great 
two-volume collection of these plays, I 
gently chided him about the lack of mu- 
sical notation. He offered me his exten- 
sive photostatic files of manuscripts he 
had found all over Europe it I would spend 
the next ten years editing for pubhcation 
the music of the plays. I wasn't quite ready 
for that and very regretfully turned him 

Thirty years later, long after Young's 
death, I went back to the sub-basement 
of the Yale library. Abetted by son Hetcher 
and Linda Dolly (Hanmiock) '62, 1 set to 
work making photocopies of his extraor- 
dinary collection. The photocopies are 
now in my office at The Oaks. They have 
resulted in my editing for the University 
Press or Virginia a musical anthology of 
16 medieval music-dramas in 1976 and a 
volume on medieval productions of those 
plays, hosting week-long workshops for 
f»ost-doctoral scholars at The Oaks in 
1979 and 1981, creating and editing the 
Crown Light series of the plays in sing- 
able English translations, producing/di- 
recting nearly all of the 16 plays in the 
anthology, and making a professional 
quality 16mm film of The Visit to the Sep- 
tdcher in the French abbey where it origi- 
nated 800 years ago. 

But I get ahead of myself. In 1934, 
my wife Margaret and I left academia for 
Arthurdale, a homestead project in West 
Virginia, where I worked for Eleanor 
Roosevelt and Bernard Baruch (what a 
pair!). This was a government-funded 
experiment aimed at relocating and find- 
ing jobs for unemployed miners. When 
that project broke up two years later, it 
was a sort of Pyrrhic v^ictory for us. A 
goodly collection of West Virginia 
folksongs came out of those two years. The 
homesteaders were very much in touch 
with the Song Tradition and provided a 
core group for one of the earliest folk- 
music festivals. 

The Mary B.>kLOVc« College M-.caz 

From Archurdale, we went to 
Elon Colle.^e in 1936 and found one 
of the great carriers ot American 
Mrs. J.U. 
N e w m a n , 
wife ot the 
professor of 
Greek and 
Latin, from 
whose sing- 
ing 1 re- 
with a Li- 
Hrary ot 
Presto re- 
c o r d i n g 
83 hively 
songs. She 
knew and 
had sung 
these songs 
to her stone-deat children, who as 
adults dropped in to watch the re- 
cordings and occasionally urged 
her to sing this one or that one for 
me. She confessed that she always 
sang these songs to comfort herself 
and her children when they were 
young because her husband pre- 
ferred the company of his Greek, 
Latin, and theology. 

Throughout the years, 1 have 
taken it upon myself to exhume 

songs from European manuscripts or 
from American singers in the oral 
tradition, hke Mrs. Newman, al- 
ways with the express purpose of 
making the songs able to be sung 
today, bringing them to the glare of 
urban America. These diggings 
have gone from 5th-century B.C. 
Greek to Chaucerian. They include 
some WO southern folksongs depos- 
ited m the Library of Congress' 
archive, a published collection of 
North Carolina playparty songs and 
games, and a volume of 50 trouba- 
dour-trouvere songs. And the work 
goes on. Lately I have branched out 
to set W.B. Yeats' Crazy ]ane cycle 
to music, and have created my own 
settings tor songs from seven of 
Shakespeare's plays. 

The organic nature ot song has 
deep roots, and is clearly basic to pre- 
human and human emotional ex- 
pression and to the development of 
a sense of beauty. We can only re- 
gret that the prehistoric caves ot 
20,000 years ago were not equipped 
to record the songs that we posit as 
sung there in cathedral-like acous- 
tics, surrounded by the vibrant mu- 
rals ot horses, lions and bison. 

The oldest songs on record are 
in cuneiform on clay tablets from 
Iraq 2,500 years ago, almost like yes- 
terday compared to the cave draw- 
ings. And these songs are only half 

recorded; there is no cuneitorm mu- 
sic notation. Actually, no need for 
notational symbols was found in any 
period until the oral tradition of song 

— person-to-person, mouth-to-ear 

— was supplemented by the wish to 
transmit song to a distance in time 
or space. Professional singers — min- 
strels, jongleurs, harpers, singers to 
the lyre — had no need for notation; 
the words and music were in their 
heads, in quantities incredible today. 
We have, alas, no notational ap- 
proximations on record before a few 
hundred years ago. Yet we yearn with 
Sir Thomas Browne (in his 17th- 
century Religio Medici) to know what 
song the sirens sang to seduce 
Ulysses in Homer's Odyssey. And 
even more to hear what Hebrew 
chant-melody Jesus on the cross sang 
in his psalmic agony, "My God, my 
God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" 

This situation may tempt us to 
feel that modern professional ex- 
pression, with its symphony orches- 
tras and synthesirers, is vastly su- 
perior to anything done in all but 
the immediate past. Not so. The 
mere survival of the Song Tradition 
throughout the centuries speaks for 
its innate strength and importance 
to all of us. And that tradition car- 
ries on into our time, as a former 
student ot mine, Custer LaRue 
(Haws) '74, demonstrates in her 
continued on page 13 

Collins's Honored for Commitment to Arts and the Community 

On Sunday, August 1 1 , Rev. Bill Painter ot the 
Folk Art Revival Society presented Margaret 
and Fletcher Collins with the 1996 Friends 
of the Folk Arts Award tor their lifelong com- 
mitment to the performing arts in the 
Shenandoah Valley. It was appropriate that 
the award was presented during the 18th Oak 
Grove Folk Music Festival, which is sponsored 
by Theater Wagon and held every year at the 
Oak Grove Theater. This outdoor theater was 
founded liy Margaret and Fletcher Collins on 
their "Pennyroyal Farm," 32 years ago. 

Fletcher and Margaret Collins will also 
he honored by Mary Baldwin College during 
the May 1997 graduation exercises, when they 
will be presented with the Algernon Sydney 

Sullivan Non-Student Award. 

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Non- 
Student Award is one of the highest honors 
Mary Baldwin College bestows. Through the 
assistance of the New York Southern Soci- 
ety, the college has presented the award to a 
member of the college community since 
1933. Recipients are those who have best 
demonstrated fine spiritual qualities, a nohle 
character and unselfish service to the broad 

Fletcher Collins taught in the MBC 
Theatre Department from 1946 to 1977. He 
and his wife Margaret were instrumental in 
establishing the Marian Stanley Wilkinson 
Acting Award for MBC students. 

1 99b Friends uf ihc Folk Am .Auwd 

Fall 1996 • The Mary Balpwin College Magazine 

Campus News 



ADP Assistant Professor of Political Sci- 
ence Dr. Jean Donovan Gilman com- 
pleted her Ph.D. in Arrrerican government 
at The University of Virginia in August. 
Her dissertation topic was "Medicaid and 
the Costs of Federalism: 1984 - 1992." Dr. 
Gilman has served on the MBC faculty 
since 1992. 

Lucy Crews received her master's de- 
gree in library science from the Univer- 
sity of North Carolina at Greensboro in 
October. She has been promoted to head 
of library technical services in the Martha 
S. Grafton Library. 

Adjunct Assistant Professor of His- 
tory Katharine Franzen completed her 
Ph.D. at The University of Virginia. Dr. 
Franzen joined the MBC faculty in 199 L 


Assistant Professor of Communications 
Dr. Robert Reich is one of five co-authors 
of the paper "Screen Size and Viewer Re- 
sponses to Television: A Review of Re- 
search," which was accepted by the Asso- 
ciation for Education in Journalism and 
Mass Communication for presentation at 
their 1996 conference in Anaheim, CA, 
in August. The authors presented their 
paper in a session titled "New Media En- 

MBC Goochland Coordinator Dr. 
Ashton Trice presented a paper at a 
March 1996 meeting of the Southeastern 
Psychological Association in Norfolk, 
VA. His paper was titled, "Increasing Per- 
sistence in a Liberal Arts Curriculum at a 
Women's Prison Through a Skills-Ori- 
ented Great Books Course." 

Dr. Trice joined Professor of Sociol- 
ogy Dr. John Wells in presenting their 
paper "Images of Men and Masculinity in 
American Films: A Methodological Ap- 
proach" at the 1996 meeting of the 
American Culture/Popular Culture Asso- 
ciation in Las Vegas in March. 

Lisabeth Chabot, college librarian, 
attended the annual American Library 
Association Conference in New York Cit^' 
in July. 

MBC Director of the First Year Ex- 
perience Marion Ward attended the Na- 
tional Women's Studies Association 1996 
Conference "Borders/Crossings/Passages: 
Women Reinterpreting Development" in 


Assistant Professor of Political Science 
Laura van Assendelft will publish the 
book Governors, Agenda Setting and Di- 
vided Government through University 
Press of America. She has also co- 
authored with Karen Connor "The Na- 
tional Woman's Party," which was pub- 
lished in the 1996 Encyclopedia of Women's 

Dr. Dan Metraux, associate profes- 
sor of Asian Studies, has published a new 
book. The Lotus and the Maple Leaf: The 
Soka Gakkai Buddhist Movement in Canada. 
The book was published by University 
Press of America, Lanham, MD. His 
daughter, Katherine Metraux, a 1995 hon- 
ors graduate of MBC's PEG program, 
wrote a chapter for the book on "The Role 
of Self-Help and New Religious Move- 
ments in North America." Dr. Metraux 
has also published a chapter in the book 
Engaged Buddhism (1996 SUNY Press). 
The chapter is titled "The Soka Gakkai: 
Buddhism and the Creation of a Harmo- 
nious and Peaceful Society." 

Associate Dean for the Adult Degree 
Program Dr. Kathleen Stinehart pub- 
lished her article "Breaking the Mold: 
Community College Induction/ 
Mentoring Program (CCIM)" in the Con- 
tinuing Higher Education Review. 


Tina Thompson Kincaid was promoted 
to associate director of the Annual Fund 
in July and she will be responsible for the 
phonathon and the Young Alumnae giv- 
ing program. 

Shirley T. Craft was promoted to di- 
rector of development, research and 
records in July, and Elizabeth Outland 
Branner was promoted to associate direc- 
tor of the Annual Fund. 

Candace Veney was promoted to the 
Program for the Exceptionally Gifted's As- 
sistant Director of Residence Life. Two 
new staff members have joined the PEG 
Office as residence life coordinators: Jill 
Rasmussen, a 1996 PEG/MBC graduate, 
and Melissa Clinedinst, a 1996 graduate 
of the College of William & Mary. 

The MBC Admissions Office has ap- 
pointed three new recruiters. Assistant Di- 
rector of Admissions Jennifer A. 
Brillhart, a 1991 MBC graduate, will re- 
cruit in Virginia. Admissions Counselor 
Amy L. Cash will travel in the southern 
states, and Admissions Counselor Angela 
D. Waddy MBC '94 will recruit in the 
northern United States. 

Associate Professor of Communica- 
tions Shirley Rawley has resigned to ac- 
cept a position teaching English at High 
Point University. 

Vanessa White, assistant director of 
residence life and student activities, has 
resigned to accept a residence life hall di- 
rector position at the University' of Con- 
necticut. She will also enter the 
university's Ph.D. program. 

Angela Wiggins was appointed assis- 
tant director of residence life. 

Jeff Overholtzer has joined the fac- 
ulty as assistant professor in communica- 
tions. He holds a B.A. from Hamilton 
College, and earned his master's in jour- 
nalism from Northwestern University 
Medill School of Journalism. Mr. 
Overholtzer formerly taught at Lynchburg 
College and served as adjunct instructor 
and advisor for Campus Comments at Mary 
Baldwm from 1988 to 1993. 

Lance Hidy has joined the faculty as 
an adjunct professor in art (design). He 
holds a B.A. from Yale University'. He was 
a consultant to the Center for Creative 
Imaging in Camden, ME, from 1991 to 
1993. This spring semester he will be Hall- 
mark Professor of Graphic Design at the 
University' of Kansas. 

Patricia Hobbs '75 returned this fall 
as adjunct assistant professor of art. She 
is curator of collections at the Woodrow 
Wilson Birthplace and Museum. She 
earned her master's in art history from The 
University of Virginia. 

continued on page 1 3 

The Marv Baldwin College Magazine • Fall 1996 

Hands-on & Child-Centered 

By Sarah Cox 


Alexandra Davis could be a poster worn 
for the 90s. She has juggled family, studies 
and a particularly demanding fourth-grade 
class without faltering. She draws on hef- 
deep love and respect for children and her , 
belief that learning is exciting. ' 

Dr IVIary Gendernalik Cooper, the first '■ 
director of the IVIaster of Arts in Teaching pro- - 
gram at Mary Baldwin, says Davis' person^ 
enthusiasm for learning is contagious. "Shi 
can help her students see the wondermeri 
of gunk in a pond and the wonderment of c,. .. . 
mathematics formula. She has a way of helping kids create their own ques- 
tions, so teaching and learning in her classroom aren't routine." 

Davis, who has just completed her first year as a teacher, says the 
work was hard. Albemarle County, where she teaches, has designed its 
own curriculum and requires teachers to draw upon resources other than 
textbooks. So Davis put many hours into creating hands-on activities and 
alternative learning sources. The advantage of this type of curriculum, Davis 
explains, is that she is able to match it to her students. "I would not want to 
teach just out of textbooks," she says. 

She describes her teaching style as hands-on and child-centered, 
geared to the responses of her children. For instance, during an environ- 
mental study unit a vegetarian student protested hatching chicks, so Davis 
researched and set up an incubator for quail eggs. She says the idea of 
repopulating the native quail in the area appealed to her 

The children followed the eggs' embryonic development, which was 
facilitated by a quirky candling device Davis put together involving a 
Velveeta cheese box, an overhead projector and black construction pa- 
per. At one point, the school experienced an electrical blackout; the incu- 
bator was rushed over to a student's home, but the eggs' metabolism slowed 
down. Subsequently the moment of triumph arrived two days late, which 
serendipitously happened to be during a science open house. Plants were 
on display all over the classroom, parents were milling about, and the 
eggs chose that moment to start hatching. 

"There is a huge reward in watching kids get that 'ah!' expressionon 
their faces." Davis says. "One child, whenever he discovered some brand 
new thing, had this expression of his mouth going down and his eyebrows 
going up I live for that in the classroom." 

"RliIc number line," Dr. Viri;inia Royster Francisco '64, professor 
of tlieatre, tells her class ot ttiture teachers, "the arts should not 
hurt the ehildren. The arts should he enjoyahle and rewarding; 
tor e\ervone." 

1 ha\-e just arrived at Deming Hall to observe the class In- 
Ljuiry into the Arts, team taught by Dr. Francisco and Susan 
Edelman. Following the sound of music to the Fletcher Collins 
Theatre, I come upon the class listening to the slow and tlutey 
"Canyon Trilogy" by Carlos Nakae. 

The pace picks up quickly. "Now we will play some games," 
grins Francisco. "Pick a card." Each of the eight students (seven 
women, one man) chooses one and then has a tew moments to 
decide how to act out the idiom on the card. 

One student pantomimes binoculars with her hands and 
jLimps around the room. "Look before yoLi leap," the others guess 

The next student pretends to throw something up in the air. 
.■\tter many wrong guesses, the others finally get "hit the ceil- 
ing." "You put a lot of energy into that," Dr. Francisco tells him. 
"That's what we want to see when we see an arts program in a 
school. Lots of energy." 

The next game in\'olves choosmg a card which names a 
simple machine and acting out that machine in groups of three. 
Susan Edelman and Francisco draft me to he the end of a pulley. 

"What are kids learning here?" they quiz the students after 
each group has its turn. "Why would you use exercises like these 
in a classroom.'" 

The answers are many: teamwork, focus, communication, 
creativity, improvisation, willingness to take a risk, being able to 
say when you need help, how to support one another, problem 
solving, planning. Pre-leaming skills, one might argue. And, in- 
deed, Francisco points out that, according to research, students 
studying the arts do better in other subjects. 

Later in the morning, Susan Edelman stands before a grand 
piano. "What's the one thing music is?" she starts out. 


"What's sound?" 


Susan Edelman has taught music at all levels, from elemen- 
t.\ry through college. Edelman and Francisco's teaching styles 
are a study in contrasts. Edelman speaks softly and uses small, 
almost tentative gestures as she teaches. Francisco uses big move- 
ments and has a stage voice. 

The two have been friends since graduate school, and the 
rapport between them is obvious. "We understand each other," 
says Edelman. "Ginny gathers up the loose ends that 1 leave trail- 
ing behind me. She is strong where I am weak and vice \'ersa. 

F.^LL 1996 • The M.^ry B.'Mdwin College M.^gazine 

mat's Unique 
Brand of Education 

Midlife Opportunity 

By Sarah Cox 

We balance each other." 

The goal of the class, Edelman goes on to explain, is to give 
students the tools they need to use the arts in their classrooms. 
"With all the arts funding cuts, this is an imperative class for 
teachers." She teaches the music and art components of the class, 
Francisco the theatre and dance. 

Edelman and Francisco both talk a lot about art as process, 
continually reassuring students that there is no right or wrong. 
"If there are three things I know about life," says Francisco, "they 
are birth, death and failure. Arts teach students that it's OK to 
take risks and fail. Arts also help people understand what it means 
to be a tiny human in a great universe. They give students the 
opportunity to think outside the lines, the boundaries." 

The Master of Arts in Teaching program was founded at 
Mary Baldwin in 1992. One of its unique aspects is its utilization 
of teaching partners. Every class is taught by an MBC professor 
and an experienced K- 1 2 classroom teacher. This allows students 
to go into a content area in depth, but also to relate the knowl- 
edge they are acquiring to the classroom. 

Eleven classes were offered during the 1996 summer term 
— seven in Staunton and four in Richmond. Saturday, evening, 
and summer classes make it possible for classroom teachers to 
earn their master's degrees while still working. Other students 
have the opportunity to enter the program without licensure and 
earn a teacher's license at the same time they earn a master's 

Anne Thornton, an MAT student from Charlottesville, VA, 
is a violinist in the Blue Ridge Community Orchestra and worked 
as a computer teacher at St. Anne's Belfield School in Char- 
lottesville for a year. Although she enjoyed teaching computer 
classes, she wanted to be able to teach math and science as 
well. She estimates it will take her a total of 20 months to fin- 
ish the program going part time. "The concept ot cooperating 
teachers is fabulous," she says. "It helps us keep our feet on the 
ground by bringing us back to how we're going to make it work 
in grades K-12." 

On another day. Dr. Pamela Richardson Murray, associate 
professor of education, team teaches Integrated Language Arts 
with Peggy Roberson. Roberson has been teaching in the Staun- 
ton City Schools for 18 years, 10 years in the fourth grade, and 
the last eight years as the resource teacher for elementary' gifted 
students. She starts the class by modeling a form of teaching called 
Directed Reading, Thinking Activity. It is a way of making stu- 
dents more active readers by getting them involved in asking 
questions and making predictions about what will happen next 
in a story. Roberson passes out an excerpt from a book. The class 

continued cm page 1 2 

Tragedy brought Andy Johnson to a 
turning point In his life. He was work- 
ing as an architectural conservator 
at Monticello when, on Johnson's 

r^ 40th birthday, his 19-year-old niece 

\^ was killed by a drunk driver In a car 

iJ|R- ^ accident. Thousands came to her fu- 

'i' — neral. "She had touched all those 


people. At Monticello. I wasn't work- 
ing with people as much as I wanted 
i to. I was 40 years old and not where 
>_ ™ I wanted to be. Some people call it a 

\ - ^ £ mid-life crisis. I saw it as a mid-life 
; a opportunity." 

I Johnson discovered the Mas- 

■^'"- =■ ter of Arts in Teaching program at 

Mary Baldwin, which helped him to 
see that "teaching is a process of be- 
coming the teacher that you can be." Now, as a fifth grade teacher at 
Crozet Elementary School, he feels he has found a purpose. "To help 
someone see what it is to be human. That's one opportunity you have in 
being a teacher. You can model being human." 

Johnson Is able to draw from an eclectic toolbag of skills in his 
teaching. He has a B.A. in studio art. with a concentration in printmaking 
and ceramics. He has been a press photographer in New Jersey and 
an emergency medical technician in Utah, where he also started a deco- 
rative furniture painting business with a friend. When he and his wife 
relocated to Charlottesville. VA, Johnson accepted a job as part of 
Monticello's maintenance staff. "Not too far into this job, Monticello re- 
alized what they had," says Dr. Mary Gendernalik Cooper, former di- 
rector of the MAT program. Not only does Johnson have a restoration 
inclination, she explains, but he loves research and "feels learning is a 
liberating enterprise." 

In his classroom. Johnson teaches the skills of recordkeeping and 
notetaking that he learned as a medical technician and the art of jour- 
nal writing he learned as a press photographer. As an artist, he learned 
how various materials can be used to reach an end result, as well as 
how to focus and center himself, skills he uses as a teacher. And he 
shows his students how to become investigative learners, an ability he 
honed as a restoration specialist. Johnson has found many ways to 
bring the real world into the classroom, says Gendernalik Cooper. 
"Sense-making is paramount to him. He teaches in a measured way, as 
a potter would — he teaches that creativity isn't chaos . . . that there's 

continued on page 12 

The Mary Baldwin College Magazine • F.all 1996 


It was a classroom that was deemed a chal- 
lenging group. Behavioral issues had followed 
some of the children since l<indergarten. "I struc- 
tured my teaching style to meet their needs." 
Davis also drew upon the behavioral plans she 
was required to develop during the MAT program. 
It worked well, she says, describing it as "not your 
typical behavior modification program, but one 
where the children take responsibility for their 
own behavior and consider it ahead of time I 
worked with a positive discipline, 
complimenting them on their behavior" 

Davis is a natural nurturer, but she's also 
worked hard on becoming an educator. She is 
in the middle of raising two sons, 12 and nine 
years old. She helped take care of her 
husband's grandfather for 13 years, ran a play 
group for two-year-olds out of her home, and 
eventually became a teaching assistant in her 
youngest son's kindergarten class. Then, after 
her husband's grandfather passed away, she 
started her teaching education. It took her three 
years plus summers to complete the MAT pro- 
gram, longer than average, but the extra time 
allowed her to have more practicums (in-class 
experiences). She ended up doing 50 hours of 
classroom teaching in four different grade lev- 
els and emerged convinced that she wanted 
to teach kindergarten 

She found a fourth-grade position at Virginia 
L. Murray Elementary School in Ivy VA, where 
she had done her last practicum. "I was infatu- 
ated with tiny children in classrooms just begin- 
ning school, but there wasn't a [kindergarten] po- 
sition. Fourth grade was absolutely more than I 
ever dreamed," she says, detailing their aca- 
demic year — the study of Virginia history and 
geography, sentence formation, reading "good, 
meaty chapter books," and studying the struc- 
ture of the earth. 

Gendernalik Cooper says Davis' persever- 
ance is one of her greatest strengths. In a class- 
room "filled with the whole gamut of mood 
swings, backgrounds and experiences, she has 
encountered things that would have discour- 
aged and redirected others. Her attitude is to 
figure it out, rearrange, and redirect. She's not a 
pedant: she's very much engaging and initiat- 
ing and helping the students figure out their own 

Although friends of Davis have claimed that 
she was born with the ability to teach children, 
Gendernalik Cooper says Davis has deliberately 
and intentionally become a well-educated per- 
son who "deserves credit for all she has done to 
become that." But even Davis was taken by sur- 

prise at her reaction to a classroom full of nine- 
year-olds. "Although I had prepared and pre- 
pared for this amount of work and challenge and 
effort, I never, ever dreamed how much I would 
fall in love with the children. At this age, they want 

to be so grown up, but they keep accidentally 
calling you 'Mom.' I tell them, 'I can't help it, but 
that's an automatic hug.' At age 40, 1 am exactly 
where I want to be in my life." 


line and form and thought " 

Johnson says its important to him to remember that he's teaching children, 
rather than teaching science or math or English. He believes that students, no 
matter what their abilities, need to relate what they're learning to concrete things 
they can see and touch, so he uses models when describing the human body and 
has his students examine their own bones. "I look at learning as discovering, rather 
than covering. That's what learning through inquiry is." He also uses humor and 
lets his students know he respects them, because "then they respect you." 

Rachel Williamson, a student from Johnson's first year of teaching, presented 
Johnson with a letter at the end of the year detailing what he could to do to be a 
better teacher. "I gave him a write-up of how I see things," she says, adding that he 
took it well and talked to her like a "regular person." She and he both agreed that 
the math book should be changed. Johnson continues to correspond with her. "He 
said the teacher learns more from the student than the student learns from the 
teacher. He was quite serious about that He really listened to me." 


goe.s through the process of reading a few pages, then stopping and making predic- 
tions, then reading on. Next, Roherson plays a video showing a master teacher using 
this technique in her classroom. 

Murray leads a critique of the video following its showing, then divides the class 
of eight students into two groups for role playing. A "teacher" is chosen to lead the 
rest tif the group using the method they have been discussing. Murray later gives an 
assignment to write a lesson plan usmg this method and explains how to do a lesson 

Murray and Roherson have a similar style of teaching and work in a comple- 
mentary way. Having taught three courses together so far, they are clearly comfort- 
able collaborating. 

Karen Hurt, the student employee/circulation super\'isor at MBC's Grafton Li- 
brary, has been a part-time student in the MAT program for two years. A fan of the 
concept of teaching partners, she says, "The classroom teachers have enriched the 
classes by bringing in anecdotal first-hand knowledge of real situations. They bring a 
wealth of personal narrative to classes." 

Twenty-eight students graduated from the MAT program in May, and 72 
students are currently enrolled in the program. "Teaching partners," says Hurt, 
"bring a realism to our classes that prepares us to go OLit into the classroom our- 
selves as teachers." 


Fall 1996 • The M.arv Balpwin College IvIagazine 


Shelby B. Raebeck joined the tac- 
uln" as adj unct instaictor ot English. He 
holds a B.A. trom Eckerd College, 
earned his master's at Boston Univer- 
sit\", and is a Ph.D. candidate at the 
Universit\" of Utah. He has been a cre- 
ative wTiting and English teacher at 
Rowland Hall-St. Marks School and 
ser\-ed on the tacult\" ot the University 
of Utah. 

Dinah J. Ryan joined the faculty 
as adjunct instructor of art and English. 
She holds a B.A. and is an M.F.A. can- 
didate at the The University of Vir- 
ginia. She is regional editor of An Pa- 
pers, a nationally distributed journal of 
contemporary- art and she has ser\"ed 
on the English faculty- at The Univer- 
sit\" of Virginia. 

Paula O. Rau joined MBC as ad- 
junct instructor or art. She earned her 
bachelors degree from Duke Univer- 
sit\s her master's from the University- 

of Oklahoma, and is a Ph.D. candidate 
at Virginia Commonwealth University: 
She has been a free-lance miter, mu- 
seum consultant, quilt historian and 
faculty member at Piedmont Virginia 
CoEomunitv- College. 

William J. Winter III joined 
the faculty as adjunct instructor of 
computer science. He holds a B.A. 
from Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
and State University^ and earned his 
master's at Johns Hopkins Univer- 

Rebecca Thayer Dick '82 joined 
the start as secretary^ to the Education 
Etepartment. She has worked for Fenco, 
Inc. and the MBC Business Office- 
Martha Gates Gallo '78 joined 
the staff as faculty secretary in the 
Pearce Science Center. She comes to 
MBC from the Michie Company in 
Charlottesville, where she was an as- 
sistant copy editor. 

Allan Moye was promoted to di- 
rector oi Audio/Visual Ser%-ices. He 
joined the MBC staff in 1995 and holds 
a B.A. in English from East Carolina 

Desiree Schrader-Stogdale '96 
joined the coaching staff as adjunct 
assistant coach for the field hockey, 
basketball and lacrosse teams. She is a 
four-year veteran of MBC's field hockey 
and basketball teams. 

Linda Puckett joined the Annual 
Fund and Special Gifts Office as secre- 
tary- and Michelle Cobb is serving in 
the Presidents Office as secretary. 

R.N. Diane Meek joined the MBC 
Health Center as a nurse. 

Jacquel-yn Elliott- Wonderley '93 
has joined the MBC Alumnae Activi- 
ties Office as director of volunteers. 
She was previously assistant director 
of admissions in the MBC Admissions 


cont. from page 8. 

CD, The Tnie Lovei's Fareuell: Appalachmn 
Folk BaUads. The beautiful and haunting 

title ;on§, one or ^ Irs. New-man's, illustrates bener than all 
my words why the Song Tradition has survived: 

The Tnie Loier's Farewell 

The crow that is so bJack, my love, 
ShaB. surely mm to white; 
If I prove false to the one I love, 
brighi day shall tttm to night. 

Bright day shcdl turn to iiighr, my love, 
mid die rocks melt ui'th the sun, 
and the fire uiU freeze and be no more , 
and the raging sea will burri. 

So, fare you uell, my oim true love, 
so fare you well for a while; 
I'm going away, bia I'm coming back 
if 1 go 10.000 mile. 

This article was excerpted from Professor of Theatre Emeritus 
Dr. Fletcher CoUms Jr.'s 1995 Elizabedi Notttn^utm Day Leatere. 

Leave a Legacy 


Baldwin College?! 

Have you considered including 
Man- Baldwin College in your will? 
k 15 easy' AND, you help Mary- 
Baldwin College in the future. 
For more information on this great 
way of giving, please call or wTite to: 
Nancv Mclnryre, 
Director ot Special Gifts 
Development Oftice 
Man- Baldwin College 
Staunton, \A 24401 

The M.ARV Bait:; :nC:_1£-;M-.gazin-e • F.=di 1996 


h}i Freshman 

Sarah E. Singletoyi VO 

Wednesday, August 28 - hjm& 8 a.m. 

Last night it stormed. Perhaps it was a self-centered niition, hut I telt that the rain 
was a reflection of the sadness that I felt. 1 will soon he far away from everything 
that 1 know and love. The morning-glories are open and they are beautiful. Their 
brilliant blue greets me and bids me good-hye, as does my family. 

Wednestia^, Atigiut 18 - on tlie moA iO:2j a.m. 

I can see the mountains rising, a very pale blue in the distance. The day began an 

overcast one, but the sun is brightening the sky and my disposition. 

Wednesday, August 28 - Staunton's fiills I J .-50 a.m. 

We are taking about an hour to drive around Staunton, because we cannot seem 
to find a place to park. We keep finding the school and losing it somehow. We 
finally see a sign marked "Spencer." The girls look friendly. One smiles at me and 
I feel welcomed. We are on our way to the dining hall, hut in the process we must 
park our car. My sister is very irritable from driving our standard-shift truck up 
and down the massive hills of Staunton. 

Wednesday, Augiut 28 - on cnmpus 12.1.^ p.m. 
Everyone is extremely friendly. 

Wedmsim, August 18 - \!m dining \y:& 12:50 p.m. 

The dining hall is large and impressive. The coffee is good. I am trying to 
imagine myself here without my family. Groups of girls gather together around 
the dining area and I wonder if 1 will fit in. They look so comfortable, so 
familiar with these surroundings. 1 cannot wait until everything is familiar 
to me, too. My brother is loving the food. He is on his second ice cream 
cone already. 1 don't think 1 see my roommate anywhere. 

Wednesday, August 18 - at my residence haR 1:10 p.m. 

We are waiting on the grass to be allowed to unpack our cars. 

Wedn^sda^, August 28 - at m;v residence hall 1:15 p.m. 

I have just met my roommate. She seems nice. 1 feel that we are both very shy 

people. Her family has already left. She helps me unpack my car. 

Wednesday, August 28 - at my residence hall 1 :45 p.m. 

I bid farewell to my family. I'm already starting to feel comfottable in my sur- 
roundings. 1 know that it has to do with the ttiendliness of returning students and 
orientation leaders. 

Wednesday, Augiut 28 - at my residence hall 2 p.m. 

The welcome is exhilarating. The staff is very outgoing. 1 pray that the squirrel 

mascot will not approach me. 

Wednesday, August 28 - orientation 1:50 p.m. 

A group of us meet with Sabrina Mink, our orientation leader. We are all pretty 
much going thiough the same thing. We ate from all over — Oklahoma, Texas, 
Pennsylvania, North Carolina, even Japan. We get along well, 1 think. We play a 
name game and then take a long, tiring tour of the campus. 

Wednesday, August 28 - meeting my academic advisor 5:!0p.m. 
1 am late for my meeting with my academic advisot, Robert Grotjohn, because 1 
sent home with my mother the paper on which the location of our 
meeting was WTitten. i walk in scared speechless and 
apologize as everyone turns to look. 1 
hate being the focus of 
the toom, but this is an 
ine\itable resulr when 
you walk into a meeting 
late. 1 find a seat and soon 
feel at ease. Mr Grotjohn 
is very pleasant and the en- 
tire room is cheerful. We all 
laugh as we listen to him. 

Wednesday, 18 - 
^ dining hall 6 p.m. 
J I am ready for dinner, which 1 
eat with my gtoup. 1 cannot get 
ovet the ftiendliness of this place. 

Wednesday, August 28 - ax my residence hi& 7 p.m. 

1 have met so many new people at this point, and 1 am usually not good at that. 1 
have always been a very closed and shy person, but 1 teel completely at case in my 
new environment. Of course, 1 miss my family and friends from home, hut I am 
content. And 1 am tired. 

Wednesday, Augusi 28 - in my room 9:25 p.m. 

1 am all set in my room. 1 feel at home . . almost. The optimist inside of me has 
fisen since last night, and 1 considet that rain a baptism. It was a cleansing of all 
my yestetdays. It was a beginning, not an end. 


Fall 1996 • The Mary B.udwin College Magazine 

by Senior Kathy Freed '97 

Sunin', August 25 - home I p.m. 

Well, eveq'thing is loaded up and I'm ready to move back to MBC for the 
final time. I think that my moving crew (also known as my parents and 
boyfriend) are prepared for the task of once again relocating my life to 
another spot on campus. 

I reassure my dad for the last time how much easier this move will 
be than the three before it ("Remember those cinder blocks we had to 
carry up last year? None of those this time! Well, yes, the apartment is on 
the third floor. But the staircases are shorter than the ones in Kable, 
really!"). Since I live a mere 30-minute drive from school, I've enlisted 
three cars to get all my stuff there. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that 
all three of them ate full. 

Sunday, August 25 - MBC Security Office 2 p.m. 
I've picked up my keys from Mr. Kelly, and now the moving in can com- 
mence. Even though an arduous task lies before me today, I have to say 
that I'm more excited than ever about returning to school. Having had 
three years to anticipate these final months at Mary Baldwin, I'm ready 
to relish everything. 

I'm a mix of emotions, feeling relief and nervousness at the same 
time. I can't help thinking back to my first days at MBC, and the thoughts 
and fears I was experiencing then. What will my roommate be like? Where 
will I fit in here? Who will become my best friends? Why did I bring all 
this stuff, and how am I going to get it all up to my room? (Okay, so 
maybe not everything has changed.) 

Now, however, I'm wondering things like, will I be successful at stu- 
dent teaching? What will I do after graduation? How can I enjoy every mo- 
ment possible that I have left with my friends here? Oh, and why have I 
accumulated all this stuff, and how am I going to get it all the way up there? 

Sunday, August 25 - Woodrow Terrace Apartments 2:15 p.m. 
I get to the apartment and find that my roommate, Laura Ashley, oops, I 
mean Laura McCarter, has moved in. She has already brought in fresh 
flowers and has things looking casually elegant. Or, maybe it's elegantly 
casual, I'm not sure. I think of the freshman who will be moving into 
Spencer and Woodson in a few days and appreciate the relative luxury, 
knowing that one day those freshman will get their turn, too. 

Surviay, August 25 - Woodrow Terrace Apartments 3 p.m. 
Lots of unpacking and trips to Wal-Mart await before I'm really settled, 
but at least everything is moved in. Already, it feels like home. The kitchen 
that had seemed cramped on first inspection is actually cozy; the tiny 
balcony is quaint. We already have tons of ideas on how to make this 
space that has belonged to so many of our MBC predecessors uniquely. 

definitively our own. I know that these rooms will see all-night study ses- 
sions, as well as all-night parties. Friends will come here for late night 
chats, but early morning breakfast, too. We will get sick of these walls 
when we're snowed in and long to get back to them on days filled with 
meetings and classes. 

Sunday, August 25 - the apartment 7 p.m. 

Everyone's gone now, and I have a chance to think about this whirlwind 
of a day. I can't believe the time has passed so quickly; it feels like 1 just got 
here. Whether I like it or not, I know that this hectic day has been in 
many ways a premonition of the year that stretches before me. Hours and 
days will slip by almost without notice, whether 1 am prepared or not. 

Just as this day has flown by, so have the last three years. Milestones 
like Charter Day, ]r. Dads, and Christmas Cheer have been anticipated 
and realized, as well as scores of subtler, but still significant happenings, 
like long walks around Staunton and the deep conversation which ac- 
companied them. Weekends spent in with good movies and even better 
friends. Classes that changed the way I see the world. Escapades to other 
schools with a crew of co-conspirators. Road trips made memorable not by 
the destination reached, but the company kept on the way. Willful pro- 
crastination in the interest of comforting, celebrating, or just being with 
friends and hall mates. I hold all these varied memories — large and small 
— dear, because they, along with the adventures left untold or as yet un- 
experienced, comprise my MBC experience. 

In some ways, I envy those freshman who have yet to arrive. For 
though they may not have a room as nice as ours, they do have something 
I don't; four years that wait before them like glorious blank pages to be 
filled by all their experiences. My jealousy, however, only lasts for about a 
second. I know that I possess something just as precious. The experiences 
I have already had, though they can never be relived, have helped me to 
figure out who I am, and who the people and things are that are really 
important to me. And I wouldn't trade that for all the time in the world. 

The Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Fall 1996 


Death row activist 

Murphy Davis 71 keeps the faith 

in her battle with a rare cancer 

For nearly 20 years, the Rev. Murphy Davis 
helped condemned prisoners face death. 

She prayed with inmates. She chal- 
lenged them. She fought for them. And 
when they were executed, she buried them. 

Then, last year, the 48-year-old At- 
lanta minister began her own death watch. 
She was dying from a rare form of cancer. 

"I really wanted to see my daughter 
grow up," Davis says. "I wanted what ev- 
erybody else wants, to grow old, be with 
my family and have some sense of 
completion with my work." 

Death was not an abstract issue for 
Davis. She'd taken part in at least 45 
death watches — staying with death row 
inmates during their final hours. She's 
known nationally for her commitment. 

"Murphy is one of my heros," says Sis- 
ter Helen Prejean, whose autobiographical 
book, Dead Man Walking, was turned into 
a critically acclaimed film. "She embodies 
what an intelligent woman with taith, 
spunk, and commitment does." 

But even heroes need someone to lean 
on. As cancer invaded her body, Davis lost 
20 pounds. Her hair fell out. She could 
barely walk. Then something unexpected 
happened. Davis found life on death row. 

"It was a miracle to me," Davis says 

A death row inmate would become 
her minister. 


A steady drizzle fell on a group ot home- 
less men gathering outside a sprawling brick 
building in Midtown. Three homeless men, 
wearing green garbage bags as makeshift 
raincoats, huddled under the building's back 
porch. They were waiting tor a meal inside. 

The building is the place Davis, her 
husband, the Rev. Ed Loring, and their 16- 
year-old daughter, Hannah, call home. The 
Open Door Community is also the place 
many ot Atlanta's homeless call home. 

jazz musician and farmer Open Door Communny raident Sye Pressley and Murphy Davis '71 . 

The nature ot her vocation is grim, but 
Davis is not. With her soothing southern 
drawl, she exudes warmth as she chats with 
those who have come by for a meal. She 
laughs loud and otten. A chorus of greet- 
ings follow her as she walks down the hall, 
"Hey Murphy!" "Murphy!" 

It is not by accident that Davis minis- 

ters not only to the homeless and death row 
prisoners, but also battered women. Chris- 
tians are commanded to forge relationships 
with "the least of these" — the prisoner, the 
homeless, those deemed worthless by soci- 
ety, she said. In 1981, she and Loring co- 
founded the Open Door Community shel- 
ter to heed that call. 


Fall 1996 • The Mary Baldwjn College Magazine 

Contributions to Mary Baldwin College 
July 1,1995 'June 30, 1996 


emarkable things are happening at Mary Baldwin College — thanks to the 
support of our generous benefactors: MBC alumnae, parents, friends, 
trustees, volunteers, faculty, staff, students, corporations and foundations. 

Mary Baldwin was ranked 3rd among 423 liberal arts college in the South by 
U.S. News & World Report's 1996 "Americas Best Colleges. " This was the fourth 
straight top- 10 placement for Mary Baldwin College. 

Mary Baldwin has done follow-up surveys with our graduates every year since 
1 983. Graduates in the class ofl 995 gave our academic program the best ratings in 
our history. MBC's alumnae satisfaction is the direct result of outstanding faculty 
members who open the minds of our students, challenge them, inspire them and help 
them discover a confidence they can carry into their future roles. 

Contributions to the Annual Fund make it possible for us to attract and retain 
the best faculty, while keeping the faculty/student ratio low. For your generous 
contributions and donations, which totaled over *2. 7 million during the 1 995-96 
year, we are most grateful. For your assistance in thrusting the Annual Fimd over 
the '1 million mark for the third straight year, we thank you. 

With your generous and continued support, we stand ready to challenge, inspire, 
train and prepare even more students for successful lives and careers. 

Cj^ua I 


Cynthia H. Tyson 

The Annual Report 

Contributions to Mary Baldwin College 
July 1,1995 'June 30, 1996 

rVrmual rund 

The Annual Fund is made up of thousands of contributions, large and small, which go toward the general operation of the college. Annual Fund contributic 
constitute more than half of all contributions made to the college each year. 

Tuition and Fees 

Institutional Dudget 

Annual Fund 

^ Room and Board 

INCOME ^^^s™"' °"" ■ 

Tuition and Fees n2,274,174 58.9" 

Room and Board '4,985,298 23.8" 

Annual Fund «1, 156,049 5.5" 

Grants '883,731 4.2" 

Endowment Income '853,849 4.1" 

Government Grants '613,101 2.9" 

Other : '132,038 .6" 

Total Income '20,898,240 


Academic Instruction and Research '5,952,199 29.6% 

Scholarships and Fellowships '4,872,467 24.3% 

Institutional Support '3,895,432 19.4% 

Student Services '1,698,903 8.5% 

Operation and Maintenance of Plant '1,537,379 7.7% 

Staff Benefits '1,185,677 . 5.9% 

Academic Support '621,559 3.1% 

PubHc Services '295,566 1.5% 

Total Expenditures '20,059,182 

Public Services 

Services ^^^^^^^■■^^■^ Academic Instruction 

^^^^^^^^^^^~^r*^^^^^ and Researctt 

Staff Benefits ^^^ ^^^ 

and Fellowsfiips 

Operation & 
of Plant 



Annual rund Ijiving Uubs 

Members of special giving clubs are the pillars of support for the 
Annual Fund. The names of those alumnae, parents and friends who 
are members of each giving club are listed in each section of the 
Annual Fund component of this report. 

The Rufiis Bailey Society 

contributions of '20,000 and up to the Annual Fund 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 
contributions of '10,000 to 
'19,999 to the Annual Fund 

The HiU Top Club 

contributions of '5,000 to 
'9,999 to the Annual Fund 

The Founders' Club 
contributions of '2,500 to 
'4,999 to the Annual Fund 

The President's Associates 
contributions of '1,000 to 
'2,499 to the Annual Fund 

The Ivy Circle 

contributions of '500 to '999 to 

the Annual Fund 

The Colonnade Club 

contributions of '250 to '499 to 
the Annual Fund 

The Columns 

contributions of '100 to '249 to 

the Annual Fund 

The Honor Roll 

contributions of '25 to '99 to 
the Annual Fund 

X 1000 

Annual rund 




'1,138,169 '1,156,173 


1991-92 1992-93 1993-94 1994-95 1995-96 

Annual rund rrwards 

Through these celebrated Class Awards, we recognize our 
alumnae's enthusiastic support for Mary Baldwin College. These 
awards are presented each year during Founders' Day and are named 
in honor of past presidents of Mary Baldwin College. Class 
delegates accept the awards on behalf of their classes. 

We commend the classes listed below for their outstanding 
loyalty to the Annual Fund and Mary Baldwin College. 

The Fraser Bowi 
Class of 1946 

Awarded to the class presenting the largest gift to the 1995-96 
Annual Fund, the Fraser Bowl was secured by the Class of 1946, 
which contributed '79,040 this year. 

The Lewis Platter 
Class of 1946 

Awarded to the Class of 1946, the Lewis Platter recognizes the class 
with the largest increase over its previous year's gift. The Class of 
1946 contributed '19,479 more in 1995-96 than in 1994-95. 

The Jarman Cup 
Class of 1956 

The Jarman Cup is presented to the class demonstrating the highest 
level of participation in the Annual Fund. An outstanding 73'" of the 
Class of 1956 contributed to the Annual Fund during 1995-96. 

The Spencer Pitcher 
Class of 1963 

The Class of 1963 received the Spencer Pitcher for attaining the 
highest percentage increase in participation from the 1994-95 to the 
1995-96 Annual Fund. This class Increased its participation from 
27% to 43*. 

Top Ten Classes 

In Dollan Contributed 

1943 - 


In Percent Participation 

1956 - 73'° 
1939 - 63'* 

1942 - 61'* 
1946 - 60* 
1951 - 54'* 

1943 - 53" 
1933 - 52* 

1948 - 52'* 

1949 - 52'* 
1963 - 43* 



The members of these Annual Fund giving clubs provide resources necessary 
to the vitahty of Mary Baldwin CoUege, ensuring that the college continues 
to move forward in her mission of providing innovative, creative programs. 
The gifts of these donors continue the traditions of the people and places in 
whose honor these societies are named. Yearly, gifts of $1,000 and more form 
a strong foundation for the college, assuring the legacy of Dr. Rufiis W. 
Bailey and Mary Julia Baldwin for future generations. 

The flufus W. Bailey Society: 
'20,000 and up 


Mr. and Mrs, Ray Clymer Jr. 
Bertie Murphy Deming '46 
Emily W. Hundley '47 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
William G. Pannill 
Pamela Stephens Rose '82 
Virginia Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 
Margaret C. Woodson Foundation 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society: 
'10,000 -'19,999 


Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Duff 

Betty Gray Duft '54 
Margaret Hunt Hill '37 
Caroline Murphy Keller '42 
Margaret Pollard Rea '46 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Smith 
Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 

The Hill Top Club: 
'5,000 - '9,999 

Claire "Yum" Lewis Arnold '69 

Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 

Sara "Sally" Armstrong Bingley '60 

Estate of Fannie R Cooke 

Nancy Crim 

Ouida Caldwell Davis '51 

Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 

Marsha Holmes 

Nancy Rowe Hull '64 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck III 

Mr. P. William Moore Jr. 

Gale Palmer Penn '63 

M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Reuther 

Dorothy Cleveland Robb '44 

Emily Dethloff Ryan '63 

Mrs, C, Gordon Smith Jr. 

Mr, William L, Sudderlh 

Harnette Clarke Thorne '47 

Jane Townes '69 

Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 

The Founders' Club: 
'2,500 - '4,999 

Elizabeth R. Arnold 

Mr, and Mrs. J, Mahlon Buck Jr, 

Elia Dun Buck '50 
Susan Wartield Caples '60 
Dale L. Cross 
Robert S. Doenges 
Walter E. Eckel 

Mary Ruthertoord Mercer Ferguson '63 
Betty Berger Fulgham '51 

The Annual Report 

Patricia Andrew Goodson '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 
Karen Emmet Hunt '80 
Meredith Jones Johnson '43 
Sanford Jones McAllister '80 
Louise Rossett McNamee 70 
Jean T. Moore 
Margaret Moore '88 
Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 
Mr. and Mrs. Richanj L. Sharp 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 
Cecile Mears Turner '46 
Valerie L Wenger '81 
Nellie McRae Wilson '68 

The President's Associates: 
^1 ,000 -=2,499 

Brigadier General & Mrs. E. Z. Adelman 

Laura Catching Alexander '71 

Betty Wilcox Armstrong '41 

Gordon E. Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L Atchison 

Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 

Beveriy Estes Bates '64 

Susanne Raybum Bates '66 

Mildred Proffil Batson '43 

Martha Bamett Beal '53 

Lynn Zagora Bender '71 

Louise Boylan '71 

Stephanie Carison Brennan '82 

Ann Cooke Britt '58 

Sarah Livingston Brown '63 

Eda Hofstead Cabaniss '69 

Peggy Anderson Carr '67 

George Ann Brown Carter '47 

Elizabeth Boyd Caskey '39 

Dr. Maijorie B. Chambers 

Eloise Clyde Chandler '77 

Frances Hafer Chiles '55 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin N. Clyde Jr. 

Jacqueline Edwards Cohen '50 

Estate of Charies F. Cole 

Margaret Cooper '71 

Kelly Andrews Coselli '85 

Marian Hollingsworth Cusac '54 

Ann Bowman Day '74 

Constance Headapohl De Berardinis '54 

Elizabeth 'B. J." Felton de Golian '79 

Margaret Wren de St Aubin '81 

Diane Prettyman DeWall '51 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Douglas 

Susan Parker Drean '83 

Letia McDaniel Drewry '78 

Nancy Mayer Dunbar '60 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 

Donna Neudorter Earp '76 

Dean S. Edmonds Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Dean S. Edmonds III 

Lynn Dinger Edmonds '86 
Beatrice Ware Evans '43 
Dr. and Mrs. Martin A. Favata 

Cynthia Rtch '71 

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund B. F'rtzgerald 
Virginia Hayes Forrest '40 
Dr. and Mrs. John Garrett 
Elaine Rabe Giese '70 
Lindsay Ryland Clare '73 
Gordon N. Grant 
Judith Payne Grey '65 
Margaret Troutman Grover '84 
Mrs. Helen K. Groves 
Dee Bowman Haggard '71 
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hamilton IV 
Linda Dolly Hammack '62 
Louise Wilson Hanna '39 
Nancy McWhorter Huriey '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 
Kathryn Else Johnson '47 
May Wells Jones '61 
Sarah Maupin Jones '39 
Dr. Sheila Kendrick '84 
Gail McLennan King '69 
Ralph W. Kittle 
Randall J. Knisely Jr. 
Constance Detrick Lamons '52 
Margaret Livingston '69 
Carey Goodwin Louthan '66 
Janice Booth Maner '71 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 
Elizabeth Newman Mason '69 
Betty Choate Matthews '51 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell '40 
The J. N. McArthur Foundation 
Jean McArthur Davis '45 (D) 
Ann Ritchie McHugh '56 
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Mclntyre Jr. 
Nancy Clark McLennan '41 

Mary Nell McPherson '79 

Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 

Jane Miller '76 

Dorothy Baughan Moore '40 

Grace Branch Moore '68 (D) 

Nancy Winters Moore '71 

Susie Morris '90 

Lee McVoy Pierce Mosso '54 

Mrs. George Metcalf Murray II 

Mary Hombarger Mustoe '55 

Winifred Boggs Myrick '54 

Margaret Woodson Nea '63 

H. E. Neale 

Susan Pegram O'Gara '62 

Laura Sadler Olin '71 

Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page '48 

Alice Parson Paine '46 

Lt. Col. Melissa Patrick '78 

Brooke Hume Pendleton '71 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 

Sarah Johnson Pitt '82 

Edmund H. Polon'rtza 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. S. Pover 

Carol "Gappy" Paul Powell '78 

Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 

Julia Pancake Rankin '45 

Kathryn Eshleman Rapier 

Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 

Julia Gooch Richmond '34 

H. B. Roberts Jr. 

John G. Rocovich Jr. 

Dr. Sue Ellen Butler Rocovich '67 

Mr. and Mrs. Charies Rotgin Jr. 

Martha Godvvin Saunders '48 

Catherine Gladden Schultz '71 

Dr. Saundra Eareckson Seifert '84 

ServiceMaster Management Service 

Carol Stewart Shaw '65 

Michael N. Sheppard 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Gordon Smyth 

Mary Elizabeth Reed Smyth '47 
Karen Searie Snyder '72 
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Sydnor 
Patricia Sphar '58 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Stover Jr. 
M. Elizabeth Swope '66 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor '48 
Cathy Turner Temple '68 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Terry 
Eugenia "Woo' McCuen Thomason '62 
Alice Jones Thompson '40 
Susan Thompson Timmons '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Turner 
L. J. Trimble Turner '46 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Jennifer Mack Urquhart '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Vannoy Jr. 
Mary Lament Wade '52 
Caroline Upshur Walker 
Bonnie Brackett Weaver '71 
Chariotte R. Wenger '83 
Captain and Mrs. O. C. B. Wev 
Marian McDowell Whitlock '67 
Lucinda Pina Wilkinson '62 
Dr. Heather Wilson 
Rorence Jeffrey Wingo '41 
Mary Cronin Wolfe '39 
Lynne Woodward 
Mary McRae Young '64 

(D) deceased 

Marlena Hobson, assistant professor of art 

"I was a business major at the 
time I took my first class with 
Marlena Hobson. All of a sudden, 
dasswork and homework didn't feel 
like work at all, although I was 
working hard. Marlena was so 
enthusiastic. She gets excited, hops 
aroimd, and I couldn't help but get 
excited, too. And she was so 
supportive outside of class. The 
teacher/student hierarchy didn't really 
exist. She was like a fiiend. The entire 
facult)' supported my graduate 
school plans. I really value the 
small size of MBC, because it 
allowed for lots of teacher/ 
student interaction." 

Pearl Carlin Albino '93 PEG 

P^arl is an art broker for Stux Art, 

Ltd. in Ne-w York City. 

The Annual Report 

rteimion vjivina r 

vmg r rogram 

The 10 classes that gathered during Homecoming 1996 together made a significant gift to Mary Baldwin 
College in excess of '200,000 in honor of their reunions. Congratulations and thanks go to the members of 
those classes: 1946, 1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986 and 1991. 

Two classes were recognized during the 1996 awards ceremony for their exceptional efforts. The 50th 
Reunion Class of 1946 gave the largest class gift — '79,040. The 40th Reunion Class of 1956 had the highest 
level of participation at 73 percent. 

All these classes deserve special thanks for increasing their Annual Fund gifts from the 1994-95 year. 


50th Reunion Class 
60"* GIVING '79,040 

Received the award for largest 

class gift in a reunion class 

Reunion Giving Committee 

Cecile Meats Turner, chair 

Sabine Goodman Andrews 

Kandy Newbill Booth 

Joyce Craig Buttervi/orth 

Bertie Murphy Deming 

Susan Stewart Goldthwaite 

Jane Protfit Pruett 

Peggy Pollard Rea 

Betty Ott Smallwood 

Jane Frierson Snipes 

Charlotte Tilley Sorrell 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

Bertie Murphy Deming 

The IVIary Julia Baldwin Society 

Margaret Pollard Rea 

The Founders' Club 

Cecile Meats Turner 

The President's Associates 

Alice Parson Paine 

L. J. Trimble Turner 

The Ivy Circle 

Madelyn Richardson Brock 

Joyce Craig Butterworth 

Cornelia Adair Green 

Melissa Turner Lutken 

Jane Protfit Pruett 

Betty Ott Smallwood 

Charlotte Tilley Sorrell 

The Colonnade Club 

Margaret Davis Evans 

Maude Cover Freeman 

Thelma Trigg Gannon 

Susan Stewart Goldthwaite 

The Columns 

Billie Joseph Ameen 

Sabine Goodman Andrews 

Rachel Merritt Bell 

Janet Whitney Bowyer 

Peggy Hull Caldwell 

Virginia Bridgers Corrigan 

Marjorie Moore Council 

Helen Minteer Denslow 

Eva Mathews Donalson 

Bonnie Wheeler Hanchett 

Jean Wiltshire Lane 

Shirley Biggs Mathews 

Dr. Beneta Peacock 

Grace Brauer Potter 

Marilyn West Price 

Margaret Miller Reynolds 

Joan Moran Smith 

Jane Frierson Snipes 

Jean Dinkins Thomason 

Noell Harr Woodward 

The Honor Roll 

Betty Bryant Anspach 

Velma Newbill Booth 

Beverley Darden Britt 

Anne Pitcher Brosnan 

Elizabeth Worth Caldwell 

Rosalie Packard Digby-Seymour 

Katherine McCants DuBose 

Elsie Waters Ellington 

Betty McKee Franklin 

Hazel Harris Humphrey 

Nancy Wilson Leavel 

Mary Feldman Marquette 

Ellen McDonald Minet 

Mary Brown Myrvik 

Anne Armstrong Piepenbrink 

Gladys McManaway Poindexter 

Adele Eggers Roosevelt 

Emily Moore Seay 

Ann McCray Sherman 

Helen Black Sinnott 

Emily Reese Smith 

Jean Bickle Smith 

Mabel Fairbanks Smith 

Frances Wagener Tebbs 

Sue Anderson Van Ness 


45th Reunion Ci^iss 
54* Gii-iNc^31,672 
Reunion Giving Committee 

Charlotte Jackson Berry, co-chair 

Ouida Caldwell Davis, co-chair 

Jenny Courtney Ames 

Jean Atkinson 

Betty Ann Williams Bradford 

Stuart Moseley Ellis 

Patty Andrew Goodson 

Marietta Barns Jones 

The Class of 1951 has thoughtfully 

donated their reunion gifts in memory 

of their deceased classmates: 

Dorothy Bridges Adams 

Fay Whipple Allen 

Barbara Kemp Betts 

Joan Buff Chiles 

Elizabeth Han«ood Copland 

Lorraine Weller Dalby 

Carolyn Pleasant Eden 

Anne "AB" Potts Eddins 

Elizabeth "Patsy" Wilson Hitch 

Ann Tafel Hodges 

Patricia Rice Mayberry 

Joanne Milliken O'Reilly 

Nancy Buckley Raley 

Martha Hebron Russell 

Frances "Betty" Fink Schilling 

Elizabeth Alexander Spencer 

Virginia Marsh Taylor 

Martha Anne Woolverton 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 


The Hill Top Club 

Ouida Caldwell Davis 

Charlotte Jackson Berry 

The Founders' Club 

Betty Berger Fulgham 

Patncia Andrew Goodson 

The President's Associates 

Diane Prettyman DeWall 

Betty Choate Matthews 

The Ivy Circle 

Martha McMullan Aasen 

Jean Atkinson 

Martha Frierson Hallett 

Patricia Hoshall Jacoway 

The Colonnade Club 

Nancy Kunkle Carey 

Martha Kline Chaplin 

Ellen Undenwood Eckford 

Anne McMichael Hardingham 

Marietta Barnes Jones 

Patncia Brown Schlick 

Elizabeth Brinckerhoff Thomas 

Anne Marie Newton Walker 

The Columns 

J. Frank Adams, husband of 

Dorothy Bridges Adams 
Frank H. Allen, fiusband of 

Fay Whipples Allen 
Jenny Courtney Ames 
Mary Ann Tucker Barker 
Warren R. Betts, husband of 

Barbara Kemp Betts 
Betty Ann Williams Bradford 
Jo Ann Vann Cannon 
Nancy Draper 
Sluarl Moseley Ellis 
Marilyn Walseth Gano 
Mary Hollers George 
Mary Lutz Grantham 
June Holt Hall 
Dudley B. Hodges Jr., husband of 

Ann Tafel Hodges 
Betty Stall Mullikin 
Eustacia Caul Nicholson 
Betsy Merritt Sherard 
James E. Taylor, husband of 

Virginia Marsh Taylor 
Lilian Bedinger Taylor 
Jane Moudy Van Dragt 

The Honorable and Mrs. Harry W. 
Wellford, brother-in-law and sister 
of Anne "AB " Potts Eddins 

Elizabeth Yeatman Yaremchuk 

The Honor Roll 

Elsie Martin Andersen 

Joyce Wilherspoon Brown 

Jane Stanley Chislett 

Jacqueline McClenney Hamilton 

Florence Wade Haverty 

Jean Kyle Hedges 

Carolee Wells Henney 

Dr. Alletta Jervey 

Josephine Giddens Landrum 

Ann Hefner Locy 

Aileen Loft 

Ann Rawl McCain 

Anne Poole 

Mary Chnstie Schroeder 

Joan Dieckmann Stein 

Elizabeth Bearer Sutton 


40th Reunion Class 
73* giving '8 J 00 

Received the award lor highest level 

of participation in a reunion class. 

Reunion Giving Committee 

Ellie Reynolds Henderson, chair 

Mary Beale Black 

Nancy Payne Dahl 

Pat Bowie Davis 

Sue Dozier Grotz 

Bettye Hurt Ingram 

Reid Strickland Nottingham 

Mary Colonna Robertson 

Patricia Lary Stevens 

The President's Associates 

Ann Ritchie McHugh 

The Ivy Circle 

Laura Clausen Drum 

Susan Dozier Grotz 

Mary Reynolds Henderson 

Jeanette Fisher Reid 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Priestman Bryan 

Patricia Bowie Davis 

Nancy Buston Downs 

Martha Parke Gibian 

Bettye Hurt Ingram 

Marjorie Mowl Jago 

Elizabeth Malone 

Reid Strickland Nottingham 

Mary Colonna Robertson 

The Columns 

Margaret Adair Atmar 

Elizabeth Boyer Bullock 

Eleanor Cahill 

Page Grey Dudley 

Sally Lander Edwards 

Katherine Showalter Johnson 

Martha Kolbe 

Ann Dick Lovelady 

Carolyn Evans McCord 

Susan Andes Pittman 

Claire Fontaine Rice 

Mardrivon Cowles Scott 

Patncia Lary Stevens 

Barbara Hunter Stone 

Dotty Hobby Travis 

Ellawells Milligan Williams 

June Morrow Winslow 

The Annual Report 

Martha Watson Wright 
The Honor Roll 

Mary Beale Black 
Diana Rede Cabell 
Barbara Blackwell Coyner 
Nancy Payne Dahl 
Celia Wainwright Darsey 
Patricia Martin Frazer 
Josephine Terrell Glover 
Anne Goode 
Aline Powers Hudson 
Faye Duke Lewis 
Diane McClenney Macrae 
Katherine Keller Maultsby 
Elizabeth Weeks McCormack 
Georgiana Stickley Meginley 
Martha Stokes Neill 
Virginia Hunt Roberts 
Ellen Gibson Shaw 
Clare Trotti Stephens 
Blanche Gambrill Stockbridge 
Linda Vought Taylor 
Mary Sledge Weems 
Lois Morrison Zeigler 


35th ReumoiX 
33°^ cn-WG' 6,049 
Reunion Giving 

May Wells Jones, chair 
Bobbie Jean Reid 

Phebe Palmer Bishop 
Betsy Burton Crusel 
Olivia Rogers 

Nancy Simpson jro cgj 


The President's 
May Wells Jones 

The Ivy Circle 

Anne Ponder Dickson 

Mary Cloud Hamilton Hollingshead 

Barbara Harris Queries 

The Colonnade Club 

Bobbie Jean Reid Bailey 

Nancy Simpson Steinmiller 

The Columns 

Suzanne Burch 

Florence Breunig Carroll 

Betsy Burton Crusel 

Lucy Rietze Dalton 

Lois Willard Daniel 

Eleanor Starke Evans 

Cynthia Hundley Fisher 

Mary Green 

Olivia Rogers Guggenheim 

Judith Crow Hoffman 

Beverly Grear Hurt 

Wendy Coleman LeGardeur 

Barbara Woodham Sims 

Emily Reeves Sioan 

Carol Wornom Sorensen 

Otey Hayward Swoboda 

Cornelia Jenkins Ward 

The Honor Roll 

Frances Kretlow Bedore 

Sallie Belie Whitener Benedetti 

Phebe Palmer Bishop 

Suzanne Sessoms Blair 

Mary Brown 

Elizabeth Allan Collins 

Mary Penzold Fooks 

Frances Purdom Hammonds 

Etteene Taylor Hope 

Ann Wilson Linn 

Lynda Graham Mays 

Mary Woods Moore 

Patricia Liebert Riddick 

Susan Ely Ryan 

Sigrid Gudheim Scott 

Mary Vaughn Stanley 


30th Reunion Class 
Reunion Giving Committee 

Susanne Rayburn Bates, co-chair 

Julia Blanchard Balchelor, co-chair 

Virginia Alexander Crane 

Judy Barbee Crothers 

Susan Mulford Gantly 

Beryl-Ann Johnson 

Carey Goodwin Louthan 

Karen Cowsert Pryor 

June McLaughlin Strader 

J. Hope Rothert Taft 

Ann Morgan Vickery 

The President's Associates 

Susanne Rayburn Bates 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham 

Carey Goodwin Louthan 

M. Elizabeth Swope 

The Ivy Circle 

Susan Mulford Gantly 

Patricia Bilbo Hamp 

The Colonnade Club 

Julia Blanchard Batchelor 

Avril Laughlin Chase 

Judy Barbee Crothers 

Beryl-Ann Johnson 

Gail Apperson Kilman 

Latane Ware Long 

Karen Cowsert Pryor 

Betsey Gallagher Satterfield 

Renate Worch Schuessler 

June McLaughlin Strader 

Ann Morgan Vickery 

The Columns 

Dr. Ann Field Alexander 

Ashlin Swetnam Bray 

Dr. Janet White Campbell 

Virginia Alexander Crane 

Janet Devonald Deatherage 

Mary Rainer Eanes 

Alice Tolley Goodwin 

Nancy Morris Graves 

Gwynn McNaught Henderson 

Anne Patrick Patten 

Myriam Robinson Robinson 

Hope Rothert Tafl 

Lavinia Mikell Thaxton 

Cynthia Goeltz Willkomm 

The Honor Roll 

Jean Bailey 

Pamela Wavell Baker 

Mary Chenault Bomar 

Nancy Yates Briggs 

Joan Hegner Davis 

Carole Rednour Dixon 

Virginia Timbes Ewing 

Sally Marks Goodwin 

Joan Velten Hall 

Jane Via llli 

Claire Stern Kaufman 

Sarah-Mack Lawson 

Kathryn Jackson Lohmiller 

Carol Whetham Looney 

Sammy Primm Marshall 

Florence Merritt Percy 

Frances Davis Pollard 

Janet Wiethoff Price 

Ann Yingling Schmidt 

Dianne Keamey Scott 

Alice Lipprtt Steyaart 

Mary Frances Arehart Stoneburg 

Elizabeth Jones Thacker 


25th Reunion Class 
33°' giving ^14,710, plus an 
ADDrroNAL '6, 725 pledged 
Reunion Giving Committee 

Laura Catching Alexander, co-chair 
Bonnie Bracket Weaver, co-chair 
Nancy Morse Evans 
Jane Faulds 

"Dr. Scott is a good listener, 
a dynamic speaker, and a gifted 
storyteller. He was able to use 
analogies and stories to explain 
some very complicated 
philosophical concepts. As the 
advisor to Minority 
Women in Unity, he 
was always encouraging 
us to get out there and 
delve and try new 

Angela Waddy '94 
Angela is an admissiom counselor 
in the MBC Admissions Office. 

Dr. Edward Scott, associate professor of philosophy 

Cynthia Fitch 

Dee Bowman Haggard 

Janice Booth Maner 

Nancy Winters Moore 

Laura Sadler Olin 

Brooke Hume Pendleton 

Kate Gladden Schullz 

Margaret Addison Shepard 

Caroline Struthers 

The President's Associates 

Laura Catching Alexander 

Lynn Zagora Bender 

Louise Boylan 

Margaret Cooper 

Cynthia Fitch 

Dee Bowman Haggard 

Janice Booth Maner 

Nancy Winters Moore 

Laura Sadler Olin 

Brooke Hume Pendleton 

Catherine Gladden Schultz 

Bonnie Brackett Weaver 

The Ivy Circle 

Leigh Suhling Barth 

Sally Cannon Crumbley 

Jane Faulds 

Betty Herrman 

Antoinette Bond Morrison 

Kathryn English Roberts 

Katherine Terrell Svejnar 

The Colonnade Club 
N. Lee Willey Bowman 

Janet Dennis Branch 
Catharine Dorrier 
Barbara Leavitt Franklin 
Jennifer McHugh Haase 
Mary Ferguson Karnes 
Ellen Johnson Massey 
Mary Murrin Painter 
Madge Wiseman Ramey 
The Columns 
Alison Rutherford Baird 
Sara Dabney Edwards 
Rosemerry McClintock Franks 
Lila Caldwell Gardner 
Stephanie Miller Goh 
Ellen Porter Holtman 
Elizabeth Fore Keatinge 
Susan Norton Minor 

Marion Catlett Rose 
Kathryn Jacobs Wendell 
Elizabeth Toms Chaplin 
The Honor Roll 
Anne Collins 
Elizabeth Conner 
Susan Hoch Crane 
Katherine Downie 
Susan Pope Finch 
Jean Orne Gosling 
Elizabeth Francis Griffith 
Karen Kelly Hartley 
Lucy Cunningham Lee 
Nancy Foster McGraw 
Shirley Frey Morris 
Betsy Marshall Nau 
Margaret Grant Neely 
Jane Shorten Nelson 
Eleanor Myers O'Mara 
Mary Pardue 

Marchant Starr Reutlinger 
Robin Spence 
Mary Stewart Strickland 
Catharine Pierce Stringfellow 

Pledges for 1996-97 gitts 

Brenda Nichol Goings 
Mane Moorefield Penn 


20rH Reunion 
22" GIVING '6, 705 
Reunion Giving Committee 

Carroll Blair Keiger, co-chair 
Val Sutton Payne, co-chair 
Anne Leatherbury Atwood 
Susan Hazelwood Buftington 
Shiriey Douglass 
Donna Neudorfer Earp 
Mary Ruth Richardson Misiti 
Prince Carr Norfleet 
Suzanne Rhodes Shenwin 
The President's Associates 
Donna Neudorfer Earp 
The Ivy Circle 
Clair Carter Bell 
Dana Leckie 
Susan Thomas 
The Colonnade Club 
Sylvia Baldwin 

Addie Stanley Beckner 

Carroll Blair Keiger 

Lisa Wall O'Donnell 

Joanne Palmer Wood 

The Columns 

Shirley Douglass 

Joan Ferrell 

Anne Graves Foster 

Cheryl Hydrick Guedri 

Linda Perez Howard 

Pamela Dunbar Kreger 

Christina Beardsley McGaughey 

Bonnie Tuggle Miller 

Mary Richardson Misiti 

Val Sutton Payne 

The Honor Roll 

Marguerite Jemison Bartlett 

Mary Ferguson 

Zoe Wavell Gottlieb 

Cary Adkins Guza 

Mary McCarty Martin 

Mary Hollings McConnell 

Nancy Lawler Milam 

Prince Carr Nortleet 

Catherine Priddy Norman 

Mary Schorn Stainback 

Ivy Mathias Stennett 

Jane Fisher Vagt 


15th Reunion 
23" giving '7 jos 

Reunion Giving Committee: 

Betsy Silver Burton, chair 

Mary Catherine Mitchell Amos 

Janet Davies Beebe 

Marilyn BuisI 

Whitney Markley Denman 

Amy Tracy Ingles 

Nita Ann Knight Klein 

Nancy Broyles James 

Sarah Beth Snead Lankford 

Elizabeth Lafitte Malinowski 

Pam Pope 

The Founders' Club 

Valene L. Wenger 

The President's Associates 

Margaret Wren de St. Aubin 

The Ivy Circle 

Mary Wray Conner 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Mitchell Amos 
Betsy Silver Burton 
Sarah Beth Snead Lankford 
Kathenne Ketchum LeDoyen 
Elizabeth Gates Moore 
The Columns 
Janet Davies Beebe 
Jane McClure Booth 
Michelle Howard Dase 
Amy Tracy Ingles 
Nancy Broyles James 
Diane Walczak Janssen 
Rebecca Linger 
Pamela Pope 
Ann Potter 
Glenda Ridgely 
Walter Ridgely 
Harriett Waldrop 

The Honor Roll 

Pnscilla Rosasco Armbruster 
Elizabeth Lipscomb Coffee 
Whitney Markley Denman 
Melinda Rose Eichorn 
Julie Ewing 

Margaret Kincaid Haney 
Nita Ann Knight Klein 
Judith Easterly Lockridge 
Kathy Hunt Marion 
Alice Stevens Marshall 
Pamela McCain Pearce 
Courtney Lester Procter 
Susan Lynch Roberts 
John Runkle 
Kim Herring Rutland 
Melissa Weyher Saunders 
Sara Poulston Tompkins 
Rebecca Smith Wirt 

1 986 

10th Reunion Cl-ISS 

2V° GIVING ^2,355 FOR 
Reunion Giving Committee 

Susan Rose Sheild, co-chair 
Donna Cason Smith, co-chair 
Alice Kane Blair 
Amy Ellen Bridge 
Haley Johnson 
Ann Hall Branscome Kendall 
Elizabeth Parkhurst Perkins 
Denise Ouellette Reardon 
Catherine Ellis Spencer 
Chrisley Baylor Voter 
Lori Lynne Vaught 
Kimberly D, Williams 
The President's Associates 
Lynn Dinger Edmonds 
The Ivy Circle 
Julie Ellsworth Cox 
The Colonnade Club 
Karen Latshaw Schaub 
The Honor Roll 
Elizabeth Anne Anderson 
Stacie Hamilton Baird 
Ann Renee Garrett Bell 
Alice Kane Blair 
Amy Ellen Bridge 
Dreama D. Brown 

The Annual Report 

Holly Anderson Dentzer 
Katie McGee Dyslin 
Laura Brown Eastman 
Kathleen V. Healy-Gillen 
Leslie Boynton Hunt 
Haley Johnson 
Ann Hall Branscome Kendall 
Candle Dollarhite Meadors 
Brzabeth Broach ODonnell 
Sarah Griffin Ritchey 
Lindsay Mitchell Scarisbrick 
Eustacia Nicholson Schoeffler 
Susan Rose Sheild 
Carolyn Joan Smith 
Donna Cason Smith 
Carol Vaughn Sprinkle 
Michele Marie Starck-Dinsmore 
Anne Baylor Voter 
Rebecca Jones Wickham 



IS^Gmyc' 1.952 
Reunion Giving Committee 

Lane Tyree Richardson, co-chair 
Katrina Bloom Wagner, co-chair 
Rachel Anne Festa Reming 
Gina Groome 
Virginia Ben>' James 
Susan Kierson Miller 
Sarah Mallan Penhallow 
Kimberiy Page Pinkston 
The Columns 
Theresa David 
Kathenne Slough Demers 
Gina Groome 
Sara Heffeman 
Priscilla Huynh 
Virginia Benry James 
SL.==--e '■'^5-5:- Miller 
E i;:;:" zf-;e- Nelson 

Jennifer VVebo 
The Honor Roll 
Heather Pearson Ashley 
Cynthia Cole Bain 

.-— ~_'S"= 5_"'eson 

0=': '=- ;e: -and Cochrane 

Mary Shook Collins 

Blen Cullather 

Shea DeJamette 

Alice Earie 

Kandice Engle 

Rachel Anne Festa Reming 

Margaret Hambrick Glaze 

R-; - = i-=-Z3. Haynie 

Kristin Henley McWiliiams 
Heather Houdesheli Nee! 
Lane Tyree Richardson 
Kaye Rollin 
Leslie Olson Scott 
Katherine Talbott 
Mamie Taylor 
Sarah Penhallow Vestal 
Katrina Bloom Wagner 
Beanor Ware 
Lynne Watson 
Heather Wilcox 
Karen Ponton Witham 

1 91 7 

The Columns 
Mamie Yates Baxley 
Julia Yates Carter 


The Columns 

Margaret Smith Crandall 

1 920 

The Columns 

Katharine Bear Aulick 
The Honor Roll 

Margaret Coffman Henry 

1 923 

The Columns 

Laura Vaughan Gaillard 

The Honor Roll 

Louise Hodges Hartzog 


The Honor Roll 

Susan Harriott Rozelle 


The Columns 

Emily Ramsey Thompson 


The Columns 

Marguerite Rutherfonj Dickerson 
The Honor Roll 

Sara Ralston Clowser 
Etta Brown Foster 
Katharine Perry James 
Amanda McCaskill 

1 928 

The Columns 

Oma Bell Perry '28 
The Honor Roll 

Dorothy Miller Campbell 


The Ivy Circle 

Evelyn Baker Arey 
The Colonnade Club 
Mary Hehbard Parmelee 
The Columns 
Bessie Lewis 
The Honor Roll 
Elizabeth Wrthers Glascock 
Elizabeth Hesser 
Nancy Johnson Hurt 

19 31 

The Columns 
Elizabeth CrawfordEngle 
Eleanor McMillan Norris 
Marguerite Valz Olson 
Agnes Junkin Peery 
Ruth D. See 
The Honor Roll 
Betsy Ross Bevis 
Miriam Hughes Williams 


The Colonnade Club 

Alene Brewster Lamer 

Qass Gift, 

The Columns 

Dorothy Hutchings Alberts 
Josephine Hutcheson Magnifico 

The Honor Roll 

Rebecca Williams Holoman 
Virginia Pointer Nicholls 
Virginia Maben Stokes 

1 933 

52* GnixG '1,420 
The Ivy Circle 

Louise Randol Brooks 
The Columns 
H. Brehm Cottman 
Kathryn Shankweiler Heydt 
Margaret Grabill Jones 
Gladys Lytes 
The Honor Roll 
Margaret De Mund Banta 
Virginia Brand Francis 
Katie Jones Hansen 
Rhea Kincaid Hayward 
Ruth Hopewell 
Margaret Grier Livingston 
Mary Scanlon McCallie 
Ruth Frazer Painter 
Ruth Edmunds Shephenj 
Elizabeth Balch Sindaire 
Margaret King Westcott 
Virginia Manson Wood 


44"' GniyG'2,920 

The President's Associates 
Julia Gooch Richmond 
The Colonnade Club 
Mildred Mawhinney Clements 
Martha Gray Thomas 
The Columns 
Mary Benson Buckley 
Evelyn Wood Chatham 
Catherine Zimmermann Kriete 
Jacqueline Crinkley Maddex 
The Honor Roll 
Grace Crowe Bobo 
Kitty Drummond Bridgforth 
Agnes Latham Carter 
Jean Gould Clarice 
Katherine Drake 
Rosalie Brown Humphreys 
Isabel Brio la Kivlighan 
Virginia Wight Lamb 
Betty Harrison Roberts 
Myrtle Tencate Thomas 

1 935 

39' GrjxG'1,045 

The Colonnade Club 

Amine Cosby Kellami 
The Columns 
Captain Winifred Love 
Virginia Weaver Macomber 
Virginia Clark Marks 
Keriyn Baber Obaugh 

The Honor Roll 

Marian Martin Gather 
Martha Logan Crissman 
LaRue Prideaux Hall 
Rosannah Milam Huff 
Jane Barnes Ruffin 
Jean Clark Wright 



The Hill Top Club 

Katherine Dyer Dudley 
The Ivy Circle 
Dorothy Hooge King 
Raquei Fajardo Ross 
The Colonnade Club 
Mary Gardner Glen 
Dorothy Douglass Kellam 
The Columns 
Helen Wade Dantzler 
Ora Ehmling Ehmann 
Harriet Schofield McLaughlin 
Catherine Midelburg 
Elizabeth Arnold Vilseck 
Lucilla White Whitted 
The Honor Roll 
Nancy Wallace Henderson 
Janet Duthie Hoff 
Alice Guerrant Manly 
Elizabeth Vincent McMullen 
Rachael Handshaw Meeker 
Sarah Whrtmore Ricks 
Nellie Hankins Schmidt 
Ruth Morrison Stogdale 


30^ GrnNG' 14,045 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Margaret Hunt Hill 
The Founders' Club 
Jane Frances Smith 
The Colonnade Club 
Alice Gilkeson Simpkins 
The Columns 
Virginia Kyle Copper 
The Honor Roll 
Blessing Whitmore Brown 
Mary Welton Enzian 
Jean Holliday 
Virginia Gantt Kendig 
Jane Mather Parish 
Margaret Childrey Penzold 

E zaca:- C-;:-. S — e-aker 
Ethel Coffey Strawn 
Virginia White Taylor 
Frances Edwards Thompson 
Barbara Johnson von Reis 


45"^ GmxG '2,315 
The Colonnade Club 

Alice Moore Sisson 
Ruth Galey Welliver 

The Annual Report 

The Columns 

Phyllis Williams Ayres 
Reba Clemmer Dunlap 
Mary Philpotts Hudgins (D) 
Hazel Crist Key 
Mary Moffilt Knorr 
Agnes McClung Messimer 
Mary Lumpkin Pope 
Mary Hutcheson Ragland 
Jane Mattox Turner 
The Honor Roll 
Joan Ballard Bailey 
Mary Neumann Brown 
Eleanor Cely Carter 
Betty Bird Cook 
Frances Garwood Craft 
Elizabeth Lucas Cummins 
Opal Newton Garrett 
Nancy Gilliam 
Elizabeth Howard Greene 
Charlotte Funke Holland 
Nancy Ferris Kail 
Adele Gooch Kiessling 
Sarah Lacy Miller 
Peggy Hooven Murphy 
Margaret Keller Pearson 
Dorothy Cohen Silverman 
Sara Ranson Woltman 


6J* Givim; '8,463 

The Presidents' Associates 

Elizabeth Boyd Caskey 
Louise Wilson Hanna 
Sarah Maupin Jones 
Mary Cronin Wolfe 
The Ivy Circle 
Nancy Owen Stuart 
The Colonnade Club 
Shirley Black Barre 
Ida Kellough Robb 
The Columns 
Mary Kerr Brooks 
Marguerite Latham Clemmer 
Janie Holman Edwards 
Nancy Eskridge 
Anna Caperton Everhart 
Virginia Worth Gonder 
Margaret Caldwell Herndon 
Elizabeth Banner Hudgins 
Shirley Smith Huffman 
Sally Collin Kriek 
Mildred Lapsley 
Maxine Dunlap Mclntyre 
Anna Gilkeson Meanley 

Dr. Jerry Venn, professor of psychology 

"Once you've had one class with Dr. Venn, you never forget him. He 
inspires you to do your best, and won't settle for less once he's seen 
what your best is. He taught me how to listen, and my philosophy 
classes taught me how to think. Those are 
skills I use every single day." 

Cindy Allison Mitchell De Keyrel '86 

Cindy is a full-time homemaker with two children. 

Jean Young Moore 
Hazel Astin Nelson 
Margaret Armstrong Robertson 
Shirley Keelgar Williamson 
Frederica Young 
The Honor Roll 
Kathrine Bretch Binkley-Guthrie 
Margaret Shields Boyer 
Margaret Browning Busick 
Janet Hollis Doswell 
Frances Rue Godwin 
Myrtle Foy Hennis 
Margaret Cochran Hinch 
Marcia Gooch Johnston 
Frances Perrottet Kresler 
Anita C, Malugani 
Helen Day Mitchell 
Nina Griffith O'Malley 
Elise Casscells Palma 
Barbara Baker Richardson 
Margie Phipps Shick 
Ermagard Kruse Skaggs 
Annie Moore Walker 
Mary McLendon Wall 
Helen Hull Yood 


48* Giving '9,661 

The President's Associates 

Virginia Hayes Forrest 
Ethelyn Jones Maxwell 
Dorothy Baughan Moore 
Alice Jones Thompson 
The Ivy Circle 
Thelma Riddle Golightly 
Margaret Herscher Hitchman 
Sally Cheney Walker 
The Colonnade Club 
Shirley Fleming Iben 
The Columns 
Alice Jarman Browder 
Marjorie Tobin Burke 
Mary Van Atta Derr 
Katherine Holt Dozier 
Emma Padgett FitzHugh 
Virginia Aldnch Fogle 
Alice Bitner Freund 
Barbara Lemmond Graham 
Jean Baum Mair 
Almeyda Spratley Peyton 
Louise Ravenel 
Sara Frances Ferrell Shay 
Barbara Payne Webster 
Ellen Nicholson Williams 
The Honor Roll 
Wallace Bartlett 
Benha Keller DuBose 
Elizabeth Carter Hoover 
Gladys Walker Jacobs 
Elizabeth Clayberger Jones 
Kathryn Lineweaver Kivlighan 
Nita Sorelle Martin 
Alma Hines Mitchell 
Mary Conlon Schull 
Audrey Martin Watson 

1 941 

32'* Giving '4,725 

The President's Associates 

Betty Wilcox Armstrong 
Nancy Clark McLennan 
Florence Jeffrey Wingo 

The Ivy Circle 

Dorris Withers McNeal 
The Colonnade Club 

Martha Farmer Chapman 
Genevieve Benckenstein Elder 
Jean Larner Gray (D) 

The Columns 

Elaine Kibler Baldwin 
Elizabeth Pringle Barge 
Dale Peters Bryant 
Malvine Paxton Graham 
Katharine Hoge Smith 
Nina Sproul Wise 
The Honor Roll 
Jane Raudenbush Coiner 
Virginia Evans Crapuchettes 
Betty Kull Drumheller 
Leiia Dunlap 
Mary Clinard Flinn 
Harriet King Geer 
Katherine Jarratt 
Betty Rodrick Manning 
Mary Thomas Moorhead 
Mane Ulmer Wolfe 


61* Giving '20,741 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Caroline Murphy Keller 
The President's Associates 

Nancy McWhorter Hurley 
The Ivy Circle 
Eleanor Jamison Supple 
The Colonnade Club 

Margaret Williams Adams 
Anne Hayes Brewer 
Sara Mackey Godehn 
Louise Vandiviere Mashburn 
Laura Luck Stiles 
The Columns 
Glada Moses Beard 
Hannah Campbell Boatwright 
Mahan Hornsby Bowditch 
Carolyn Norton Brushwood 
Betty Moorhead Clayton 
Clara Ayres Duckworth 
Mary Bartenstein Faulkner 
Pearl Epiing Forsey 
Clarissa Shepherd Gaylord 
Elizabeth Wotring Harnson 
Suzanne Hudson MacLeod 
Jane Craig Morrison 
Mildred Hudson Small 
Kathryn Poerschke Stevens 
The Honor Roll 
Carolyn Stehlin Anderson 
Elizabeth McGrath Anthony 
Ann Atwell 

Theressa Mason Axford 
Mary Simpson Bailey 
Mary Lightner Bast 
Margaret Meredith Darden 
Mary Guerrant Dodson 
Elizabeth Leman Dunson 
Jane Harris Gatling 
Inez Jones Hagaman 
Betty Bailey Hall 
Janet Werner Harris 
Beth Tilley Kantner 
Nancy Hughes Manson 
Evelyn Engleman Mathews 


The Annual Report 

Nancy Price McCrackin 
Emily Eakle Morgan 
Jean Anderson Nicewander 
Dottie Greer Radcliff 
Ena Taylor Reed 
Dr. Leslie Syron 
Margaret McDonald White 
Elisabetti Wtiite Willard 
Margaret Bean Yeakle 


SJ^'GniNG '34,896 
The Rufus Bailey Society 

Caroline Rose Hunt 
The Founders' Club 

Meredith Jones Johnson 
The President's Associates 

Mildred Proffil Batson 
Beatrice Ware Evans 
The Colonnade Club 
Frances Knight Nollet 
The Columns 
Betty Crews Brandon 
Harriett Harrington Connolly 
Elizabeth Nelson Fenwick 
Louise Jackson Green 
Mary Lyies Houston 
Gladys Adams Link 
Bette Crosswhite Overton 
Margaret Price Pinson 
Ruth Peters Sproul 
Katharine Shelburne Trickey 
The Honor Roll 
Joanne Powell Alexander 
Dorothy Kyle Beck 
Mary Hull Calkins 
Sylvia Meiner Hanau 
Ann Graham Hazzard 
Mary Bagley Higgins 
Margaret McMurray Hottel 
Virginia Hughes 
Kathryn Lucas Hummers 
Marjohe Carter Lacy 
Betty Johnson Mix 
Jean Moyer Mobley 
Mary Bullock Morns 
Dorothy Hundley Neale 
Mary Perry Newton 
Sally Wheat Porter 
Irma Salinas Rocha 
Anna Lane Rogers 
Margaret Harrell Saylor 
Martha Sprouse Stoops 
Mary Scott Walton 
Margaret Mayer Ward 
Ruth Hawkins Webb 
Mary Sheldon Wier 


44* GinNG'18,770 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Mildred Roycroft Jeer 
The Hill Top Club 
Dorothy Cleveland Robb 
The Ivy Circle 
Vonceil LeGrand Chapman 
Elizabeth Churchman Wick 
The Colonnade Club 
Sally McCullough Futch 
Josephine Hannah Holt 

Virginia Gilliam Lewis 
Settle Trimble Mabray 
Virginia Gochenour Reid 
The Columns 
Laura McManaway Andrews 
Katherine Kivlighan Carter 
Mary Cooke 
Nell Dorsey 
Eva Vines Eutsler 
Elizabeth Wysor Jordan 
Margaret Creel Miniclier 
Betty Wolfe Windham 
The Honor Roll 
Charlotte Craun Bishop 
Mary Mish Bundy 
Lois Smith Chapman 
Margaret Smith Connor 
Helen Gansman Graves 
Dorothy Shelton Jones 
Jean Ward McElfresh 
Anne Haneke McGough 
Edwina Davis Ohr 
Julia Kohler Peterson 
Eugenia Wharton Rain 
Grace Dryden Venable 
Paula Parthdge Willetts 
Mary Lott Wilson 
Betty Cooke Wood 

1 945 

39* Giving '4,895 

The President's Associates 

Julia Pancake Rankin 
The ivy Circle 
Mary Rhame Bates 
Betty Neisler Timberlake 
Mary Griffith Williams 
The Colonnade Club 
Erah Hatten Kliewer 
Marjohe Creasy Lacy 
The Columns 

Elizabeth McCampbell Burton 
Charlotte Cohn Davis 
Gayle Heron 
Louise McLean Lightner 
Sally Smith Metzger 
Carol Saulsbury Moore 
Louise Plage Neilon 
Anne Sims Smith 
Ann Dowdell Stauss 
Ann Whitehead Thomas 
Frances Tullis 
The Honor Roll 
Carmen Hayes Anderson 
Margaret Earle Baker 
Anne Churchman Brown 
Anne Daughtrey Harrell 
Elizabeth Pollard Houser 
Anne Gard Kinzie 
Marie Dowd Latimer 
Mary Tompkins McManus 
Helen Cook McQuillen 
Margaret McBryde Patterson 
Cathahne Prentiss Plummer 
Clemence Vivrett Phdham 
Nancy Nettleton Rood 
Nancy Townsend 
Mimi Mitchell Tufts 
Cecile Cage Wavell 
Sarah Beale Weaver 
Mary Cox Whitmore 


48* Giving '34,525 
The Rufus Bailey Society 

Emily W, Hundley 
The Hill Top Club 

Harhette Clarke Thorne 
The President's Associates 

George Ann Brown Carter 
Kathryn Else Johnson 
Mary Reed Smyth 
The Ivy Circle 
Marianna Jamison Leach 
Alice Wilson Matlock 
The Colonnade Club 
Miham Buckles Helmen 
Myrna Williams Vest 
The Columns 

Mary Graves Knowles Hamilton 
Dell Proctor Hollstein 
F. Walsh Read 
Sally Peck Spaulding 
Winifred Gochenour Wampler 
Charlotte Fall Williams 
Marillyn Hoyt Yancey 
The Honor Roll 
Mary Thackston Anderson 
Harry Thompson Billington 
Nancy Gill Booth 
Mary Doney Clausel 
Betsy Forrest Dunwoody 
Marguerite Gaston Garrett 
Alice Summers Hale 
Nancy Jones Hamilton 
Courtenay Plaskitt Hansen 
Florence Harris Hinson 
Sarah Beals Holzbach 
Margaret Farris Huff 
Katherine Kohler Huguenin 
Donna Hull Jones 
Eleanor Armistead Knipp 
Virginia Guthrie Linscott 
Edith Lane McKay 
Jean Bailey McKinney 
Margaret Churchman Moffett 
Virginia Roseborough Morton 
Ann Bush Putzel 
Patricia Eubank Sledge 
Lynne McNew Smart 
Laura Dossett Smith 
Marquilla Stuckey Stringer 
Joann Myers Thompson 
Gloria Duke Trigg 
Evelyn Cox Washington 
Lee Edwards Watkins 


52* Giving '8,310 

The President's Associates 

Martha Anne "Mopsy" Pool Page 
Martha Godwin Saunders 
Elizabeth Hardin Taylor 
The Ivy Circle 
Martha Brown Hamrick 
Mary Wagner Knott 
Bettie Barnett Lombard 
The Colonnade Club 
Peggy Black Braecklein 
Anne Monyhan Chambers 
Pamela Burnside Gray 
Ellen Eskridge Groseclose 

The Columns 

Jean Wallace Blount 
Lillian Richardson Hall 
Heline Cortez Harrison 
Ann Lucas Hite 
Annie Beale Kornegay 
Doris Clement Kreger 
Ann McDonald Macdonald 
Peggy Harris Milligan 
Helen Kinser Moncure 
Helen Atkeson Phillips 
Esther Spuriock Pruett 
Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus 
Margaret Getty Wilson 
The Honor Roll 
Anne Cook Becker 
Mary Huriey Blackshear 
Emily Griffin Buchanan 
Geraldine Canby Carroll 
Elva Fifer 

Betty Gaston Hairfield 
Virginia Albertson Hanks 
Rose Harrison 
Beveriy Wood Hart 
Ruth McBryde Hill 
Ann Doyle Hopps 
Alice Taylor Houser 
Dorothy Hill Jefferis 
Jane Hammond Jervey 
Leone Bellingrath Jones 
Anne Cronin Keith . 
Margaret Clarke Kirk 
Helen De Vore Mattenson 
Elinor Weathersby McCorkle 
Helen Richardson Prewitt 
Doris Moffat Salter 
Janey Martin Tanner 
Jean Butler Viel 
Dorothy Wilson Vincent 
Elizabeth Page Wardle 
Katharine Adair Woods 


52* GmNG '5,215 
The Ivy Circle 

Jane Sebrell Leachman 
The Colonnade Club 

Julia Johnston Belton 
Nancy Anderson Blakey 
Margaret Lawson Craighill 
Betty Harrell Kyle 
Katherine Potts Wellford 
The Columns 
Margaret Newman Avent 
Gwendolyn Austin Brammer 
Martha Hobson Crowder 
Peggy Reid Durden 
Patricia Murphree Honea 
Ellen Andrews Hunter 
Bettie Thomas Jacobsen 
Cynthia Belts Johnson 
Shiriey Sunderman Kostik 
Elizabeth Usher Laffitte 
Elizabeth Rawls Macklin 
Jean Rowan McNab 
Betty Fugate Moore 
Annette Peter Neel 
Beverly Harrison Rhodes 
Carolyn Horton Rogers 
Vivienne Hutchens Vail 
Margaret Hooks Wilson 
Joan Moore Woltz 

The Annual Report 


The Honor Roll 

Barbara MInter Barnes 
Ann Craig BIckell 
Emily Ogburn Doak 
Patricia Downing 
Jean Farrow 

Betty Farrlngton Felegara 
Caroline Sprouse Ghebelian 
Ann Ashby Helms 
Dixie Seagler Hoaglln 
Betty McLean Hopkins 
Vera Canaday Lupo 
Jean Quarles Mary 
June Lewis McHenry 
Margaret Ryder Pence 
Helen Hougtiton Peters 
Mary Heydenreich Bobbins 
Evelyn Lacy Roberson 
Elizabeth Jenkins Roddey 
Helen Ttiompson Shires 
Carrie Ham Tarklngton 
Kathahne Blakey Taylor 
Betty Buchanan Thullbery 
Kathanne Makepeace Turner 
Nancy Rawls Watson 
Mercer Pendleton Watt 
Katharine Callanan Williams 


35'- GiviSG '9,815 
The Founders' Club 

Elia Durr Buck 

The President's Associates 

Jacqueline Edwards Cohen 
The Ivy Circle 
Harriet Bangle Bernhardt 
Anita Thee Graham 
Adrlane Helm Lyman 
Harriet Vreeland Reynen 
The Colonnade Club 
Judith Judge Ashcraft 
Mary Gochenour Fowlkes 
Frances Koblegard Harcus 
Johanna Westley Lucas 
The Columns 
Jeanne West Covington 
Jeanne Ashby Furrh 
Virginia Rose Hagee 
Catherine Callis Howerton 
Emma Martin Hubbard 
Kate Scott Jacob 
Betty Anderson Jeffrey 
Gwendolyn Park Kelly 
Virginia Smith Massey 
Joyce Kagin McCauley 
Barbara Payne Nolan 
Bess Plaxco Smith 
Betsy Carr Smith 
Patncia Marsh Walles 
Mary Horlon Waldron 
Mary Wnght Whaling 
The Honor Roll 
Marie McClure Beck 
Marian Jones Bergin 
Anne Faw Bernard 
Ann Jones Comley 
Emme WIngate Hawn 
Flora Talmage Landwehr 
Clara Burroughs McFarlln 
Anna Cacclapaglla Peduto 
Mary White Richards 
Dons McClary Rollins 

Helen Hord Testerman 
Manlyn Simpson Williams 
Margaret Wilson Wood 


49°' GnisG '8,386 

The President's Associates 

Constance Detnck Lamons 

Janet Russell Steelman 

Mary Lament Wade 

The Ivy Circle 

Evelyn Chapman Brown 

Florence WImberly Helllnger 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Gray Richardson 

Margaret Moore Ripley 

The Columns 

Leslie Booth 

Elizabeth Blount Brundick 

Eriine Gnffin Eason 

Peggy Shelton Fore 

Judith Godwin 

Jane Thurmond Gregory 

Margaret McLaughlin Grove 

Ann Brown Lammers 

Dorothy Payne Nash 

Nancy Curdts Pollard 

Ruth Worth Puckett 

Dorothy Smith Purse 

Ruth Harrison Quillen 

Kathryn Hatley Young 

The Honor Roll 

Adelia Hoefgen Baldwin 

Loree Adams Barnett 

Anne Person Baylor 

Mary Wilson Benthall 

Helen Tllson Fletcher 

Dorothy Snodgrass Goldsborough 

Julia Valz Good 

Mary McBryde Gray 

Lynn Lytton Hamer 

Ann LeStourgeon Harris 

Ann Greer Kidd 

Jane Woodruff Lucas 

Marjorie Gordon Manning 

Elsie Nelms Nash 

Ann Schlosser 

Betty Gwaltney Schutte 

Penelope Watson Scott 

Barbara Sanford Smith 

Nancy Wllemon Smith 

Margaret King Stanley 

Joan White Thomas 

Marianne Stanford Thornburg 

Blllie Smith Towlen 

Marjorie Sykes Turnbull 

Nancy Gray Waller 

Alice Ball Watts 

Emily Mitchell Williamson 



The President's Associates 

Dorothy Beals Ballew 
Martha Barnett Beal 
The Ivy Circle 
Margaret GIgnllliat Carswell 
Mary Jo Shilling Shannon 
Dr. Ethel Mae Smeak 
The Colonnade Club 
Betty Martin Close 
Elizabeth Dahl Shaner 

The Columns 

Jeanne Shernll Boggs 
Jennie Evans Dllle 
Mildred Sheridan Gaillard 
Mary Cameron Hagelstein 
Nancy Eaton Hopkins 
The Honor Roll 
Julia Scarborough Burgess 
Betty Ralston Cook 
Margaret Garrett Corsa 
Mildred Hudson Costa 
Alice Welch Daggett 
Kay Fllppen Durham 
Nancy Barron Gourley 
Joan John Gnne 
Ida Ryland Guthrie 
Mary Laird Hammond 
Ann Lee Harrison 
Ann Taylor Hedrich 
Laura Hays Holmes 
Marjorie Benton Hooper 
Katherine Todd Horton 
Betty Rankin Hubbard 
Ruth Parsons Johnson 
Jane Tucker Mitchell 
Dons Liddle Newman 
Elma Rollins Proffitt 
Georgia Roberts Rhymes 
Eva Pound Rothschild 
Frances Fitch Ruff 
Nelle McCants Smith 
Betty Eberhart Spillman 
Jo Vames Stamus 
Joan Martin Tuckwiller 
MIlby Booth Wade 
Jo Thacker West 
Elizabeth Gaulding Williams 


45'° Gin\G '27,165 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Betty Gray Duff 
The Hill Top Society 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley 

The President's Associates 

Marian Hollingsworth Cusac 

Constance Headapohl De Berardlnis 

Lee McVoy Pierce Mosso 

Winifred Boggs Myrick 

The Ivy Circle 

Virginia Eversole Herdman 

The Colonnade Club 

Ann Shaw Miller 

Diane Evans Wood 

The Columns 

Elizabeth De Loach 

Eleanor Yeakley Gardner 

Margaret Jollit Gaskin 

Nancy Rawles Grissom 

Jane Kennedy Lindley 

Anne Dosher Read 

Betty Garrett Schmidt 

Terry Tilman Townes 

Jane Edwards Wheeler 

Elizabeth Switzer Zirkle 

The Honor Roll 

Ann Robinson Brown 

Donia Craig DIckerson 

Carol Bacon Dreizler 

Johanna Paul Elder 

Jessie Carr Haden 

Mary McKee Hagemeyer 

Janet Mitchell Harper 

Kitty McConnell Hennlnger 

Martha McKnIght Huey 

Shirley Lammers Karp 

Betty Garter Lane 

Alma McCue Miller 

Ann Hunter Murray 

Mary Taylor Murray 

Marjorie Becker O'Shaughnessey 

Addie McLaughlin Ours 

Daphne Brown Robertson 

Elizabeth BIggadIke Scroggin 

Ashlln Wyatt Smith 

Cherie Parnsh Turman 


24"- Gms-G '3,050 

The President's Associates 

Frances Hafer Chiles 
Mary Hornbarger Mustoe 
The Colonnade Club 

Na|la Hassen White 
The Columns 
Ellen Stickell Bare 
Kathenne Gracey Cannon 
Eleanor Harwell Thomsen 
The Honor Roll 
Martha Richardson Allen 
Priscilla Markley Cook 
Dorothy Martin Harris 
Elizabeth Robinson Harnson 
Amy Maloy LIndsly 
Margaret Berry Phillips 
Patty Tipton Pugh 

1 957 

28'' Gni.xG '1,710 
The Colonnade Club 

Shannon Greene Mitchell 
The Columns 
Susan Wilson Cruser 
Barbara Bullock Graham 
Mettle Goodwin Jaynes 
Ann Kennedy Melton 
Sherrll Gerding Miller 
Caria Rucker Nix 
Kathryn Pope Pilcher 
The Honor Roll 
Frances Wills Delcher 
Katherine Thorington Flythe 
Felicia Candler Freed 
Paula Branch Holt 
Salenda Smith Kincaid 
Ann Denny KInscherff 
Barbara Russell Long 
Margaret Jorstad Lucas 
Mary Wells Powell 
Diane Alexis RIffelmacher 
Elizabeth Crawford Robbins 
Helen Thompson Sharpley 
Mary Kelly Thorne 
Ada Worth Turner 
Alice Jones Wire 


45* G/I7.VG '5,852 

The President's Associates 

Ann Cooke Bntt 
Patricia Sphar 
The Ivy Circle 
Kathleen Hand Carter 


The Annual Report 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Redding Coselli 
Constance McHugh Kimerer 
Margaret Clarke Moring 
The Columns 
Emily Baker 
Dr. Barbara Bell 
Rachel Koser Cottrell 
Margaret league Eaton 
Ann Ratcliffe Harrover 
Nancy McMullan Pauley 
Faye Smith Peck 
Carolyn Griffis Smith 
Elizabeth Boling Strand 
Elizabeth Withrow Turner 
Margaret Skinner Webb 
Merita Long Webster 
Bruce Suttle Winfield 
The Honor Roll 
Nancy Pillow Bachman 
Rebecca Kindley Beckwith 
Janice Gregory Belcher 
Virginia Maxwell Burnett 
Nancy Williams Deacon 
Caroline Huffstutler Furr 
Barbara Allan Hite 
Marjorie Hoge 
Anne Coleman Huskey 
Jettie Bergman Johnston 
Youngsook Hyun Kim 
Linda Larkin 
Kay Lessley Linnane 
Patricia Schendel Loring 
Sheffield Lander Owings 
Ada Humphrey Pancake 
Lydia Woods Peale 
Elizabeth Plowman 
Patsy Messer Poovey 
Edith Martin Ruggles 
Patricia Gwynn Taft 
Frances Spady Wilkins 


34* GmNG '1,350 
The Columns 

Martha Caplinger Brinkley 
Marie Hayward Collins 
Jane Reid Cunningham 
Ardys Hough Dodge 
Lucy Fisher West 
The Honor Roll 
Anne McClung Anderson 
Rebecca Pierce Ansley 
Carraleigh Singletary Bass 
Mary Phlegar Davis 
Julia Johnson Demler 
Cornelia Davis Doolan 
Virginia Hofler Duvall 
Anne Herbert Feathers 
Anne Wait Gardner 
Katherine Williams Gooding 
McChesney Mayer Grabau 
Martha Moseley Johnson 
Cariana Lindstrom Lane 
Patricia Bonelli Maull 
Joyce Holt McDowell 
Frances Merry 
Louisa Jones Painter 
Celeste Weathers Patterson 
Douglass Kellam Patterson 
Helen Ritchie Scherff 
Sandra Esquivel Snyder 
Juliasue Stafford Swift 

Beverly Matthews Williams 
Patricia Henderson Williams 
Mary Barner Wood 


29°' Giving '17,880 
The Hill Top Club 

Sara "Sally" Armstrong Bingley 

The Founders' Club 

Susan Warfield Caples 

Carolyn Gilmer Hisley 

The President's Associates 

Nancy Mayer Dunbar 

The Ivy Circle 

Sally Cullum Holmes 

The Colonnade Club 

Vicky Hill Rimstidt 

The Columns 

Nancy MacGregor Cook 

Sandy Pheris DeWald 

Mary Cowan Grimshaw 

Alice Cox Hubbard 

Elmore Bartlett Inscoe 

Rebekah Lewis Krivsky 

Nancy Bartley Leonard 

Jane Shiflet Rexrode 

Mary K. Schultz 

The Honor Roll 

Judith Carter 

Beveriy De Lashmutt Engie 

Sara Squires Erickson 

Sharon Hooks Knaus 

Joan Loffland 

Nancy Hooker Manning 

Anne Fray McCormick 

Sara Miller Richardson 

Patricia Edwards Saunders 

Elizabeth Engle Stoddard 

Jeannette Hervey Tnce 



The President's Associates 

Linda Dolly Hammack 
Susan Pegram O'Gara 
Eugenia McCuen Thomason 
Lucinda Pina Wilkinson 
The Ivy Circle 
Susan Hooper Hogge 
The Colonnade Club 
Phyllis Boone Hill 
Iva Zeiler Lucas 
The Columns 
Mary Stone Adier 
Neilson Peirce Andrews 
Mary Crittenden 
Susan Jennings Denson 
Susan Johnson High 
Mary Gilbert Kohn 
Carolyn Stover Modarelli 
Sally Heltzel Pearsall 
Emily Troxell Pepper 
Josephine Whittle Thornton 
Mary Whitinger Turner 
Frances Gilmer Weyant 
The Honor Roll 
Marcelle Rogers Askew 
Shirley Quaries Baird 
Mary Eldridge Berry 
Elizabeth Dickerson Brown 
Ruth Lacy Carpenter 

Ann Alexander Cook 
Lucy Martin Danner 
Elizabeth Scott Featherstone 
Penn Walker Flournoy 
Sandra Sykes Gray 
Jennifer Wilson Green 
Margaret Saunders Hayes 
Harriet Hope Howard 
Lacey Sanford Hudgins 
Vera Thomas James 
Antoinette Harrison Jamison 
Lynn Frierson Kennedy 
Martha Butler Matthews 
Margaret Harris McClain 
Chariotte Mooney 
Sarah Mitchell Preddy 
Sally Rieves 
Sarah Drake Sessoms 
Amelia McKinnon Sherrill 
Nancy Harris Snead 
Judith Richardson Strickland 
Douglas Laughon Wallace 
Marion Drewry Wills 


43"* GmNG'35,890 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp 

The Hill Top Club 

Gale Palmer Penn 

Emily Dethloff Ryan 

The Founders' Club 

Mary Rutherfoord Mercer Ferguson 

The President's Associates 

Sarah Livingston Brown 

Margaret Woodson Nea 

The Ivy Circle 

Mary Carpenter Gould Coulboum 

Judy Lipes Garst 

Ingrid Carison Shindell 

The Colonnade Club 

Helen Arrowood Amold 

Sandra Zeese Driscoll 

Nancy Blood Ferguson 

Carolyn Haldeman Hawkins 

Roberta Gill Hefler 

Barbara Wishart Johnson 

Emily Tyler 

The Columns 

Terry Alexander 

Martha Hunter Boyd 

Lane Wright Cochrane 

Harriet Murphy Frazier 

Ann Geggie Fridley 

Mary Hardaway Hasty 

Dr. Lundy Pentz, associate professor of biology 

"Dr. Pentz was very tough, yet he showed great compassion and 
caring toward his students. I left MBC prepared for the three 
years I spent doing molecular biology research at The University 

of Virginia, and over-prepared for 

medical school." 

Audrey Fisher '90 

Audrey is atrrently In medical school in Loma 
Linda, California 


Dr. Judy Klein, professor of economics 

"I had nontraditional uses in mind for my degree 
in economics and Dr. Klein supported me from 
day one. Areas where I was weak, she was patient yet firm that I could 
do better, and she worked with me showing me that I could achieve 
whatever I set my mind to. In areas where I had strengths, she never 
hesitated to praise and offer continued support. I am fortunate that I 
had a mentor like Judy who not only was there for me during my 
years at Mary Baldwin, but who continues to be someone that I 
know is supportive of me in my life and ambitions today." 

Joanne Reich '88 
Joanne is facility resident 

manager at Omega House in Houston, Texas. 

Linda Estridge Hofmeister 
Anne Troxell Luck 
Rosalinda Roberts Madara 
Virginia Hesdorffer Maxwell 
Ann Dial McMillan 
Becky Cannaday Merchant 
Melissa Kinnes Mullgardl 
Jean Wells Nelson 
Minta McDiarmid Nixon 
Mary Smith Perry 
Frances Davis TenBrook 
Elizabeth White 
The Honor Roll 
Anne Hogshead Aleman 
Julia Morton Ball 
Elizabeth Evans Baxter 
Faye Baker Clark 
Ann Booker Darst 
Linda Wyatt Duncan 
Mary Callaway Garrett 
Lucy Morris Gay 
Judith Thompson Hatcher 
Nannette Jarrell Heidrich 
Sharon Foye Hewlett 
Elizabeth Laird Hicks 
Holly Hanson Hill 
Robbie Nelson LeCompte 
Susan Sale Luck 
Linda Fobes Marion 
Martha Singletary Marks 

Joan Stanley Maroulis 
Jane Coulbourn Marshall 
Keene Roadman Martin 
Elizabeth Grubbs McCurry 
Patricia Fisher McHold 
Jerri Percival Palmer 
Katherine Sproul Perry 
Lynn Butts Preston 
Eleanor McCown Robideau 
Lynette Warner Shiver 
Mary McGrath Stone 
Virginia Stott Ward 
Nancy Ely Wright 


43"^ Giving '17, 000 
The Hill Top Club 

Nancy Rowe Hull 

The President's Associates 

Beverly Estes Bates 
Susan Thompson Timmons 
Mary McRae Young 
The Ivy Circle 
Carolyn Smith Abbitt 
Julia Carrington Bemis 
Jane Heywood Boylin 
Sally Dorsey Danner 
Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco 
Laura Holbrook Hardwick 

The Colonnade Club 

Karen Appleby Baughan 
Susanne Eve Fowlkes 
Nancy Nelson Spencer 
The Columns 
Byrd Williams Abbott 
Victoria Raid Argabnght 
Anne Nimmo Dixon 
Mary Jarratt Dunn 
Jane Lemon Eifler 
Penelope Wev Frere 
Mary Appleby Marchio 
Phyllis Short Marcom 
Eleanor Poole McCord 
Carolyn Clemmer McCulley 
Mary McCallum McDonnell 
Betty Barnes Pigg 
Rebecca Quinn Schubmehl 
Linda Leeds Scott 
Juliane Jorgensen Taylor 
Emily Holloway Walker 
Jean Umberger Wertz 
The Honor Roll 
Mary Juer Barnwell 
Paula Greenlee Barber 
Elizabeth Baughan Baukhages 
Cynthia Freeman Branscome 
Judy Gossett Breen 
Alice Farnor Butler 
Billie Litton Clark 
Frances Sanders Davis 
Rebecca Bryant Davis 
Mary Kerr Denny 
Glenn Downie 
Rossalyn Wolever Hampton 
Helen Downie Harrison 
Susan Palmer Hauser 
Jane Tanner Henderson 
Molly Holt 

Bess Alexander Johnson 
Margaret Thompson Johnson 
Dr. Hope Baldwin Lanier 
Anita Saffels Lawson 
Dr. Beverly Leetch 
Ann Higgins McWhirter 
Dartena Sizemore Mixon 
Nancy Hardesty Montgomery 
Virginia Morton 
Fran Lovelace Overslreet 
Pamela Milliken Reed 
Betty Puckette Shenk 
Wortley Davis Smith 
Martha Murchison Strickland 
Ann Morrell Tucker 
Diane Warthen Watson 


34* Giving '7, 995 

The President's Associates 

Judith Payne Grey 
Carol Stewart Shaw 
The Ivy Circle 
Janet Haddrell Connors 
Ann Gordon Abbott Evans 
Julene Reese Roberts 
Gail McAlpin Schweickert 
The Colonnade Club 
Eleanore Eckel Brough 
Elizabeth Walker Gate 
Marian Gordin Lord 
The Columns 
Mary Gillespie Amos 

Janice Jones Collins 

Mary Craddock 

Nan Davis 

Katherine Early Dougherty 

June Early Fraim 

Mary Lewis Hix 

Kathryn Johnson McKinnie 

Margaret Jackson Woodcock 

The Honor Roll 

Gwendolyn Black Bishop 

Diane Cooper Byers 

Mary Whittle Chapman 

Frances Knight Clarke 

Virginia Chapman Cobb 

Betty Austin Conner 

Anne Smith Edwards 

Gary Flake 

Carol Graham Hairston 

Sara Beabout Hartman 

Judy Roy Hoffman 

Carol Gibson Kanner 

Ann Mebane Levine 

Helen Hutcheson Massingill 

Cornelia Jackson McAllister 

Margaret Hogenauer McCormick 

Elizabeth Brown McKell 

Charlotte Tyson Mewborn 

Nancy Jackson Miller 

Dr. Mary Newell 

Meredith Carter Patterson 

Emma Martin Rouse 

Dorothy lafrate Rudy 

Judy Bryant Skinner 

Jane Doughtie Taylor 

Melanie Walthall Taylor 

Margaret Michael Thompson 

Hannah Gatchell Webb 

Susan Browne Webb 

Elizabeth Dismer Yancey 


37* Giving '18, 528 

The Hill Top Club 

M. Elizabeth Freddy 

The President's Associates 

Margaret Anderson "Peggy" Carr 

Barbara Freeman Ragsdale 

Dr. Sue Ellen Butler Rocovich 

Marian McDowell Whitlock 

The Ivy Circle 

Gay Gilmore Butler 

Margaret Weaver Crosson 

Susan Massie Johnson 

Carey Cooley McDaniel 

Ann Humphrey Sanders 

The Colonnade Club 

Angela Blose Corley 

Kathleen Myers Faust 

Jean Lambeth Hart 

Wylyn Letson Hodnett 

Mary Reuman Howard 

Margaret Allen Palmer 

The Columns 

Margaret Maddex Barnes 

Margaret Turner Coleman 

Anne Cooke 

Louise Tabb Edge 

Anne Shields Emerson 

Nancy Rubhght Gates 

Ellen Martin Hass 

Marjohe Gillespie Holt 

Mikal Bralley Hoofnagle 


The Annual Report 

Barbara Hanna Joyner 
Linda Young Kennedy 
Barbara Homer Miller 
Helen Stone Moss 
Virginia Taylor Otts 
Jacquelyn Stroupe Pace 
Dr. Susan Palmer 
Dr. Sallie Chellis Schisler 
Martha Harlow Stronach 
Caria Cooper Winter 
The Honor Roll 
Sandra Preseren Alley 
Mary Comforth Baird 
Frances Gallion Bear 
Anne Williams Blanks 
Hazel Williams Bynum 
Sara Nash Crovvder 
Winton Mather Doherty 

Elizabeth Allee Ginsburg 

Susanne Reim Glass 

Dixie Epes Hoggan 

Virginia Carter Holden 

Frances Harvey Mallison 

Margaret Jennings Metz 

Alice Moore 

Ellen Ryan Pearson 

Roberta Brent Peek 

Mary Dudley Purtill 

Carolyn Newman Renner 

Luvenia Davis Rogers 

Nancy Culpeper Sebren 

Carol Laws Slonaker 

Lindsley Wheeler Smith 

Gail Alberts Stone 

Judith Pugh Stone 

Lucia Lionberger Thomas 

Mary Povvell Wallace 

Susan McKeown Waters 

The Rev. Leslie Westbrook 

Jane Feierabend Wiggins 


37^ Gmyc '21,513 

The Hill Top Club 

Ray Castles Uttenhove 
The Founders' Club 
Neille McRae Wilson 
The President's Associates 

Grace Branch Moore (D) 
Cathy Turner Temple 

The Ivy Circle 

Kathleen 'Betsy" Kenig Byford 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman 

Ann Whitten Gillenwater 

Jeannette Norfleet 

Edith Stotler 

Cynthia Knight Wier 

Elisabeth Wise 

Elizabeth Wooldridge 

The Colonnade Club 

Kathleen Aure 

Susan Gamble Dankel 

The Rev. Margaret Anne Robertson 

Elizabeth Jolley Kobiashvili 

Sarah Sferrett Meyerhoff 

Sharon Miller Midland 

Martha Howard Patten 

Cornelia Green Roy 

Jane Starke Sims 

Katherine Martin Snider 

Susanne Dyer Stanley 

The Columns 

Carolyn Martin Bryan 

Dr. Catherine Walleigh Camevale 

Elise Palma Couper 

Judith Wells Creasy 

Ellen Gavv Dean 

Angelina Painter Eschauzier 

Lonna Dole Harkrader 

Barbara Craft Hemphill 

Susan Vaughan Henry 

Barbara Penick Jimenez De Diego 

Susan White Persak 

Carol Mathews Ray 

Florence Temple Roberts 

Mary Miller Sopher 

Dr. Lois Lundie Spence 

Tempe Grant Thomas 

The Honor Roll 

Emily Bonner Anderson 

Sharon Knopp Bares 

Virginia Watson Bernard 

Nancy Geiger Bondurant 

Elizabeth McHenry Bosworth 

Judith Way Bouchard 

Virginia Campbell 

Nancy Eriksen Fogelson 

Lynda Overcash Fritz 

Elizabeth Galhright 

Celia Gibson 

Elizabeth Roper Golden 

Nancy Peyton Gresham 

Lynn Boyd Hewitt 

Susan Merklas Kahn 

Nancy Kevan Lazaron 

Lynn Merritt MacEwen 

Ihrie Carr Means 

Juliet McCall Moser 

Margaret Lawrence Parkerson 

Kristine Niehaus Revington 

Martha Blake Rex 

Alicia Rodon-Estefani 

Susan Hust Rosher 

Linda Goddin Smith 

Cecelia Davis Stevens 

Beth Free Van Fossen 

Virginia Reynolds Vogel 

Mary Walker Volk 

Eleanor Harbrook Wilson 


42* Gmyc '25,426 

The Hill Top Club 

Claire "Yum' Lewis Arnold 
A. Jane Townes 
The President's Associates 
Eda Hofstead Cabaniss 
Gail McLennan King 
Margaret Livingston 
Elizabeth Newman Mason 
Margaret Thorn Rawls 
Jennifer Mack Urquhart 

The Ivy Circle 

Fohl Patricia Binkley Haws 

Margaret Barranger Reid 
Katherine Quillian Solberg 
The Colonnade Club 
Robin Watson Livesay 
Martha Masters 
Anna Dunson Pressly 
Sandra McQuarrie Rigby 
Sherri Miller Stephenson 

Rose Driver Stuart 

Joan Skelton Thomas 

Ann Lewis Vaughn 

The Columns 

Neely Garrett Axselle 

Susan Christ Campbell 

Mary Kennedy Canjso 

Lida Brock Caudle 

Linda Dawe 

Suzanne Jones Duncan 

Judith Bamett Dutterer 

Ann Tnjsler Faith 

Susan Train Fearon 

Margaret Durant Fried 

Judith Galloway-Totaro 

Mary Weston Grimball 

Nancy Hill Haley 

Kathryn Bish Hanson 

Sara James 

Lindsay Jones 

Patricia McGeorge Nickerson 

Mary Hutcheson Priddy 

Caroline Schooley 

Ann Davis Spitler 

Anne Emmert Thompson 

Judith 'J' Wade . 

Mary Ward 

Mary Gregory Wilson 

The Honor Roll 

Bart^ara AUvood 

Suzanne Hartley Barker 

Janet Turner Barrows 

Miriam Jones Beckwith 

Sheila De Shong Black 

Camille Florence Coers 

Abigail Robinson Coppock 

Betty Culbreath 

Elizabeth Fleeting Davis 

Linda Missbach Donaldson 

Mary Earie 

Sheryl Ameen Fiegel 

Margaret Lipscomb Foster 

Judith West Kidd 

Carolyn Williams Lackey 

Gayle Lester 

Elizabeth Maxwell 

Julia Baldwin Montgomery 

Grace Friend Mullen 

Jill Olson 

Julie Ellis Paddie 

Aleda Hays Rickelton 

Elizabeth Helmken Schubert 

Lindley Moffett Small 

Edwina Smith 

Margherita Patterson Somers 

Judith Jones Stevens 

Jane Collis Thornton 

Anne McLeod Turner 

Kathryn McAllister Turner 

Karen Marston Vaught 


32' GnixG '9,140 
The Founders' Club 
Louise Rossett McNamee 
The President's Associates 
Elaine Rabe Giese 
The Ivy Circle 
Minna Thompson Glenn 
Jean Grainger 
Laura Croom Murtay 

The Colonnade Club 
Sheryl Quanbeck Hagan 
Dianne Sellers 
Molly Upton Tan- 
The Columns 

Martha Kennedy Albertson 
Janet Bartholomew Altamari 
Carolyn Bass Armentrout 
Jane Graves Bartlett 
Virginia Holmes Brown 
Mary Saunders Conwell 
Lynn Des Prez 
Leslie Freeman 
Candace Snodgrass Gessner 
Catherine Nease Gilbreath 
Jo Ann Martin Gustafson 
Elizabeth Higginbotham 
Zoe Kerbey Holmes 
Sue Newman Landa 
Elizabeth Rand Lemon 
Lynn Kirshman Mackle 
Janie Huske Satterfield 
Daphne Walker 
Dorothy Jones Wrigley 

The Honor Roll 

Katherine Crawford Arrowsmith 
Mary Browning Birkhead 
Jo Guider Chase 
Mary McCaa Cothran 
Whitney Hanes Feldmann 
Dale Smith Georgiade 
Elizabeth Lamer Gutmann 
Margaret Haile 
Ann Harris 

Virginia Mosby Hayles 
Janice Shoemaker Hill 
Jane Smith Hopkins 
Rebecca Thomas Kopp 
Jill Eiseman Lewis 
Mary Macdonald 
Grace Hitchman McGrath 
Janet Ernst Mills 
Elizabeth Irzyk Mize 
Connie Kittle Neer 
Janice Coleman Robertson 
Karen Rudolph 
Mary Wood Senechal 
Elizabeth Newman Shupe 
Anne Hancock Teresa 
Elizabeth Nesbitt Thomason 
Pattie Newell Williams 
Alice Franciso Wipfler 


44*- Gmyc '9,428 

The President's Associates 

Karen Searie Snyder 
The Ivy Circle 
Blanche Wysor Anderson 
Chariotte Heller Chatlain 
Page Price Lewis 
The Colonnade Club 
Susan Pruett Caldroney 
Patsy Hildebrandt Downer 
Talbott Jordan 
Nina Reid Mack 
Karen Stonebumer Miller 
Susan Myers 
Mildred Willis Paden 
Dale Adams Prosch 
Mary Jim Moore Quillen 
Mary BartDer Phipps Such 

The Annual Report 


The Columns 

Marianne Deale Bach 

Penelope Patrick Biskey 

Carol Ditto Cary 

Jill White Cooke 

Sarah Crockett Eggleston 

Elaine Henderson Fowler 

Leah Waller Golden 

Jean Dittmar Hubertus 

Linda Grinels Irby 

Jeanne Jackson 

Constance Atkins Lewallen 

Leila Lytle 

Susan Henry Martin 

Sally Via Matthews 

Sallie Hubard Moore 

Jill Butler Pendleton 

Susan Almond Smith 

Theresa Koogler Southerington 

Mary Atkinson Stone 

Kathy Young Wetsel 

Ann Wilkerson 

Jane Rayson Young 

The Honor Roll 

Claudia Turner Bagwell 

Anne Vogtie Baldwin 

Harnet Stoneburner Bell 

Kathryn Medbury Bennett 

Margaret Ritchie Bentley 

Barbara Robertson Burke 

Angeline Butler 

Clatie Harris Campbell 

Caroline Matthews Cutchins 

Anne Locke Evans 

Nancy Preseren Fankhauser 

Catherine Spratley Favre 

Janie Davis Flournoy 

Lea Ayers Oilman 

Margaret Thhft Green 

Carolyn Apperson Hansen 

Anne Henderson 

Phyllis Hopkinson 

Margaret Jones Kramer 

Rogene Elkins Laserna 

Caryn Gove Long 

Leelia Logan Louis 

Karen Peterson Mann 

Mary Tompkins Miller 

Sara Allen Moody 

Carol Moore 

Kathleen Madigan Muehlman 

Elizabeth Goad Oliver 

Susan Rogers Parks 

Marilyn Muhleman Rausch 

Ann Richardson 

Carol Forrestel Roberts 

Marcia Pearson Sendax 

Elizabeth Smith 

Leslie Thompson Stiefler 

Gwendolyn Gillaugh Stoecklein 

Marsha Summerson 

Rebecca Bost Tucker 

Susan Richards Tyler 

Melanie Gamble Walker 

Elizabeth Watts 

June Reynolds Wood 

Jacquelyn Hill Wyche 


J-/* Givwc '9,250 
The Founders' Club 

Barbara Knisely Roberts 

The President's Associates 

Lindsay Ryland Clare 
The Ivy Circle 

Mary Mudd Galvez 

Mildred Farquharson Lawson 

Judy Spence Tate 

The Colonnade Club 

Mary Hotchkiss Leavell 

Carmen Holden McHaney 

Linda Forbes Riley 

Amelia Smith 

The Columns 

Mary Jane Conger 

Margaret Wilson Doherty 

Olivia Young Fisher 

Elizabeth Pollard Hemeter 

Kathehne Hewitt Holmes 

Deborah Jobe Koehler 

Margaret Baldwin Marks 

Sally Jacoby McMillen 

Elysa Maddox Montgomery 

Donna Deitz Mumby 

Sarah Belle Eason Parrott 

Martha Hildebrand Sherwood 

Sallie Brush Thalhimer 

Deborah Verdier-Smith 

Margaret Logan Vincie 

Julia Often Wangler 

The Honor Roll 

Linda Thorn Abele 

Sally Deithck Brady 

Susan Chadwick Cocke 

Peggy Partridge Contreni 

Jean Cortright Copeland 

Virginia Phillips Counselman 

Georgia Robert Draucker 

Linda Dodd Ebersole 

Linda Lueders Faick 

Carolyn Coors Friedgen 

Ruthie Ciraldo Grantham 

Deirdre Dougherty Grogan 

Alice Hansbarger 

Meredith Kelly Houtf 

Kathehne Rodes Huffman 

Georgann Kash Jantzen 

The Honorable Catherine Hood Kennedy 

Clare McMann Lancaster 

Eloise Hendershot Lennox 

Elizabeth Riddler Lichenstein 

Cathenne Keenan Mayo 

Lois Siegfned Oglesby 

Carole Payne Pilcher 

Terry Gage Quin 

Susanne Reaves Rhame 

Carroll Royer Robertson 

Lane Winn Rothschild 

Sarah Stallworth Sebrell 

Melanie Dexter Snoddy 

Mary Totin 

Barbara Phillips Truta 

Diana Phinney Tucker 

Sarah McCormick Turner 

1 974 

31" Giving '6,526 

The President's Associates 

Ann Bowman Day 
The Ivy Circle 

Catherine Boynton Beazley 
Betty Davis Crump 
Leigh Yates Farmer 

The Colonnade Club 

Susan Baughman Homar 
Cathenne Lewis Maxwell 
Lossie Noell Wilkinson 
The Columns 
Kathleen Barksdale Craine 
Marguehte Ivy Crews 
Diane White Fechtel 
Harnett Hughes Fitzgerald 
Susan Englander Fraile 
Helen Radcliffe Gregory 
Deborah Jamieson 
Betsy Hunsucker Lane 
Nancy Hudson Lloyd 
Judith Sydnor McNeel 
Dr. Jamie Hewell Odrezin 
Karen Outlaw 
Brenda Seymore Sanders 
Mary Temple Somerville 
Sandra Wandnsco Waller 
Marjorie Widener Wardrop 
The Honor Roll 
Bliss Buford Abbot 
Carol Tilson Atwood 
Nancy McEntire Bradford 
Knstina Mallonee Buckingham 
Virginia Sproul Downing 
Judy Durham 
Elizabeth Ziebe Elliott 
Ruth Hill Goodpasture 
Agnes Harwood 
Rosemary Baldwin Hendncks 
Jean Temple Holt 
Susan Huddy 
Wanda Lewin Johnson 
Elizabeth Coleman Knopp 
Patricia Lacy 
Julia Williams Layfield 
Elizabeth Henderson Long 
Diane Shgley Mangiante 
Nancy Doyle Molitor 
Eve Hitchman Mornson 
Julie Tippins Parker 
Margaret McMaster Parnsh 
Marie Dienst Perry 
Camille Cremers Richards 
Barbara Mitchell Sample 
Ann Allen Savoy 
Alice Smith 
Elizabeth Cary Spell 
Lynn McWhorter Speno 
Claudia Williams 


22* Giving '6,390 
The Ivy Circle 

Lee Johnston Foster 
Pathcia Sholar-Freund 
Dr. Kathenne Smallwood 
The Colonnade Club 
Terry Huffman Allaun 
Wade Walker Coleman 
Frances Kirby Duncan 
Ellen Lutz Hardin 
Blaine Kinney Johnson 
Nancy Moncure Stikes 
Anne Feddeman Warner 
The Columns 
Pamela Shell Baskervill 
Sally Matthews Bryant 
Susan Hamner Daoust 
Pat Eldridge 

Mary Morgan Fulton 

Linda Holder Gordon 

Elizabeth Evans Grainer 

Anne North Howard 

Mary Neel 

Suzanne Higgins O'Malley 

Margaret Johnston Oppenheimer 

Katherine Hunt Stormont 

Kathryn Walle 

The Honor Roll 

Florence Brandon Allison 

Susan Hopson Ashley 

Constance Bak 

Susan Brooks 

Janet Farrar Byington 

Helen Whitcomb Coates 

Beverly Shenk Coltrane 

Mary McCullough Ferguson 

Mary Tucker Fouraker 

Melinda Ratliff Gallegos 

Janet Jordan Hannah 

Molly Ely Hunter 

Mary Cox MacLeod 

Chnstine Morano Magee 

Harnett Marrow Neldon 

Susan Bickerstaff Orne 

Robin Boyd Rawles 

Elizabeth Hughes Reisch 

Florence Jones Rutherford 

Pamela Schmid 

Sharon Keys Seal 

Susan Heiner Steadman 

Norwood Ricks Strasburger 

Lucile Craddock Tyler 

Patnce Snoddy Wall 

Anne Anderson Wallen 

Lynda Bergen Wheatley 


30" Giving '7, 034 

The President's Associates 

Patsy Clyde Chandler 
The Ivy Circle 
Leslie Marfleet Terry 
Claudia Woody 
The Colonnade Club 
Alison Wenger Boone 
Sherry Bassett Brooks 
Linda Hinnchs Christovich 
Langhorne Amonette Ellis 
Diane Hepford Lenahan 
Melissa Rhodes McCue 
Cathenne Gepharl Shook 
The Columns 
Dr. Donna Booth 
Lucy Murphy Boush 
Lucile Jones Clyde 
Evelyn Wells Fisher 
Judy Hanlen 

Dr. Sarah Lawrence Heald 
Bettie Herbert 
Marjohe Bates Moore 
Patncia Hines Phoenix 
Martha Lynch Smith 
Nancy Pearson Yeaman 
The Honor Roll 
Mary George Bradshaw 
Nancy Allen Cary 
Louise King Cavanagh 
Ellen Cowan Compton 
Kathahne McWane Doel 
Elizabeth Bruni Downey 
Stephanie Seaton Estabrooks 


The Annual Report 

Rebecca Fouche 
Cynthia Hall 
Beverly Hall 
Amy Ivy 

Terry Colaw Kershner 
Cynthia Vaughan Lantz 
Kathryn McCain Lee 
Leslie Doane Leocha 
Gene Balch Limbaugh 
Elizabeth Passarello Llewellyn 
Mary Mattox McAllister 
Patrice Gurley Miles 
Janie Wright Morgan 
Kathleen Fitzgerald Picoli 
Katharine Randolph 
Page Branton Reed 
Lindsay Barksdale Rorick 
Debra Wolfe Shea 
Cheryl Rickard Spicher 
Patricia Stratton 
Ann Lucas Styron 
Vanessa Traynham 

1 978 

24°' Ghtng'8,670 

The President's Associates 

Letia McDaniel Drewry 

Lt. Colonel Melissa Patrick 

Carol Paul Powell 

The Ivy Circle 

Mary Baldwin Johnson 

Mollie Moomau Prominski 

Katherine Taylor 

The Colonnade Club 

Kathleen O'Neill Frazier 

Catherine Ferris McPherson 

Elizabeth Hoefer Ward 

Sally Wetzel Wicks 

The Columns 

Anne Hall Allen 

Laurie Scott Bass 

Pamela Williams Butler 

Pamela Turner Chapman 

Susan Grosso Cimperman 

Heidi Goeltz Clemmer 

Dr. Nancy Meek 

Susan Walker 

Jennifer Reilly Yurina 

The Honor Roll 

Carol McCausland Amos 

Mary Eros Barnes 

Kathy Ballew Bowen 

Jennifer Johnston Cobb 

Jonnie Cogdell Courtney 

Katherine Pearson Crump 

Melanie Goff 

Lavalette Lacy Jennings 

Jane Chaplin Jones 

Elizabeth Smith Kirtz 

Nan Mahone 

Kelsey Adams Melvin 

Colleen Mullarkey 

Mary Parrish Passagaluppi 

Mary Wells Pfeffer 

Deborah Rexrode Timbertake 

Elizabeth Desportes Velimirovic 

1 979 


The President's Associates 

Elizabeth "B.J." Felton de Golian 
Mary Nell McPherson 

The Ivy Circle 

Kimberiy Baker Glenn 

Cynthia Luck Haw 

Jane Harcus Hill 

Nancy Dana Theus 

The Colonnade Club 

Tami O'Dell 

The Columns 

Ellison Carey 

Cornelia Jarrell DeWitt 

Kathleen Chupak Guerino 

Leslie Dore Hogan 

Mary Letha Warren Jelinek 

Nancy Wilson Kratzert 

Robin Jasiewicz Lafferty 

Sue Lollis 

Nancy Randall Mackey 

Betty Johnston Miller 

Kelley Rexroad 

Nancy Mann Sizemore 

Martha Krauss Smith 

Elizabeth Thomas 

Susan Hams Witt 

The Honor Roll 

Mary Newbill Burke 

Cynthia Carson-Brown 

Martha Carr Crowley 

Barbara Strong Davis 

Dorothy Drake 

Mary Lehnertz Faulkner 

Lynne Kreger Frye 

Mary Hamblin Getty 

Jennifer Pace Gray 

Susan Jones 

Debra Wilton Kipley 

Kelly Miller 

Chariotte Johnson Moyler 

Kathleen Larus Powell 

Erika Moore Price 

Lisa Scott Pugh 

Tina Jefferson Richardson 

Susan Gordon Rosen 

Lisa Rowley 

Sarah Way Speaker 

Ellen Undenivood 
Gretchen Binard Wavell 
Barbara Barnes Wissbaum 

1 980 

24^" Giuyc '9,891 

The Founders' Club 

Karen Emmet Hunt 
Sanford Jones McAllister 
The Ivy Circle 

Lynn Tuggle Gilliland 
Margaret Chapman Jackson 
Mary Meador Nelson 

The Colonnade Club 

Sarah Jolley Ken- 
Martha Philpott King 
Linda Fogle Nev/som 
The Columns 

Katherine Jackson Anderson 
Elizabeth Gulbenk Balentine 
Ann Gregory Colligan 
Melinda Dodge 
Kelly Huffman Ellis 
Victoria Goodwin Hardy 
Christina Holstrom 
Susan Cowan Kaiser 
Lynda Harrison Meredith 
Trueheart Caskie Porter 
Sally Simons 

Langhome McCarthy Stinnette 
Dorothy Butler Sutton 
Elizabeth Updegraff Vardell 
The Honor Roll 
Melanie Barber 
Alexander Tucker Bariield 
Janice Clark Freytag 
Mariene Denny Jones 
Melissa Raider Keahey 
Judith Leitch MacLennan 
K. Wooldridge Marchetti 
Cary Edel Nichols 
Audrey Andrews Oddi 
Ann Powers 

Rosie Sabala 
Susan Walker Scola 
Frances Shiriey Scaiby 
Dr. Josephine Hemphill Ullom 
Pamela Roach Voight 
Carolina Woodard 

1 982 

31" GinNG'26,621 
The Rufus Bailey Society 
Pamela Stephens Rose 
The President's Associates 
Stephanie Carison Brennan 
Sarah Johnson Pitt 
The Ivy Circle 
Linda Cochrane 
Carolyn Duke Elkins 
The Colonnade Club 
Cynthia Phillips Retcher 
Madge Hooker Seuss 
The Columns 
Sara Bearss 
Ann Rlipowicz Blotner 
Laura O'Hear Church 
Laura Foley Daly 
Cammy Edel Dennis 
Dana Flanders 
Adele Moore Lane 
Kimberiy Henley Miller 
Kimberiy O'Donnell 
Sara Pendleton Tartala 
Rrta Wilson 
The Honor Roll 
Susan Little Adkins 
Andrea Zukaukas Aikins 
Kathryn McGehee Avery 
Dawn Martin Blankinship 
Bcirbara Nicodemus Denn 
Mary Hibbrtts Dickinson 
Teresa Young Fort 
Judith Grosso Foy 
Amy Reagan Goswick 
Margaret Healy 


"I came to 

Mary Baldwin 

wanting to be a math 

major, and I would have 

been a math major 

wherever I went to 

college, but at Mary 

Baldwin I really felt like I had 

access to my professors. If things 

didn't make sense in Real Analysis 

or Discreet Math, I cotdd go to Dr. 

Weiss and ask for some extra help. 

He was always encouraging, always 

helpful. I don't think I would have 

gotten that at a larger college." 

Patti Spurlock Hodges '91 

Patti is a middle school mathematics 

teacher with the Chesterfield 

County Schools in l^irginia. 

Dr. Robert J. Weiss, professor of mathematics 

The Annual Report 


Treva Gallaher Houser 
Mary Wagner Jones 
Anna Gibson Koon 
Rebecca Lovingood 
Jennifer Manthorpe Mackey 
Koy Edmiston Mislowsky 
Ellen Moomaw 
Karen Neff 

Katherine Frear Raines 
Kellie Owens Reams 
Margaret Herbert Roach 
Sarah Beard Shafer 
Stacy Sternheimer Smith 
Daphne Andrews Stickley 
Rozalind Foreman Tanner 
Edith Pardee Webb 
Suzanne Hauser Weiss 
Elizabeth Howard Young 


24* Giving '5, 700 

The President's Associates 

Susan Parker Drean 
Charlotte R. Wenger 
The Ivy Circle 
Anne McCormack Jones 
Jane G. Kornegay 
The Colonnade Club 
Linda Martin Grayblll 
Gabnelle Gelzer McCree 
Anne Broyles Proctor 
The Columns 
Elizabeth Wyatt Ashe 
Captain Victoria Calhoun 
Mary Wilson Covington 
Laura LaGrow Durland 
Mary BartellonI Kllnedlnst 
Martha McGraw McKaughn 
Frances Oxner Robertson 
Ora Smith 
Lcretta Vigil Tabb 
The Honor Roll 
Elizabeth Hough Cole 
Kathryn Pllcher Davis 
Rhonda Foreman 
Beth Slusser Hall 
Frances Honeycutt 
Laura Ziglar Hunt 
Carolyn Enochs Mance 
Robin Rexinger Mayberry 
Melissa McClellan 
Mary Pleasants McManus 
Martha Anthony Prioleau 
Barbara Price Riley 
Mary Gibson Scott 
Rebecca Traylor 
Ruth Winston-Hlldebrand 
Therese Rothe WItcher 
Sheila Young 


36* Giving '7, 370 

The President's Associates 

Margaret Troutman Grover 
Dr. Sheila Kendhck 
Dr. Saundra Eareckson Seifert 
The Ivy Circle 
Carroll Oliver Roach 
The Colonnade Club 
Pamela Leigh Anderson 
Elizabeth Cummins Dudley 
Deborah Huffman 

Lee Beal Kirksey 
The Columns 

Mary Stuart Copeland Alfano 
Susan Mitchell Bell 
Kern Glenn Byrne 
Lisa Byrne 
Martha Smith Collett 
Deborah Hardie 
Mary Moorman Ismail 
Jessica Meeklns 
Renee Olander 
Catherine Harrell Pennington 
Belinda Norden Pitman 
Virginia McBride Shover 
Elizabeth Edgerton Summers 
Joanna Campbell Swanson 
Leigh Michael Whitacre 
The Honor Roll 
Marilyn Hughes Allan 
Theresa Hall Attwell 
Lynley Rosanelll Cavanaugh 
Jane Byrd Cooke 
Susan Shellenberger Cooper 
Elizabeth Drake Cope 
Frances Youngblood Culotta 
Laura Martin Davis 
Elizabeth Fox Day 
Deldre Fleming Dougherty 
Leigh Smith Falrcloth 
Cheryl Garrett Goddard 
Barbara Kiley Green 
Amy Lawler Holloway 
Kathleen King 
Robin Newcomb Lermo 
Catherine Wood Malone-Huey 
Janet Andrews Melton 
Sherry Duncan Miller 
Lisa McKenzle Milllcan 
Mary Pollard Ralth 
Mary Hockman Robinson 
Jennifer Lambert Sisk 
Mary Santucci Tiffin 
Ann Garrett Toler 
Anne Smith Walbridge 
Anne Birdsong Wentz 
Kelly Phelps WInstead 
Laura Wilson Young 


16* Giving '2, 900 

The President's Associates 

Kelly Andrews Coselll 
The Ivy Circle 
Dawn Tusing Burris 
The Colonnade Club 

Lillian Smith Shannon 

The Columns 

Mary Pollard Wood 

The Honor Roll 

Carol Gillespie Coates 

Felicia Rand Cook 

Amelia Cuomo 

Sarah Daly 

Elizabeth DIckerson Franklin 

Sandra Harrison 

Mary Scott O'Bnen Herrington 

Alice Ingram Hickman 

Maura Kelley Higginbotham 

Alice Hubbard 

Pryor Castleman Lancaster 

Catherine Good Lubawski 

Barbara Currey Oseroff 

Margaret Williams Pace 
Jeanne Reuther Putnam 
Anne Thornton 
Sarah Scott Paret Thomas 


2r Giving '1,280 
The Colonnade Club 

Mackay Morris Boyer 
The Columns 
Roxanne Weeks Gillespie 
Tracy Brickner Schloss 
SImone Wade 
Allison Young 
The Honor Roll 
Carrie Anderson 
Louise Hall Bloxom 
Melissa McCullough Carter 
Karen Colaw 
Susan Everly Cummings 
Shelby Price Dukes 
Suzanne Hooper Gibson 
Susan Hostetter Gilvary 
WInnifred Gravely 
Jennifer Parker Lake 
Mary-Slater Linn 
Carolyn Casler Luxton 
Sharon Menzles 
Elizabeth Morie 
Colleen Morrissey 
Lenore Patterson-Ball 
Jennifer Lyster Rich 
Anne Poulson Russell 
Dena Hill Weiss 
Claire Williams 


75* Giving '6,552 
The Founders' Club 

Margaret Moore 
Tereslta Zapata Tngo 
The Columns 
Margaret Hartley Buchanan 
Mary Derby 
Heather Durham 
Mallory Copeland Kahler 
Lucinda Barksdale Sprinkle 
The Honor Roll 
Christine Denfeld Berry 
Joan Grasberger Bowers 
Paula Sngley Colman 
Tiffany Bevan Dormire 
Melissa Price Gates 
Bobbye Mitchell Gery 
Rebecca Gibbs 
Monica Derbes Gibson 
Suzanne Lochner 
Janice Myers 
Elizabeth Ohlgren-Mlller 
Joanne M. Reich 
Kristy Barlow Warthan 
Karin Whitt 


22* Giving '2,320 
The Ivy Circle 
Rita Alvis 

The Colonnade Club 
Tracey Cote Allen 
Holly Porter Vltullo 
The Columns 
Courtney Bell 

Leslie Ferrler Campbell 
Rebecca Walker DeMento 
Susan Sipple Elliott 
Jacqueline Nicholas 
Diane Herron Ragan 
Katrina Spanka-Kloman 
The Honor Roll 
Kelly Garrett Abbott 
Susan Wilson Boydoh 
Cornnna Durham 
Sarah Yeatts Gormley 
Lucille Hodges 
Jennifer Simpson Johnson 
Hl-Gyong Kang Kahng 
Lacey Leonard 
Pamela Pruitt McDonagh 
Julie King Murray 
Sharon Akel Muse 
Amy Nelson 
Shelby Powell 
Kathleen Sale Shannon 
Julie Sikes 
Jane Terrell 
Amy Thomas 
Angela Favata Week 
Mary Wilson 


17'' Giving '1,660 

The President's Associates 

Susie Morris 
The Columns 

Elizabeth Gwaltney Edwards 

Erin Murray 

Kellie Warner Renken 

The Honor Roll 

Carolyn Belote Addison 

David Austin 

Rosina Bolen 

Kelley Conner 

Mary Erikson 

Susan Hyatt Ferrell 

Allison James 

Diana Brant Manning 

Valerie Skinner Mauro 

Cecilia Stock Robinson 

Margaret LIbby Steele 

Roberta Trescott 

Mary Irvin York 


Bndget Atchison 

Alumnae Giving Committee 

This group of loyal supporters has 

given generously of their time and 

energy In calling their classmates for 

gifts to the Annual Fund. Many thanks 

to these committee members for their 

help and support of the college. 

Laura Kerr '84, chair 

Anita C. MaluganI '39 

Nancy McWhorter Hurley '42 

Ann Cooke Bntt '58 

Felicia Rand Cook '85 

Elizabeth "BJ." Felton de Gollan '79 

Susan Parker Drean '83 

Lucille Joy Hodges '89 

Tance Anderson Laughon '83 

Suzanne HIgglns O'Malley '75 

Joanne M. Reich '88 

Tracy Bhckner Schloss '87 

(D) deceased 

The Annual Report 

Ine louna r\l 

oung rriimmae r rogram 

Yoi^Tt Alumnae Ghtng Clubs 

The Gladj's Circle 
'500 and up 

The Hunt Hall Societj' The Apple Day Club 

'100 to '499 '50 to '74 

The Mixers Club 

'75 to '99 

The Ham and Jam Associates 
'5 to '49 

The Gladys Award 

Class of 1995 

The Glad)'3 Award is presented to the young alumnae class with the 
highest percentage ot participation. Congratulations to the Class of 
1995 — 34% of the class participated in the 1995-96 ^\nnual Fund. 

The Young Alumnae Program was estabUshed in 1994 in an effort to 
increase Annual Fund participation in the four most recendy graduated 
classes. With giving clubs suited to a recent graduate's budget and a strong 
emphasis on participation, the Young Alumnae Program has involved 
more young alumnae than ever in the Annual Fund. Together, the \oung 
alumnae classes (1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995) had an average participation 
rate of 28% and gave a total of S4,891 to the Annual Fund. 


27* Gmyc' 1,915 
The Hunt Hall Society 

Katherine Bolen 

Talley Warner Carroll 

Julie Moss-Burn 

Susan O'Donnell 

Brenda Rabenau 

The Apple Day Club 

Helen Nalty Butcher 

Mary Cocke 

James Fleming 

Kimberly Fogel 

Nancy McClellan 

Nicole Fisher Parkerson 

Elizabeth Connell Pee 

The Ham & Jam Associates 

Julie Adams 

Janina Baxley 

Kimberly Armstrong Branner 

Julie Brenner 

Kristi Brown 

Paula Bush 

Joy-Marie Bigaike Chien 

Rose Chu 

Margaret Stowe Dewey 

Olivia Williams Dunbar 

Jodi Florence 

Mary Satterfield Gilbert 

Alisa Bradford Gillispie 

Mary Hughes 

Heather Jackson 

Leigh Jennings 

Kimberly Lea 

Stephanie Leftwich 

Abbie Mullen 

Mary Gorcys Pauley 

Ann Pendleton 

Dana Roberts 

Erin Rowe 

Anne Stone Ruark 

Angela Staats 

Jill McDaniel Stevens 

Carroll "Squeaky" Suggs 

Kathryn Tatterson 

Kimberly Brinkley Thompson 

Alice Washington 

Kimberly Fisher Wood 


25* G/T7.VG '1,346 

The Hunt Hall Society 
Rebekah Conn Foster 
Patricia Hylton 
Margaret Kluttz 
Margaret Ashmore Upchurch 

The Apple Day Club 

Staci Buford Amonette 
Mary Alice Bomar 
Anne Butler 
Patricia Collins 
Diahann "Buffy" DeBreaux 

Kelly Kennaly 

Dawn Pattarini 

Michelle Smetena 

The Ham & Jam Associates 

Crystal Annentrout 

Summer Brown 

Amelia Burroughs 

Therese Dersch 

Anna Austell Dozal 

Jacqueline McFaden Gilreath 

Jean Gatje Hamm 

Amy Davis Hisey 

Amy Kellam 

Stacey Kesler 

Tina Thompson Kincaid 

Leigh Klotzberger 

Elizabeth Layne 

Sydney McCown 

Emily Oehler 

Rhoda McLeod Perry 

Carmen Rodriguez 

Sharon Scott 

Camille Shearouse 

Elizabeth Smith 

Amy Stinnett 

Jennifer Waybright 

Shawn Yospin 


29* Gmyc '980 
The Hunt Hall Society 

Tamalyn Dawson 
Jennifer Klopman 
Sabrina Rakes 
Melanie Brashear Saisbury 
Deborah VanFossen 

The Apple Day Club 

Kathryn DeJarnette Clary 

Heather Hill 

Melissa Hines 

The Ham & Jam Assolcates 

Marion Addison 

Sara Knowles Amott 

Blair Bones 

Laura Byrne 

Michele Cargain 

Carolyn Chismer 

Leah Daike 

Elizabeth Elsing 

Dana Fugazzotto 

Leah Garcia 

Eugenia Gratto 
Allison Huriey 
Gina Lawrimore 
Angela Lawhome Lee 
Allison Lynn 
Katherine Mauermann 
Tammy Myers Pence 
Jennifer Pollitt 
Kimberiy Satchell 
Elizabeth Simons 
Kelly Linton Strickler 
Gerri Whittaker Timmons 
Kristen Vilseck 
Sharon Wertz 


34^' GmxG '650 
The Hunt Hall Society 

Alexis Grier 

The Apple Day Club 

Laura Cross 

The Ham & Jam Associates 

Laura Baxley 
Carrie Burke 
Anne Bushman 
Mary Butler 
Allison Compton 
Jennifer Cornelius 
Jennifer Mari<el Gardner 
Jennifer Goetz 
Selene Gorman 
Elizabeth Heeke 
Jessamy Hoffmann 
Amy Galvin Isola 
Danica Jamison 
Kristan Dawson LaFon 
Michel Lamb 
Ashley Leftwich 
Carta Custis Leggitt 
Sonya Lenahan 
Leslie Mask 
Elizabeth Morgan 
Mary Morrison 
Jo Marie Osmer 
Kimberiy Peterson 
Cindy-Lu Rondeau 
Anne Scott 
Greta Scott 
Noshua Watson 
Jennifer Yavorsky 
Julie Young 

1995-1996 Young Alumnae 
r rogram Volunteers 


Amy Gal\in Isola 


Caroh-n Chismer 


Patricia Hylton 


Susan Winn Seamster 

The Annual Report 


rarents o\ Lurrent and rormer btudent* 

Parents entrust the education of their daughters to Mary- Baldwin Colle; 
because of the unique program options, small classes and individual 
attention they know their daughters will receive. Gifts from parents of 
current and former students represent an important affirmation of the 
college and our mission. 

The Rufus Bailey Society 

Mr. and Mrs Ray Clymer Jr. 
The Hill Top Club 

Nancy A. Crim 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck III 
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Reuther 
Mrs. C. Gordon Smith Jr. 
William L. Sudderth 

The Founders' Club 

Dale L. Cross 

Walter E. Eckel 

Betty Berger Fulgham '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Hammock 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sharp 

Cecile Mears Turner '46 

The President's Associates 

Gordon E. Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Atchison 

Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 

Martha Barnett Seal '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin N. Clyde Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Douglas 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 

Dr. and Mrs. Martin A. Favata 

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Fitzgerald 

Nancy Guthrie Garrett 

Gordon N. Grant 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hamilton IV 

Mr. and Mrs. Onza E. Hyatt 

Gail McLennan King '69 

Ralph W. Kittle 

Randall J. Knisely Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 

Betty Choate Matthews '51 

Ehtelyn Jones Maxwell '40 

Nancy Clark McLennan '41 

Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 

Janice S. Mitchell 

Alice Parson Paine '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard V. Peto 

Edmund H. Polonitza 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. S. Pover 

Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 

Kathryn Eshleman Rapier 

H. B. Roberts Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rotgin Jr. 

Michael N. Sheppard 

Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Stover Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Sydnor 

Elizabeth Hardin Taylor '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Terry 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Turner 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Vannoy Jr. 

Mary Lamont Wade '52 

Captain and Mrs. O. C. B. Wev 

Lynne Woodward 

The Ivy Circle 

Mrs. Mark L. Allen 

Mr. and Mrs. David Paul Barra 

Norhs A. Broyles Jr. 

Kathleen "Betsy" Kenig Byford '68 

Margaret Gignilliat Carswell '53 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Dawson 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Dorsey 

Sharon S. Dyess 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65 

Susan Mulford Gantly '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Glenn 

Thomas P. Gratto 

Cornelia Adair Green '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Halligan 

Margaret Herscher Hitchman '40 

Onza E. Hyatt 

Susan Massie Johnson '67 

Mr. and Mrs. T. Allen Johnston Jr. 

Mrs. William Clarke Jones 

Suzanne Kelly 

Mrs. F. Schley Knight 

Paula R. Lea 

Marianna Jamison Leach '47 

Brooke Hume Pendleton '71 

Jane Proffit Pruett '46 

Lewis B. Reavis 

Gail McAlpin Schweickerl '65 

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Searle 

Betty Ott Smallwood '46 

Charlotte Tilley Sorrell '46 

Mrs. William A. Sutherland 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Till 

Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Tusing 

Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Walker 

Dr. Robert A. Warren 

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy J. Watson 

Susan J. Watson 

Mrs. Thomas S. Williamson 

Mr. and Mrs. Somers M. Wilton III 

The Colonnade Club 

Patsy Lewis Barr 

Shirley Black Barre '39 

Mr, and Mrs. Edmund S. Burke Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Carreras 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Carter Jr. 

Martha Kline Chaplin '51 

Mrs. W. Marshall Chapman 

Mr and Mrs. Robert A. Creed 

Jaquelin H. DeJarnette 

C Paul Dubrachek 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 

Mrs. Robert V. Ely 

Virginia G. Favreau 

Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 

Thelma Trigg Gannon '46 

Raymond W. Greenwood 

Patncia W. Hansard 

Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Jasper P. Home 111 

Patricia Simpson Hylton 

Manetta Barnes Jones '51 

Marjorie Creasy Lacy '45 

Alene Brewster Larner '32 

Gary W. Mackey 

Mrs. Steve L. Mathis III 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mitchell 

Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 

Mary Hebbard Parmelee '30 

Mrs. Joe W. Reid 

Marita Rigolizzo 

Betsey Gallagher Satteriield 

Elizabeth Dahl Shaner 

Mrs. E. Leslie Spence III 

Rose Driver Stuart '69 

Mary Phipps Such '72 

Elizabeth Brinckerhotf Thomas '51 

Mrs. Ronald Allen Topp 

Mr. and Mrs. William Troxell 

Myrna Williams Vest '47 

Mrs. Frederick H. Walsh 

Beverley B. Watts 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Webb 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Wenger Jr. 

The Columns 

Billie Joseph Ameen '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Fisher Ames 

R. LaRue Armstrong 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Atkinson 

Margaret Newman Avent '49 

Elaine Kibler Baldwin '41 

Rachel Merritt Bell '46 

Deborah C. Bond 

Dr. and Mrs. Allan J. Boyum 

Gwendolyn Austin Brammer '49 

Suzanne Burch '61 

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Butler Jr. 

Brenda N. Chandler 

Pierre N. Charbonnet 

Harriett Harnngton Connolly '43 

Judith Wells Creasy '68 

Ret. Col. John W. Cummings 

Dr. Gartield W. Danehower 

Dr. James Lott, professor of English and dean of the college 

"Whatever I've done has 
always involved taking vast 
quantities of information, 
distilling it, bringing my 
own creativity to it, and 
using it to attempt to inform 
and persuade others. I have 
needed to think, speak and 
write clearly. Dr. Lott taught 
me this and I've used it ever 
since. He has a keen interest in 
his students; he challenged us 
intellectually and pushed us to go 
ahead and make major 
Ufe decisions." 

Melanie Barber 

Melanie earned her JD 

from Washington and Lee. 

She is now a lawyer with the 

U. S. Transportation Department. 


The Annual Report 

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Deitz 

Annette Peter Neel '49 

The Honor Roll 

Nancy Wilson Leavel '46 

John D. DeJarnette 

Eustacia Caul Nicholson '51 

Barbara Minter Barnes '49 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lenox 

Page Grey Dudley '56 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Dow Owens 

Anne Person Baylor '52 

Ann Wilson Linn '61 

Mr. and Mrs. John Edwin Duke 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Parker 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Beard 

Virginia R. Lollis 

Ellen Stone Edgar 

Dr. and Mrs. James Patrick 

Saiiie Belie Whitener Benedetti '61 

Alice Guerrant Manly '36 

Sally Lander Edwards '56 

Nancy McMullan Pauley '58 

Gwendolyn Black Bishop '65 

Helen Hutcheson Massingill '65 

Elizabeth Crawford Engle '31 

Faye Smith Peck '58 

Mary Huriey Blackshear '48 

Evelyn Engleman Mathews '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Estes 

Kathryn Pope Pilcher '57 

Cynthia Freeman Branscome '64 

Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Matthews Jr. 


Emma Padgett FitzHugh '40 

Judge Oliver A. Pollard 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Breeden 

Mrs. James W. McClelland 


Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Freeland 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ravenhorst 

Diana Rede Cabell '56 

June Lewis McHenry '49 


Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Fry 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Ray 

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Campbell 

Carolyn P. Meeks 


Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Garrett 

Elizabeth Walsh Read '47 

Marian Martin Cather '35 

William R. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Ghidotti 

Dr. and Mrs. William W. Regan 

Lois Smith Chapman '44 

Helen Day Mitchell '39 

Virginia Worth Gonder '39 

Margaret Armstrong Robertson '39 

Elizabeth Allan Collins '61 

Margaret Churchman Moffett '47 

Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Graves 

Carolyn Horton Rogers '49 

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Compton 

Kathryn D. Moomau 

Lillian Richardson Hall '48 

Mr. and Mrs. T. P. T. Roper 

Ann Alexander Cook '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Morris III 

Heline Cortez Harrison '48 

Susan K. Rudolph 

Betty Ralston Cook '53 

Mrs. Robert S. Morse 

Ann Ratcliffe Harrover '58 

Dr. and Mrs. Wallace Saval 

Mrs. R. L. Dabney III 

Anne G. Musser 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Harvey II 

Betsy Merritt Sherard '51 

Mrs. Arthur Boyd Davis 

Elsie Nelms Nash '52 

Margaret Caldwell Herndon '39 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Reese Shoemaker Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. English 

Dorothy Hundley Neale '43 

John R. Hildebrand 

Betsy Carr Smith '50 

Dr. William H. Foster Jr. 

Margaret McBryde Patterson '45 

Patricia Murphree Honea '49 

Katherine Hoge Smith '41 

Mrs. Judson Freeman 

Margaret Keller Pearson '38 

Emma Martin Hubbard '50 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Gardner 

Julia Kohler Peterson '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Hufchins 

Dr. Frank R. Southerington 

Aladino A. Gavazzi 

Ruth Burnett Phillips 

Sara James '69 

Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Sparks 

Dorothy Snodgrass Goldsborough '52 

Catharine Prentiss Plummer '45 

Rev. and Mrs. T. Q. Johnson 

Sally Peck Spaulding '47 

Julia Valz Good '52 

Dr. and Mrs. Herman Preseren 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Paul Jones Jr. 

Kathryn Poerschke Stevens '42 

Jennifer Wilson Green '62 

Patty Tipton Pugh '55 

Reid Jones Jr. 

Paul Morton Stowe 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin W. Hall Jr. 

Mary Dudley Purtill '67 

The Rev. Michael H. Kennedy 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Kendall Sydnor 

Mrs. Floylee Hunter Hemphill 

Dr. and Mrs. William Quillian 

Mahlyn 8. Kime 

Dr. Gulen F. Tangoren 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hockenbury 

Eugenia Wharton Rain '44 

Doris Clement Kreger '48 

Dotty Hobby Travis '56 

Mrs. G. Sterling Holland 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reilly 

Elizabeth Usher Laffitte '49 

Mr. and Mrs. Charies F. Urquhart III 

Capt. and Mrs. A. W. Howard Jr. 

Sarah Whitmore Ricks '36 

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Lambeth 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wayne Wade 

Betty Rankin Hubbard '53 

Luveniz Davis Rogers '67 

William Lasley 

ohn M. Wexler 

Marcia Gooch Johnston '39 

Mr. and Mrs. William John Rowe 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Leatherbury 

Elizabeth Churchman Wick '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin S. Jordan 

Frances Fitch Ruff '53 

Ann McDonald Macdonald '48 

Elizabeth Blanchard Wilgus '48 

Beth Tilley Kantner '42 

Juliette Walker Sanders '37 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McCabe 

Commander and Mrs. Dale E. Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. John Franklin Kay 

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley H. Schmidt 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lee McCord 

Mr. and Mrs. Isham R. Williams Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Kennaly 

Emily Reese Smith '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Metraux 

Margaret Getty Wilson '48 

Patricia Kluchesky '91 

Nelle McCants Smith '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Percy Montague III 

Nina Sproul Wise '41 

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby J. Lamb 

Cecelia Davis Steven '68 

Carol Saulsbury Moore '45 

Noell Harr Woodward '46 

Mrs. and Mrs. J. Henry Latchum 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Stoneburner 

R. Edward Nance 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wright 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Learned 

Martha Murchison Strickland '64 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Taylor 
Virginia White Taylor '37 

r , 

Dennis B. Thompson 


Frances Edwards Thompson '37 
Carolyn Geyer Timmons 

Support of the Annual Fund from friends of the college affirms our importance to higher education. Contributions 

Susan Tinnon 

from our friends bring innovations to campus and increase our visibility in 

and value to our wider communitj-. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Tompkins 

Billie Jean Smith Towlen '52 

The Mary Julia Baldwin Society 

Dr. Anne Morris Hooke 

Mrs. William W. Sproul Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Tunstall 

Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Smith 

William J. McMillan 

James E. Taylor 

Katharine Makepeace Turner '49 

The Hill Top Club 

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Opie Jr. 

P. A. Taylor 

Elizabeth Desportes Velimirovic '78 

c . » . .« T o . ^ , David Satterfield IV 
Estate of Mrs. Fannie Royster Cooke 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Vail III 

John J. Velten 

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Welsh 

Virginia K. Willis 

The Founders' Club 

Elizabeth R. Arnold 

The Columns 

J. Frank Adams 

Mrs. Orme Wilson Jr. 
The Honor Roll 

Dr. and Mrs. Jorge A. Vincente 
Annie Moore Walker '39 
Audrey Martin Watson '40 

The President's Associates 

Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Anderson 

Louis M. Balfour 

Mercer Pendleton Watt '49 

Estate of Charles F. Cole 

George P. Blackburn Jr. 

Warren R. Betts 

Cecile Cage Wavell '45 

Helen K. Groves 

Charies F. Bruny 

Louise W. Blaney 

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Mclntyre Jr. 

William W. Faison 

Elizabeth D. Cope 

Mr. and Mrs. Herber J. Wetzel Jr. 

George Metcalf Murray II 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Flowers 

Professor Helen V. Ininger 

Elizabeth Gaulding Williams '53 

Caroline Upshur Walker 

H. Hiter Harris Jr. 

Elizabeth M. Lee 

Miriam Hughes Williams '31 

The Ivy Circle 

Dudley Brooks Hodges Jr. 

Virginia C. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Charies H. Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Holsinger 
Olive R. Hough 

William L. Parker 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Wirsing Jr. 

Justice and Mrs. George M. Cochra 

Mr. and Mrs. Charies J. Robinson 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Clark Wiser 

The Colonnade Club 

Cecil H. Kindle 

Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Sowers 

Marie Ulmer Wolfe '41 

Carol Ann Douglas 

William S. Moses 

Jaci Thiede 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Woolston 

Thelma S. Eiland 

E. B. Rouse 

Mrs. William 1. Thomas 

Mr. and Mrs. Landon R. Wyatt Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Zabel 

The Annual Report 21 

Corporations and roundati 


The corporations and foundations listed have given generously to the 1995-96 
Mary Baldwin College Annual Fund through outright gifts or matching gifts 
or both. We extend a special thanks to these business and organizations for 
their commitment to the education and advancement of women. 

Aetna Life and Casualty 

Alcoa Foundation 

Allied Signal Foundation. Inc. 

American Home Products Corporation 

Amerilech Foundation 

Appalachian Power Company 

Armstrong World Industries 

AT&T Foundation 

Guy G. Atkinson Company 

of California 
Automatic Leasing Service, Inc. 
E. R. Bane Trust 
Barclays Bank 

Becton Dickinson Foundation 
Bell Atlantic 

Bell Communications Research 
Bell South 

Blue Bell Foundation 
Brenco, Inc. 

Gary Brown & Associates, Ltd. 
Brown S Williamson Tobacco Corporation 
Burlington Industries Foundation 
Carolina Power & Light Company 
Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii, Inc. 
Central New York Community 

Foundation, Inc. 
CFW Communications Foundation 
Chesapeake Corporation Foundation 
Coca-Cola Company 
Columbia Gas Foundation 
Commonwealth Gas Services 

Community Foundation of 

Gaston County, Inc. 
Community Foundation of Western 

North Carolina, Inc. 
Crane Foundation 
Crestar Foundation 
CSX Corporation 
The DLJ Foundation 
Domino Sugar Corporation 
Dresser Foundations, Inc. 
Duke Power Company Foundation 
Dun & Bradstreet Corporation Foundation 
Guy C. Eavers Excavating Corporation 
Dean S. Edmonds Foundation 
Equifax. Inc. 

Equitable Life Assurance Society 
Exxon Education Foundation 
First Union Foundation 
Fleming Companies, Inc. 
Ford Motor Company 
Foundation for the Carolinas 
Frazier Associates 
Freeport-McMoRan Incorporated 
H. B. Fuller Company 
The Gap Foundation 
General Electric Foundation 
Gerneral Reinsurance Corporation 
The Gerber Companies Foundation 
Grace Foundation, Inc. 
The Garland Gray Foundation 
GTE Corporation 
Harper Collins Publishers Inc. 

Harris Foundation 
Hershey Tire Company 
Hoechst Celanese Foundation 
Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc. 
Holfs China & Gift Store 
IBM Matching Grants Program 
International Paper 

Company Foundation 
Jefferson Pilot Corporation 
The Joco Foundation 
Johnson & Johnson 
Kiplinger Foundation 
Kuehn Foundation 
Liberty Corporation Foundation 
Lilly Industnes, Inc. 
Luck Stone Foundation, Inc. 
Marketing Communications, Inc. 
The May Department Stores 

Company Foundation 
The J. N. McArthur Foundation 
McCormick Company. Inc. Fund 
McKee Foods Corporations 
Merck Company Foundation 
Merrill Lynch & Company 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
Morgan-Worcester, Inc. 
Murphy Oil USA, Inc. 
Nationwide Foundation 
New York Life Foundation 
New York Marine & General Insurance 
Norfolk Southern Foundation 
Northern Telecom Incorporated 
Northern Trust Company 
Owens Corning Fiberglass Corporation 
Peachtree House Foundation 
Pennsylvania Power & Light Company 
Pennzoil Company 

PepsiCo Foundation, Inc. 

Philip Morris Incorporated 

Prudential Foundation 

Reynolds Metals Company Foundation 

Salisbury Community Foundation 

Scott Foresman and Company 

Sands Foundation 

Sedgwick James, Inc. 

ServiceMaster Management Services 

Seven-Up-Dr. Pepper Bottling Company 

Shenandoah's Pride Dairy 

Siemens Energy & Automation 

Signet Bank 

Southern Services, Inc. 

Southwestern Bell Foundation 

Sprint Foundation 

State Farm Companies Foundation 

Staunton Insurance Agency 

Stephens, Inc. 

Stotler Charitable Trust 

Tandy Corporation 

Trust Company of Georgia Foundation 

U.S. Bancorp 

Union Pacific Corporation 

United Services Automobile Association 

United States Fidelity and 

Guarantee Company 
Upjohn Company 
The Vanguard Group Incorporated 
Virginia Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 
Virginia Power 

Wachovia Bank & Trust Company 
Washington Post 
Wenger Foundation 
Westvaco Corporation 
Wheat First Butcher Singer Foundation 
Margaret C. Woodson Foundation 
Xerox Corporation 

Tke V, 

I I 


roundation ror IndeDendent Loll 


Every year Mary Baldwin College benefits significantly from the generosity of 
business, industry and other private sources across the state through the 
efforts of the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges. In 1995-96 this 
effort produced a total of '5,414,857 from 752 private sources and the monies 
were divided among private colleges and universities which make up the 
membership of VFIC. 

The VFIC is a fund-raising organization established by and for the 
benefit of its member colleges. Business and community leaders assist in 

1996 Leadership Contributions 
M 50,000 and above 

E. Claiborne Robins Estate 
Jessie Ball duPont Endowment 
M 25,000 and above 
Philip Morris Companies, Inc. 
Reynolds Metals Company 

'100,000 and above 
Bell Atlantic-Virginia 
Estate of Shelley Krasnow 
Norfolk Southern Corporation 

'50,000 and above 


Bassett Furniture Industnes, Inc. 

Beazley Foundation, Inc. 

CSX Corporation 

Camp Foundations 

Camp Foundation 

J. L. Camp Foundation 

Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation 

Camp Younts Foundation 
Crestar Financial Corporation 
Ethyl Corporation 
NationsBank of Virginia 

obtaining contributions from the corporate community. These monies are 
distributed each June to the 15 member institutions according to a standard 
formula: 40% on the basis of undergraduate enrollment and 60* divided 
equally. VFIC has been recognized nationally as the premier independent 
college fijnd among the 38 similar associations in terms of its annual 
distribution to member institutions. 

In 1995-96 the following companies and individuals provided leadership 
contributions of '5,000 or more to the VFIC. 

North Shore Foundation 

Virginia Power Company 

'30,000 and above 

Warren W. Hobble Trust 

Mars Foundation 

The Perry Foundation, Inc. 

George A. and Lorraine Snell Fund 

United Parcel Service/Foundation for 

Independent Higher Education 
'25,000 and above 
Estate of Mr. and Mrs. N, 
Chisholm Barnhart 

Mrs. Thomas J, Lennon 
Massey Foundation 
Universal Corporation 

'20,000 and above 

American Electnc Power Company 

Central Fidelity Bank 

First Union Bank of Virginia 

First Virginia Banks. Inc. 

The Homestead' 

Landmark Communications. Inc. 

The Virginian Pilot 

The Roanoke Times & World News 


The Annual Report 

j^lenional 'aifis to me 1994-95 r\iiiuial riuicl 

In Memory' 

ttaijorie Burke Blackbum '43 
by Geofge P. Blackburn Jr. 

Dr. James L. McAllister Jr. 

by Mrs. L. B. Steele 

Mary Frances Dudley Schmid '40 

by Anng G. 'I'lusse' 

Mark Atchison Jr. 

t>y Mr. and h%s. David T. Shufflet^uger 

Hyra SokNii^i Eichohi 

by Dr. Samuel Behold 

P. W. Moore Sr. 

by Arma Kate Reid Hipp "63 
by Betty Neisler Timtertake '45 

Richard R. Hanna 
VirginiE ',' = '=- ~=, :"'51 

Diane Neale 

~. '.'' =-; '.'s- David T. Sn-jSeoajger 

Dr. Andrew Mahler 

z, - z'm: -;;- - -ger 

Anne B. Potts Eoc-s c" 

by Kafterine Potts WeSfcwd '49 

Aim Tafel Hodges '51 

by DucSey Brooks Hodges Jr. 

BobtMe Kemp BeHs '51 
by Warren R. Betts 

Betsy UcCiHie 

t>y Dr. Maiy Downing Irving 

Carie Popfcess '(g 
by Virginia C. Martin 

CarroH Virgaua Cox 
by CaiToSI- Estes 

D<HOthy Bridges Adams '51 
1^ J. Frarft Adair.s 

Edmund D. Can^ibeil 

t^ Betty Souttiard hturphy 

Bla Jean Lewis TS 

by LHidsay RylarKi Clare 73 

by Dr. Patricia HoC^ri Mef& 

EIiz^>e^ Poole Antokl 
by EEzabeUi R. AmoSd 

EQzabetti R. Bane 
by E- Fi. Bane Tnjst 

Edith BoRStelie 

by Lavinia MikeS Thaxton '66 

Fraivcis Hipp 

bj' Rcte" 5 r r-e- ;;•== 
byM=-, .: ,':::-■ ; 

iw Mr. =-:'.'-=. 2 = , I ~ 5"--e: 

Frances Vriihelm Dorgan '49 
by Betiie Thomas Jacotisen '49 
by Cyitfhia Betis Johnson '49 
by Margaret Hooks Wison '^^9 

Grace Brarvch iitoore '68 

Charlotte Hogsett 

bj' !itejy .ASce Joyner 

by Mr. and fslrs. W. Robert Maxuvs- 

t>y Es&rasKi H. Ittonteifh 

by Mr. aiKJ Mis. Carfisle Oxner Jr. 

t^ Mr. artd Mrs. Cecil A. Ptess 

by Barbara Kntseiy Robe<ts "73 

by Pamefe J. Ftoiierts 

by Judge and Mrs. Curtis G. Shaw 

by Mr. and Mis. David T. Sfrjf^efca -: 

by John C. B. Smith Jr. 

by Rose Driver Stuart '69 

by Mr. and '.'•=. . :" =- Sutton 

Joseph L Stevens 

Ely htr. and Mrs. J. FL Gougtmour 
by Mr. and kArs. Hkmaid P. Nirise 

Julia Wagoner Hunnicutt 

by Angela Favata Vleck '89 

Miss Josephine B. Tintfiertaice 
by Louis M. Balibur 

Honorary Gifts 

Daniel Metraux 

5- i Susa.-. Bia;.'- Green 

Re:9-=- /, =;- 96 

D'. =-: 'I'-s ',':^5 ze- Sm'rth 

Maurice L. Medniti( Memorial Fund 
Signet Banldr>g Coipora&on 
^5,000 and at>ove 

Vfllliam E. Betts Jr. 

Chesapeake Corporation Foundation 

Robert B. ClayionlNoifplk 

Southern Fund 
F-s: ~: :".. '-'"'e '"s.-ance Company 

Unicr. Car.p C-crporacon 
^0,000 and above 
AIBed-Signal, lr»c. 
Clark-Windioie Foundation 

tc-i'.a : -:--C£iion 

Cc s- = - -- =-'2 Emily S. Hunter 

Charitarie Foundation 

The Lane Company, Inc. 

(The Lane Foundation) 
Moba Foioidation 

FioancAe Bectiic Steel Corporation 
SouthTrust Bank of Alabama. N.A. 
Sumitomo Machineiy Coipoiation 

0$ America 
Washington Fonesi Foundation 
Wheat First Buadier Singer 

7,500 and aimve 
AT&T FiMndalion 
Burtington Industries Foundation 
E.FL Carpenter Company, Inc. 
Craddock-Terry FoiHidaiion, Inc. 
Mis. Br_:5 : St-hid 
JJ. H= -e= i ::-: = -y. Inc. 
Home 55-e" s. _^e 

Jeffers:- Si-- s-aes Inc. 
KPWG =aa- '.' = -■. :• 
Ukrop s 5-:e- '.'i e-s. Inc. 
West\=D: 3:n>0TaE'0n 

The WBton Companies 
%0d6 and above 

American FBIrona Coipoiaiion 
Eu^r^ M. Bane CharSable Trust 

Mrs- . = -e = = -•:?==-=- 
Bccz - a- i - = - ::- ":. 
Cart- . :-a '- 

Cla« :- = -:=; 5 =:.-:a::- -: 
Mr. arid Urs. CJ\. Cutciiins III 
Deiofite & Touche 
DIMON. Inc. 

Dominion Flesources, Irxx 
Ferguson Enteipiises, Inc. 
Fmnace Associates, Inc. 
Mr. waam H. Goodwin Jr. 

Ker- = -e:= - 
Mar. = - ; ; a- 


Oiaiies LisB^oni Softs arid Associates 
Market Coiporalion 
Mis. June M. McBiiKim 
McGuire. Woo<^ Bailie & Boolhe 
Mr. H.P. McNeal 

Benevolent Foundaiion 

'DLOMJalion, Inc. 
-tiHe Industries, Inc. 

:i Corporation 


"'es. Irrc. 

' GifWn-Kjnd Contrioution 

^-£---,£ =5=crt 23 

racxuty and btaff 

Man' Baldwin College's faculty and staff carry out the fundamental process of creating a learning climate that 
fosters excellence and integrity. Those listed below have chosen to demonstrate their additional support of the 
college's educational leadership through Annual Fund contributions. We salute all who help to shape the 
Man- Baldwin College environment. 

The Founders' Club 

Gordon L. Hammock 

The President's Associates 

Mark L. Atchison 

H. E. Neale 

Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 

Dr. Heather Wilson 

The Ivy Circle 

Dr. Dane J. Cox 

Dr. Virginia Royster Francisco '64 

Jane G. Kornegay '83 

Dr. James D. Lott 

The Colonnade Club 

Dr. Robert T. Allen III 

Tracey Cole Allen '89 

Crista R. Cabe 

John S. Kelly 

Nancy P. Mclnlyre 

Catherine Ferris McPherson 78 

The Columns 

Dr. Ann Field Alexander '66 

Beverly J, Askegaard 

Dr. Lewis Askegaard 

Tim Bowers 

Dreama Brown '86 

Dr. Gary W. Diver 

Rebekah Conn Foster '93 

Dr. W. Michael Gentry 

Dr. Elizabeth M, Halrfleld 

Hampton Halrfleld Jr. 

Karen Hurt 

Dr. Sara Nair James '69 

Nancy L. Johnston 

Betty M. Kegley 

Patricia N. LeDonne 

Dr. Daniel Metraux 

Judy Metraux 

Dr. Rodenc Owen 

Dr. Jane Turner Pletrowski 

Waller W. Ridgely '81 

Dr. Frank R. Southerlnglon 

Theresa Koogler Scuthenngton '72 

The Honor Roll 

Elizabeth O. Branner 

Margaret Briscoe 

Alan Christy 

Dr. Mary Hill Cole 

Shirley T. Craft 

Kristin B. Dabney 

Dr. Susan Blair Green 

Dr. Robert Grotjohn 

Marlon B. Hart 

Marjorle Hoge '58 

Kelly L. Kennaly '93 

Tina Thompson KIncald '93 

Elaine E. King 

Dr. Judy Klein 

Donna H. Love 

Dr. James C. McCrory 

Carolyn P. Meeks 

Wanda K. Morris 

Anne G. Musser 

Lydia J. Petersson 

John A. Runkle '81 

Paul Ryan 

Dr. Kathleen Stinehart 

Rebecca A. Tyler 


raculty, btaff & tmeriii 

Many former faculty, staff and emeriti have kept close ties to the Mary Baldwin College community. 
Their leadership on this campus helped created traditions of academic excellence and a continuum of 
learning opportunities. Those listed below have demonstrated their continued support of the college's 
educational leadership. For their legacy and support we are gratetul. 

The President's Associates 

Brig. Gen. and Mrs. E. Z. Adelman 
Laura Catching Alexander '71 
Dr. Marjorie B. Chambers 
Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 

The Ivy Circle 

Clair Carter Bell '76 
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Grafton 
Katherlne LIchtenberg 
Gwendolyn Walsh 

The Colonnade Club 

Sylvia Baldwin '76 
Elizabeth Pfhol Campbell 

Susan Canfleld 
Lee Johnston Foster '75 
Marietta Barnes Jones '51 
Carroll Oliver Roach '84 

The Columns 

Kathehne Kivlighan Carter '44 

Rebecca Walker DeMento '89 

Dr. Mary D. Irving 

Dr. Dorothy Mulberry 

Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Pancake 

Dr. James B. Patrick 

Glenda Ridgely '81 

James T. Splllman 

Allison J. Young '87 

The Honor Roll 

Mrs. Randolph Aufranc 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Beard 

Amelia Cuomo '85 

Alicia M. FIshburne 

Rebecca Gibbs '88 

Nancy Gilliam '38 

Melanie Goff '78 

Mr. and Mrs. F. Freeman Jones Jr 

Patricia Kluchesky '91 

Elaine Bruce Liles 

Dr. Mary Gathright Newell '65 

Harnet Runkle '94 

Kathe Smith 

Rebecca Traylor '83 

Kimberly Fisher Wood '92 


Man Baldwin College was 
founded in 1842 with the 
support of the Presbyterian 
Church. This bond continues 
today. Individual churches and 
the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 
demonstrate their support for 
the college's educational 
progress through Annual Fund 
contributions. Many thanks go 
to these churches for their 

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) 
Second Presbyterian Church 

Roanoke. Virginia 
Synod of the Mid-Atlantic 

Richmond, Virginia 


The Annual Report 

r laimed vjiy ts 

Ine Kiracofe bocietg 

5Kirij;:r r .:.^~/ honors the meraor\" of Charlene Kiracote "25 who 
died April 4. 1^S~. Through planned gi\ing. her estate gift was one ot 
the largest ever received by Marv Baldwin CoUege. The alumnae and 
friends listed below are herebv honored for naming Mary Bald'vvin 
C rLiejd i? i beneticiir^' in their wills, life insurance policies, retirement 
-.:..: : ■ : ■ : Tusts. 

; ..iterested in learning more about planned giving or 
•v^ii^d Lii-,c lo oecome a member of the Kiracofe Society, please conract 
Nancv P. Mclnnxe. director of special gifts, at Mary Baldwin College, 
Sraunton. \~ir:nma 24401 or call 540-SS7-7011. 



Blanche Wysor Anderson '72 

Carole Lewis Anderson 

Laura McManaway Andrews '44 

Ann E. Atwell '42 

Emily L Baker '58 

Margaret Barrier '50 

Beverly Estes Bates '64 

Sarah Warren Baynes '64 

Julia Cam'ngton Bemis '64 

Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 

Sara "Sally" Armstrong Bingley '60 

Gail Riley Blakey '45 

Marcia Williams Bohannon '71 

Ann Hayes Brewer '42 

Ann Cooke Britt '58 

Eleanore Eckel Brough '65 

Evelyn Chapman Brown '52 

Sarah Livingston Brown '63 

Suzanne Burch '61 

Peggy Anderson Can- '67 

Virginia Jordan Carroll '28 

George Ann Brown Carter '47 

Elizabeth Boyd Caskey '39 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman '68 

Vonceil L. Chapman '43 

Pamela P. Clark 88 

Mildred Mawhinney Clements '34 

Lucile Jones Clyde '77 

Charlotte McCormick Collins '67 

Mary Jane Conger '73 

Mary Wray Conner '81 

Margaret Schneider Conzett '34 

Abigail Robinson Coppock '69 

Margaret Garrett Corsa '53 

Mary C. Gould Coulboum '63 

Julie Ellsworth Cox '86 

Ann Alexander Crane '66 

Martha Hobson Crowder '49 

Jane Reid Cunningham '59 

Fred G. Cunrey 

Sally Dorsey Danner '64 

Linda M. Dawe '69 

Bertie Murphy Deming '46 

Anne Ponder Dickson '61 

Laura Clausen Drum '56 

Katherine Dyer Dudley '36 

Nancy Mayer Dunbar '60 

Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 

Ora Ehmling Ehmann '36 

Angelina Painter Eschauzier '68 

Leigh Yates Farmer '74 

Susan Train Fearon '69 

Margaret Rose Rester '81 

Margaret Anne Robertson Fohl '68 

Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 

Jeanne Ashby Furrh '50 

Nancy Gilliam '38 

Sarah Yeatts Gormley '89 

Lindsay Ryland Gouldthorpe '73 

Dr. Thomas H. and Martha S. Grafton 

Jean C. Grainger '70 

Joyce A. Greig-Denis '41 

Linda Dolly Hammack '62 

Bonnie Wheeler Hanchett '46 

Frances Koblegard Harcus '50 

Jane Lee Harcus '79 

Ann Graham Hazzard '43 

Mabel Fettemian Held '76 

Sarah Head Hendricks '64 

Margaret Coffman Henry '20 

Jane Harcus Hill '79 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 

Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 

Jean M. Holliday '37 

Mary Cloud Hamilton Hoilingshead '61 

Susan Baughman Homar '74 

Elizabeth Hiles Huebner '37 

Emny W. Hundley '47 

Shirley Haynes Hunter '24 

Martha Masters Ingles '69 

Ann McCormack Jones '83 

E. Lindsay Jones '69 

Margaret Grabill Jones '33 

Sarah Maupin Jones '39 

Bonnie Kennedy Kant '74 

Louise Fowlkes Kegley '54 

Carroll Blair Keiger '76 

Sheila J. Kendrick'84 

Jessie Cover Kennedy '38 

Gail McLennan King '69 

Ivy S. Koster '67 

Constance Detrick Lamons '52 and 

F. Harrison Lamons 
Mildred J. Lapsley '39 
Frances Lawrence '77 
Roberta Wilson Lea '66 
Lynn Dazet Lpsey '51 
Judith Easterly Lockridge '81 
Carey Goodwin Louthan '66 
Winifred Love '35 
Suzanne Maxson Maltz '75 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Martin Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvie Martin Jr. 
Mary Williams Mathis '62 
Alice Wilson Matlock '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Milton McMullan 
Sally Smith Metzger '45 
Lisa R. Moore 
Ann Hunter Murray '54 
Harnett Seem Neff '32 
Jeannette Norfleet '68 
Reid Strickland Nottingham '56 and 

Dr. Maurice Nottingham Jr. 
Susan Pegram O'Gara '62 
Mary Bess Fitzhugh Oliff '36 
Alice Parson Paine '46 
Susan N. Palmer '67 
Dr. Frank R. Pancake 
Anne P. Phillips '42 
Mary Biedler Piner '21 
Anne Poole '51 

Carol "Capp/ Paul Powell '78 
Mary Buckner Ragland '18 
Margaret Thom Rawls '69 
Elizabeth L. Read-Connole '74 
Joanne M. Reich '88 
Barbara K. Roberts '73 
Nancy Nettleton Rood '45 
Raquel Fajardo Ross '36 
Emma Martin Rouse '65 
Jessie Cover Seay '38 
Robert S. Sergeant '75 
Ethel M. Smeak '53 
Jane Frances Smith '37 
Ruth Peters Sproul '43 and 

Dr. A. Erskine Sproul 

Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Elizabeth Engle Stoddard '60 
Edith A. StoUer '68 
Marjorie K. Stuart '35 
Dorothy Redwood Sutheriand 
Caroline Wood Sydnor '28 
Dr. Leslie W. Syron '42 
Emily Ramsey Thompson '26 
Alice Jones Thompson '40 
Betty Neisler Timbertake '45 
A. Jane Townes '69 
Vanessa Traynham "77 
Frances Tullis '45 
Emily T. Tyler '63 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 
Jane Moudy Van Dragt '51 
Ann Lewis Vaughn '69 
Judith L. Wade '69 
Deborah Dull Walker '75 
Nancy Rawls Watson '49 
Charlotte R. Wenger '83 
Elizabeth Bunting White '81 
Sara Ranson Woltman '38 
Claudia L. Woody '77 
Bizabeth Peyton Wooldridge '68 
Hilda Ziegler '40 




Estate of Doris S. Ames 

Estate of William P. Ames Jr. 

Estate of Margaret Builder Benners '22 

Estate of Dorothy Berry Bragcnier '10 

Estate of Charles F. Cole 

Estate of Josephine Barkman 

Coleman '24 
Estate of Fannie Royster Cooke 
Estate of Boiling Hatch Ellis 
Estate of Justice Albertis S. Harrison Jr. 
Estate of John S. Loving 
Estate of Marguerite Harper Momson '35 
Estate of Jean Ruble '36 

Ethel Murphey Ruble Music Award 
Estate of Sidney C. Siron 
Estate of W. E. Woolbright Jr. 

Music Department 

The Annual Report 


JJesignated virants & vjip< 

Athletic Programs 

Kuehn Foundation 

Carol "Cappy" Paul Powell 78 

Carpenter Programs in Health Care 

Administration and Preparation 

for Ministry 

E. Rhodes and Leona B. 

Carpenter Foundation 
Central Fidelity Minority Scholars 
Endowed Fund 
Central Fidelity National Bank 
Community Service/At-Risk Student 
Tutoring Program 
Virginia Campus Outreacti Opportunity 

League (VA COOL) 
Computer Technology 
ChemTreat. Inc. 

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges '63 
Visiting Artist/Scholar 

Program Endowment 
Stephanie Carlson Brennan '82 
IVIartha Carrick Brook '50 
Nell Rogers Garvell '63 
Robert S. Doenges 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Mr. & Mrs, William G. Kerr 
The Robert S. & 

Grayce B. Kerr Foundation 
Paula Stephens Lambert '65 
Anne Clement Riddle '63 
Betty Trobaugh Dull Memorial 
J. P. Morgan & Co., Inc. 
Deborah Dull Walker '75 
Jane B. FitzGerald Memorial 

St. Giles Presbyterian Church 
General Endowment 
Ann Cooke Britt '58 
Beverly Grear Hurt '61 
Sally Hetzel Pearsall '62 
Margaret Thorn Rawls '69 
Barbara Jane Knisely Roberts '73 
Betty L. Neisler Timberlake '45 
General Operations 
Nataliya Sergevna Bondareva '96 
Beckett Charitable Foundation 
Berry. Adams, 

Quackenbush & Dunbar 
Virginia Council of Colleges 
General Scholarship Fund 
Dennis Fund 

Rosen Trust 
Smyth Foundation 
VMI Alumni Agencies 
Goochland Program for 
Incarcerated Women 
Amencan Bar Association 
Elizabeth Kates Foundation 
U.S. Department of Education 

Fund for the Improvement of 

Postsecondary Education 
Martha Stackhouse Grafton Library 
Margaret Barrier '50 
Leslie M. Booth '52 
Alice Eichold '69 
Dr. Samuel Eichold 
Dr. Virginia R. Francisco '64 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Lawrence 
Dr. Patncia Holbert Menk 
Jane Sanders Morhss '69 
Betty Southard Murphy 
Betty Neisler Timberlake '45 
Virginia Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 
Mabel Fetterman Held '76 Fitness 
and Motor Performance Laboratory 
Annabelle L. Fetterman 
Lewis M. Fetterman 
Mabel Fetterman Held '76 
The Lundy Foundation 
Hobble Scholarship 
Warren W. Hobbie Trust (VFIC) 
Mary Emily Humphreys Lectures 
In Biology: Endowment Fund 
Grace Foundation 
Elizabeth Engle Stoddard '60 
Mary Emily Humphreys Lectures 
in Biology: General Fund 

Judith Way Bouchard '68 
Martha Parke Gibian '56 
Johnson & Johnson 
Margaret Query Keller '55 
Shearer Troxell Luck '63 
Janet Russell Steelman '52 
Cecile Mears Turner '46 
Jane Moudy Van Dragt '51 
Suzanne Smith Vaughan '59 
International Club 
NIBCO, Inc. 

Mary D. and Donald R. Irving 
Student Teacher Endowed 
Scholarship Fund 
Cynthia Luck Haw '79 

J^^ndovi'ment funds are frequently established as permanent memorials 
to inspiring teachers, fellow alumnae, or other individuals who have 
made a significant contribution to the Mar\' Baldwin College 
community'. They ensure the continuous funding of a scholarship, 
program or other college resource. New endowments are established 
with a minimum of '25,000; contributions to existing endowments are 
accepted in any amount. The endowment funds listed in this report 
are those to which contributions have been directed in the 1995-96 
fiscal year. For a complete list of e.xisting endowments, contact the 
vice president for instit\itional advancement. 

Ijcholarships at Maiy Baldwin College are instrumental in attracting 
and retaining the best students. Alumnae, friends, parents, and 
organizations continue to inspire and support individual excellence 
through their generous gifts to scholarship funds. 

Emily Wirsing Kelly Scholarship 
in Fine Arts 

Emily W Kelly Foundation 

Marguerite Fulwiler Livy Endowed 

Scholarship Fund 

Robert Bruce Livy 

James L. McAllister Jr. 

Preparation for Ministry 

Endowed Scholarship Fund 

Georgeanne Bates Chapman '68 

Fidelity Investments Chantable Gift Fund 

Shearer Troxell Luck '63 

Mrs. James L. McAllister 

Karen Cowsert Pryor '66 

Judith Pugh Stone '67 

Susan Shirley McFall Scholarship 

Barbara Conlon Miescher '50 

Mednick Fellowship for 

Faculty Development 

Maunce L. Mednick Memorial Fund (VFIC) 

Karl and Patricia Menk 

Endowed Fund for Faculty 

Support and Development 

Leslie Cadell Bowie '71 

Sandra Zeese Driscoll '63 

Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 

A. Jane Townes '69 

U.S. Bancorp 

James B. Patrick Endowed 

Leadership Award 

Lt Colonel Melissa Patrick '78 

Physical Plant Maintenance 

Virginia Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 
PEG First-Year Endowed 
Scholarship Fund 
Kemper National Insurance Company 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter N. McDougall 
President's Office Support Program 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Liberty Corporation Foundation 
Wachovia Bank & Trust Company 
Ethel Ruble Award 
Estate of Jean Ruble '36 
Mary Kathleen Shuford Endowed 
Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Coleman 

Mary Wray Conner '81 

Helen Stevens Forster '83 

Margaret Chapman Jackson '80 

Martha McGraw McKaughn '83 

Spencer Lounge 

Mrs Hugh S. MacDiarmid 

Annie Walker St. Clair 

Endowed Scholarship Fund 

Margaret Moore Ripley '52 

Thomas F. Staley Lecture Program 

Thomas F. Staley Foundation 

Student Art Work Fund 

Cynthia K. Davis 

Mr. & Mrs. Eric M, Heiner 

Student Life 

Crestar Foundation 

Dorothy Jones Wrigley '70 

George Hammond Sullivan 

Program in Political Science 

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation 

Donald D. Thompson Endowed 

Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew F. Smith Jr. 

Tenneco Foundation 

Tree Fund 

Class of 1945 

The Reverend Patricia Hunt 

Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 

VFIC Scholarship Fund 

Virginia Foundation for 

Independent Colleges 
Virginia Health Services Scholarship 
Virginia Health Services, Inc. 
Virginia Women's Institute 
for Leadership 
VMI Alumni Agencies 
Harriett Waldrop Endowed 
Scholarship Fund 
Harnett Middleton Waldrop '48 
Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarships 
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation 
Writers in Virginia Program 
Virginia Commission for the Arts 
Young Women in Science Program 
Gwathmey Memorial Trust 


The Annual Report 

Dr. Ann Alexander, associate professor 
of history, Adult Degree Program 

"I returned to college at Mary- Baldwin 
in spring, 1993, at the age of 28 to 
finish my bachelor's degree, a goal that 
seemed overwhelming to me at the time. 
I majored in history/historic preservation. Dr. Ann Alexander, 
in her dual roles as advisor and professor, encouraged me, 
guided me and allowed me to discover a confidence and 
potential within myself that I was previously unaware of." 

Bruce Henson '95 ADV 

Bruce is enrolled in the master s program of the School of Information and 

Library Science at UNC-Chapel Hill. 


Gifts-in-kind are donations of goods, services or products to benetit the 
coUege in an immediate and tangible way. 

Johanna Collins '88 
Mrs. H. A. Dinwiddle Jr. 
Frazier Associates 

Kathleen O'Neill Frazier 78 
Mrs. Darrell W. Hurst 
Mrs. James L. McAllister 

Dr. Patricia Holbert Menk 

Estate of Marguerite Harper Morrison '35 

Mr. Gilmer Nuckles Jr. 

Mr. Clifford A. Rand 

Staunton Insurance Agency 

Mrs. L. B. Steele 

AUr Loyalty rund 

Thank you to all the ADP alumni, facult)', businesses and others who provide 
support to ADP students through the ADP Loj-alty- Fund. In 1995-96, 
contributions of 6,890 went direcdy to merit-based scholarships for current 
ADP students. ADP graduates know better than anyone how hard it is to 
balance the responsibilities of work and family while earning a college degree. 
They also know how much it means when others reach out to help. 


Associates i 

'1,000 and abovf 

ADP Circle 

Carpe Diem! 

'500 to '999 

'100 to '249 

Professionals Club 

ADP Honor Roll 

'250 to '499 

'25 to '99 

President's Associates 

Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 

ADP Circle 

Amelia Compton '89 

Katfileen Stinehart 

Professionals' Club 

Dr. Stevens Garlick 

Sharon Greenway 

Dudley B. Luck 

Sandra Sprouse '93 

Carpe Diem! 

Ann Field Alexander '66 

Karen Dorgan 

Diane Ganiere 

Nancy Gillett 

James Eari Gilman 

Jean M. Gilman 

Susan Blair Green 

James J. Harrington 

Chartene Hutcheson '94 

Claire T. Kent 

Donald KJerson '84 

Donna Knarr '93 

Catherine Ferris McPherson '78 

Dr. Pamela R. Murray 

Lallon Pond 

Rosa Scott '92 

Judith Winters '84 

Honor Roll 

Margaret Alford '80 

Appalachian Power Company 

Teresa Bigler '82 

Phyllis Baice '86 

Christine Bryant 

Patricia Collins '93 

Shen7 Robertson Cox 

Rila DeFrank '93 

Daniel Dowdy 

First Union Foundation 

Brenda Fishel '92 

James Fleming '92 

RachelAnne Festa Reming '91 

Robert D. Grotjohn 

Frances B. Hamilton 

Myrtle Johnson Hatcher '81 

Amy Hundley '91 

Hattie Jackson Jefferson '91 

BartDara Johnson '79 

Jackie Johnson '92 

Ann Larkum '90 

Michelle Law '93 

Grace Jones Long '81 

Heri^ert McClure Jr. '87 

Susan McManama '82 

Stanley Hara/ood Mulford III '95 

Paula Preston '94 

Sally Putnam '83 

Stephanie Quarforth '87 

Joan Ripley '88 

Beth Saunders '95 

Frances Shirtey Scruby '80 

Jackie Scruggs '86 

Carol Shannon '84 

Elizabeth Tewksbury '85 

Rebecca A. Tyler 

Beulah Walker '85 

Carolyn Wilkinson '90 

Jeanette Copes Wilson '89 

Roussie Woodruff '91 

Marie Zlegler '93 

Sara Zimmerman '85 


Audrey Lois Cross '82 

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our donor lists, errors or omissions in this report may have occurred. 
We appreciate our donors' generosity, and we apologize for any inaccuracies in this list. 
Any corrections should he sent in •writing to: _ 

The Office of Institutional Advancement 

Mary Baldwin College 

Staunton, Virrinia 24401 

The Annual Report 


Leaaersmp poards 1995-96 

Mary Baldwin's four leadership boards provide counsel and sen'ice in addition to exemplar}' financial support. We extend a special "thank you" to the boards 
for their many contributions and participation in this year's Annual Fund. 

Executive Committee 

Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63, chair 

Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 

J. Edward Betts 

Margaret Anderson "Peggy" Carr '67 

Bertie Murphy Deming '46 

Gail McLennan King '69 

P. William Moore Jr. 

William O. Reuther 

John G. Rocovich Jr. 

Executive Committee 

Sara "Sally" Armstrong BIngley '60. 

Susan Warfield Caples '60, 

administrative vice president 
Judy Lipes Garst '63. 

program vice president 
Kathleen "Betsy" Kenig Byford '68 
Louise W. Boylan '71 
Julie Ellsworth Cox '86 
Suzanna Fields '97 
Dana Flanders '82 
Lynn Tuggle Gilliland '80 

Executive Committee 

M. Elizabeth Preddy '67, chair 
Martha McMullan Aasen '51 
Gay Gilmore Butler '67 
Susan Gamble Dankel '68 
Dr. Martin A, Favata 
Karen Emmet Hunt '80 
Onza E. Hyatt 

Elizabeth Newman Mason '69 
Peter E. S. Pover 
David W. Proctor 
Carol Stewart Shaw '65 

Doara of Irust 

Board IVIembers 

Carole Lewis Anderson 

Beverly Esles Bates "69 

Charlotte Jackson Berry '51 

J, Edward Betts 

Margaret Anderson "Peggy" Carr '67 

Worth Harris Carter Jr. 

John Raymond Clymer Jr. 

Phyllis L. Cothran 

Ouida Caldwell Davis '51 

Bertie Murphy Deming '46 



luituiae rtssociati 

Susan Massie Johnson '67 

Cathehne Ferris McPherson '78 

Ann Shaw Miller '54 

Sue McDowell Whitlock '67 


Terry Huffman Allaun '87 

Sylvia Baldwin '76 

Anita Blanco '96 

Dawn Martin Blankinship '82 

Katherine Bolen '92 

MacKay Morris Boyer '87 

Ryn Bruce '97 

Nancy Kunkle Carey '51 


Robert S. Doenges 
James D. Douglas 
Alexander Hamilton IV 
Linda Dolly Hammack '62 
Anna Kate Reid Hipp '63 
Carolyn Gilmer Hisley '60 
Marsha Evans Holmes 
Caroline Rose Hunt '43 
Gail McLennan King '69 
Louise Rossett McNamee '70 
P, William Moore Jr. 

on Doarn of Uirectors 

Janet Haddrell Connors '65 

Kelly Andrews Coselli '85 

Susan Parker Drean '83 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 ADP 

Donna Neudorfer Earp '76 

Cynthia Phillips Fletcher '82 

Margaret Kluttz '93 

Mildred Farquarson Lawson '73 

Sue Lollis '79 

Leila Lytle '72 

Sanford Jones McAllister '80 

Carmen Holden McHaney '73 

Shannon Greene Mitchell '57 

Acf^'isory Doard of \ isit 

Board Members 

Martha McMullan Aasen '51 
Dorothy Beals Ballew '53 
Pamela Shell Baskervill '75 
Harry V. Boney Jr. 
Sarah Livingston Brown '63 
Gay Gilmore Butler '67 
Walter B. Byford 
Susan Gamble Dankel '68 
Charles Ferrell Duff 
Jaquelin Harrison DeJarnette 
Mary Ellen Killinger Durham '66 
Dean S. Edmonds III 
Dr. Martin A. Favata 


Kathleen O'Neill Frazier '78 

Gordon M. Grant 

Thomas P. Gratto 

Karen Emmet Hunt '80 

Onza E Hyatt 

Patricia Simpson Hylton 

Martha Philpott King '80 

Kalhenne M. Lichtenberg 

Robert Bruce Livy 

N. Lynn Martenstein 

Elizabeth Newman Mason '69 

Carey "Kip" Cooley McDaniel '67 

Bernard V. Peto 

Edmund H. Polonitza 

William G. Pannill 

William O. Reuther 

Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 

John G. Rocovich Jr. 

Yoko Sakae 

H, Gordon Smyth 

Mildred Roycroft Teer '44 

Teresita Zapata Trigo '88 ADP 

Ray Castles Uttenhove '68 

Sara "Sally" Armstrong Bingley '60 

Jacqueline Nicholas '89 

Val Sutton Payne '76 

Gale Palmer Penn '63 

Sabrina Rakes '94 

Harhet Barksdale Runkle '94 MAT 

Betsey Gallagher Satterfield '66 

Mary Jo Shilling Shannon '53 

Jane Starke Sims '68 

Courtney Straw '98 

Anna Vazquez '96 

Nicole West '98 

Neille McRae Wilson '68 

Elizabeth Peyton Wooldridge '68 

Peter E. S. Pover 

M. Elizabeth Preddy '67 

David W. Proctor 

Barbara Freeman Ragsdale '67 

David Satterfield IV 

Carol Stewart Shaw '65 

Patricia Bracken Sphar '58 

A. Jane Townes '69 

Susan Walker '78 

Jane G. Weyant '62 

Cynthia Knight Wier '68 

Lucinda Pina Wilkinson '62 

Rita S. Wilson '82 

Claudia LaVergne Woody '77 

r arenls v_i 

Executive Committee 

Lisa Turner, president 

Gordon F. Arnold 

David Paul Barra 

Brenda N. Chandler 

Pierre N. Charbonnet 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65 

Willard H. Keeling 

Kathryn Eshleman Rapier 

Michael N. Terry 

Mary Barber Phipps Such '72 

Aremita R. Watson 

Council IVIembers 

Gordon E. Arnold 

David Paul Barra 
Patsy Lewis Barr 
Deborah C. Bond 
Brenda N. Chandler 
Pierre N. Charbonnet 
Dale L. Cross 
John W. Cummings 
Cyril Paul Dubrachek 
Ellen Stone Edgar 
Earl Washington Estes 111 
Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65 
Susanne Eve Fowlkes '64 
Bruce Gordon Freeland 
Nancy Guthrie Garrett 
Raymond W. Greenwood Jr. 


Willard H. Keeling 
Suzanne Kelly 
Marilyn S. Kime 
William Lasley Jr. 
Paula R. Lea 
Gary W. Mackey 
Rachel Rodriguez-Mclntyre 
Janice S. Mitchell 
Sarah L. Phillips 
Gordon Brooks Powell Jr. 
Kathryn Eshleman Rapier 
Lewis Berton Reavis 
Manta Rigolizzo 
H. B. Roberts Jr. 
William Wayne Ross 

Charles Rotgin Jr 

Susan K Rudolph 

Patncia Povia Rusk 

Dr Wallace Michael Saval 

Mary Barber Phipps Such '72 

Linda Holloman Sydnor 

Michael W. Terry 

Carolyn Geyer Timmons 

Lisa Turner 

Robert A Warren 

Aremita R. Watson 

Susan J. Watson 

Beverley Brockenbrough Watts 

Lynne Woodward 

Loring led her to death row activism. 
They married in 1975 after meeting in semi- 
nary. The U.S. Supreme Court reinstated 
the death penalty the following year. Loring, 
already a death row activist, took Davis to 
hear the mothers of death row prisoners. 

"What those mamas did for me was to 
articulate the widening circle of tragedy 
that's caused by the death penalty," she said. 
"This was a place where I needed to take a 
personal stand." Davis visited her first death 
row inmate in 1977. 

Many people dismiss death row activ- 
ists as liberal do-gooders. Yet Davis' opposi- 
tion to the death penalty is more complex. 
A disproportionate number of poor black 
man receive the sentence. She believes the 
death penalty does nothing to deter crime 
or remove the anguish of victims' families. 

"When we've been hurt, revenge is a 
very natural human emotion," she said. "But 
if you don't at some point move beyond that, 
you cannot heal." 

Her goal is to try to help prisoners re- 
cover something. "Their capacity to be hu- 
man," she said. "An important part of be- 
ing a human being is to take responsibility 
for your actions and their consequences." 

Early in her ministry, Davis attempted 
to reach out to some of the victims' fami- 
lies, but stopped. She said lawyers represent- 
ing the families often kept her away because 
they felt she would interfere with their cases. 

Death row has many depressing turns, 
but the death watch is the worst. The sus- 
pense of last-minute appeals can run a pris- 
oner and his family ragged. "You die a thou- 
sand deaths on death watch," Davis said. 

And when the appeal is lost, the 
prisoner's last conversation with his family 
remains awkward. People reminisce and 
apologize to one another. Even if a prisoner 
receives a last-minute reprieve, he knows he 
will have to take the same journey again. 

Her faith protects her from the despair 
on death row. "If I believed what happens 
in prison is the last word, I'd be in pretty 
sad shape." 

Michael Radelet, a Florida death pen- 
alty scholar who has participated in at least 
100 death watches, said many death row 
activists believe they have no choice. 

"It's like if you see a car crash," 
Radelet said. "The only thing harder than 
helping the victims of the car crash is to 
drive by and not help them and live with 
that the rest of your life. After doing it 
once, it's hard not to do it again. There 
are so many unmet needs." 

Murphy Davis '71 


The seeds of activism were planted 
early in Davis' life. She was born in Ruston, 
LA, the daughter of a Presbyterian minister 
and a Christian educator. Davis' parents 
encouraged their two sons and two daugh- 
ters to be independent thinkers. Debates 
about the civil rights movement and the 
Vietnam War filled their home. 

In college, Davis organized anti-war 
demonstrations. One summer, she met with 
minority prisoners to hear firsthand about 
racial biases in sentencing. By 1976, Davis 
was ordained. The next year, she was visit- 
ing death row. 

John Cole Vodicka, a prisoner activist 
in South Georgia, said Davis soon developed 
a reputation. Some prison officials who dis- 
dain death row activists delight in denying 
access to prisoners. They rarely played those 
games with Davis. 

"Folks know that she's not going to go 
away," he said. "To harass her or intimidate 
her is going to backfire." 

Nibs Stroupe, a prison activist and min- 
ister, said Davis is aware of her limitations. 
"Murphy has been at it for a long time," he 
said. "She's been up and down. She's not 
going to pour herself out on everyone on 
death row." 

Prejean calls Davis her inspiration. 
When she was thinking of ministering to 
death row inmates, she traveled to Atlanta 
to hear Davis speak. 

"She had that real down-to-earth qual- 
ity, but she couples it with intelligence, laced 
with humor. She's not harsh. She's not ma- 

cho. But she's as strong as the dickens." 


Davis had to summon all her strength 
last March, when she was struck down by 
Burkitt's lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph 
tissues that is confined almost exclusively 
to children in tropical regions of Africa. 

Davis' treatment was almost as painful 
as her diagnosis. She underwent eight hours 
of major surgery. She endured six months of 
"mega-chemotherapy," receiving the 
largest dosage of chemicals a patient can get 
short of a bone marrow transplant. 

When the news of Davis' condition 
spread on death row, inmates pressed Loring 
for details. "How's Murphy? Tell her we're 
praying for her," they told him. They sent 
homemade cards to Davis. The homeless 
who visited the Open Door sent word to 
Davis that she was in their prayers. 

Loring, 56, is quiet when asked about 
his wife's illness. "It was tough," he said. "But 
she hasn't complained." 

The Rev. Gerald Durly, head of Con- 
cerned Black Clergy, said Davis rarely saw 
visitors. When she did, though, her spirit 
was unbowed. "They thought they were 
ministering to her, but she was ministering 
to them," Durly said. "She would be sitting, 
telling people, 'It's going to be all right.'" 

During her illness, Davis often turned 
to a favorite Bible passage, Isaiah 43:16: "Do 
not be afraid . . . Your troubles will not over- 
whelm you. When you pass through fire, you 
will not be burned." 

Davis' thoughts also turned to a man 
she once knew — Warren McCleskey. 


In 1978, an Atlanta police officer 
named Frank Schlatt was shot in the face at 
close range and killed when he answered a 
silent alarm at a downtown furniture store. 
McCleskey, one of the four robbers who were 
also holding hostages in the store, was sen- 
tenced to die for the murder. 

When Davis met McCleskey, he had 
already started an appeal process that would 
reach the Supreme Court — twice. He 
claimed he wasn't the trigger man, and that 
racial bias tainted his sentence. 

McCleskey was in many ways a typical 
death row inmate. He was poor, black and 
had spent much of his life in trouble. When 
he first entered death row, McCleskey asked 
another prisoner how he could maintain his 
sanity. The prisoner opened the Bible. 
McCleskey 's conversion began. 

The Mary Baldwin College Magazine • Fall 1996 


Prison conversions are tricky matters. Few 
people place much stock in prisoners who 
cimvert to avert punishment. Davis said she 
had no illusions about McCleskey's criminal 
nature. "He was in trouble for years," she said. 
"Warren never stepped away from acknowl- 
edging his guilt and sorrow." 

Davis said she embraced McCleskey not 
for what he did, but for the person he be- 
came. She knew him for 13 years, visiting 
him weekly and befriending his family. They 
wrote each other, and Davis rode the same 
roller coaster of exhilaration and sorrow as 
McCleskey during his appeals process. 

McCleskey told Davis he wanted to 
he forgiven for the pain he had caused 
others. Eventually, through Davis' coun- 
seling, McCleskey believed that God had 
forgiven him. 

But the courts were not so forgiving. 
On September 24, 1991, McCleskey was 
executed. Before his death, he apologized 
to the Schlatt family. "I pray that you would 
find It in your heart to forgive me." 

Jodie Swanner, Schaltt's daughter, who 
was 1 1 when her father was killed, was not 
impressed. "The jury gave him the death 
penalty, and that's what he should get," she 
said before the execution. "He didn't show 
my father any mercy." 

Davis last saw McCleskey in a prison 
waiting room. As he was being led away in 
handcuffs, McCleskey smiled at her and waved. 

"The courts, the media, the prison of- 
ficials, the threats, and even death itselt lost 
power in Warren's life," Davis wrote shortly 
after his death. "He moved toward a peace 
and serenity 1 have never seen in another 
human being." 


Four years later, while struggling with 
her own illness, Davis began to live those 
words. She thought of McCleskey's courage. 
She remembered a picture of him, taken 
days before his execution. He seemed utterly 
at ease. 

"That's powerful, because the sense of 
peace that you see in his face, that didn't 
change," she said. "We were with him until 
several hours before he died. He never 
crumbled. He never showed signs of fear or 

As she told this story, Davis leaned tor- 
ward in a rocking chair, her eyes locked on 
her visitor. 

"For me, the really important resource 
through that time was the fact that 1 had 
sat with so many people facing their own 
death," Davis said. "And I know people who 
sat, on the day of their deaths, and man- 
aged to maintain their dignity, their hope- 
fulness, their love, their humanity, their 
capacity to not be eaten alive by tear." 

Five months after her initial diagnosis, 
Davis completed her chemotherapy. She 

visited the doctor and awaited the results of 
CAT scans and blood tests. The tests came 
back. The were no longer traces of cancer. 
Her illness was in remission. 

Davis resumed visiting death row last 
November. She continues today. She has 
gained weight, and her hair is growing back. 

"The people on death row taught me 
how to face death," Davis says today. "These 
people who we say have nothing to offer — 
1 can tell you what they have to offer. I'm 
living witness to what they have to offer. 
And the hope, the love, the lack of fear that 
1 was able to experience, was a gift from 
many of those people." 

Rt'/mmfJ Killi |ifrmissmn ii/Thc l.uimalnTic AlLinla Ginstitulum, 

Murphy Davii ^aduated jrom Mary Baldwin 
College with aB.A. in philosophy and religion , 
then atteruied Columbia Seminary, where she 
earned a master of divinity. She is currently a 
Presbyterian minister and continues her work 
with death row inmates and the homeless. The 
Open Door Community, founded by Davis and 
her husband, feeds breakfast to 250 homeless 
and huiigry people a day five days a week and 
lunch to 1 25 to 400 people. It is the only place 
in Atlanta where homeless people can get a 
shower with towels, toiletries, and a clean 
change of clothes. The Open Door Commu- 
nity, 910 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE Atlanta, 


Olga Morse Redefines Career Choice Because of ADP Experience 

by Roussie Woodruff '91 ADP 

1996 Outstanding ADP Graduate Olga Morse of Charlottesville, VA, is the embodiment of the profound effect 
Mary Baldwin can have on a student and the equally profound effect a student can have on Mary Baldwin. 

When Olga came to the Adult Degree Program in April 1993, she intended to major in Spanish, get her 
teacher licensure, and, after graduation, reopen her preschool. She did major in Spanish and did get her teacher 
licensure, doing so well that she graduated summa cum laude and with distinction in her major. 

While in ADP, Olga took on-campus courses. 0( the time she spent on campus she says, "Everything — the 
staff, the faculty, the student body, the campus itself — was designed to give me a total experience. Everyone 
embraced my presence and made me feel so good about my input." Olga was particularly valued by her Spanish 
pn ifessors and by her MBC classmates because of her Puerto Rican background and her command of the Spanish 
language. She became a mentor, an unofficial tutor, and a second mom to some of the younger students. She and 
her husband Donald, a former dance instructor, demonstrated Latin dances like the salsa, the merengue and the 
cumbia at the 1996 MBC Culture Pest. "Donald's dancing was what first caught my eye," says Olga. 

The interaction between Olga and MBC's residential students was, she says, "really rewarding and it is sinking into 
my heart." While she loves teaching children, she has decided not to reopen her preschool and is instead planning to get 
her master's degree in Spanish and teach college Spanish. In the meantime, she has applied as a part-time high school 
Spanish teacher. This redefinition of her personal goals came about because Olga's classmates and the college helped her 
recognize her heritage as a rich asset, an asset whose value she herself had never fully appreciated. This kind of personal 
and intellectual growth is exactly what Mary Baldwin hopes all students will experience during their college careers. This 
is exactly why the Adult Degree Program was founded 20 years ago. 

Fall 1996 • The Mary Baldwin College Magazine 





Cfamfei LaVergne Woody '77 will work through, the end ot the year as the pio- 
graiffi director tor technical event suppott tor the Atlanta Committee for the O lym- 

Wbotfc- managal system, integration between Swatch timing, the IBM Re- 
sult Sv^tem, Xerox print distribution, and various client groups during the cen- 
tennial iames. She is cuirendv handling die nanster oisottware to vanous other 
Olympic sites. Much ot diis sottware was designed tor the l'^9(5 Olympics, bur 
wiM monr be msedi foftcunffle OCytmptc gaiaes- 

Wbody notes that, "the fetest statistics show that more spectators saw 
womEras sports inm Atlanta than saw the entire Barcelona games.." 


Atlanta W6 

"Birmingham was one of four sites ftnrRegKinaE prelimmary soccer matchesr the winners would advance 
ro the finals in Atlinta. My S-year-otd. Edward, was in Bitminghamis Opening Ceremony on July 20, the 
JaT after the Opening Ceremony m AtLmca. 

Edward was one of40C local children I age* 7-]!6i)i who pracrieed for weeks, fourhouis aday in the 
hot Atlanta sum tor the privilege of being m the jQ-minute opening showr. The children were great! They 
learned four dances and they lea rn ed how to^ stay with their group while racing all over a football heldl 
They were directed by a wondetfuHy energetic man who works for Disney Wortd Studios, as weE as staff 
of local soccer endiusiasts who had! been p lanning the Opening Ceremony for several years- 

Frotn dii? mom's 'totally unbiased' view, it was a spectacular event that our f ami ly will never 
tbrgec. Edward was thriRed about his conrribution, which was capped by the U.S. men's soccer team 
taking the field tor the first game after the ceremony. Btrmin,gham kept the Olympic spirit throughout 
die Atlanta garaes„ and Fan glad we bad the chance to experience some of it tirst-hand-" 

Sally Way Speaker '79 Bttmingham, AL 

A John McLaughlin Grove, son of Margaret 
McLaughlin Grove '52 and the late James W. 
Grove, carries the Olympic Totch through Char- 
lottes\alIe, \ A, in honor of his father. James W. 
Grove was selected one of the 10 Commimity 
Heroes Torchbearers out of 183 nominees, but 
he died ia May before he could carry out this 
honor. His son John traveled from Boston, MA, 
to carry the torch for hi; father The late James 
Grove's mother Ora Berry Grove graduated from 
Mary Baldwin College, as did his sister Mary 
Grove Bovlan. 

A Kiren VelanM '99 ( tight) with her parents. Sue and Michael Velatdi 
[r. of Marietta, GA, worked with the synchronized swimmmg team, dur- 
^ ^ the 1996 Olympic Games iin Adanta. The Dno worked closely with 
crLvTa l jrnJges seamng lane tines and fudges seating areas. Karen says, '^1 
never knew that Russians spoke French so eloquently: That is reatty 
how we com m unicated, since they knew [irtle English. TThe entire Olym- 
pic experience was wonderful. I have a shirt autographed by the sym- 
chroniied swimming team and my tamEy teaHy enjoyeif watching! the 
rehearsals for the opening ceremony." 

FTf - ah etfa Freddy- '67, former chair of the Advisory Board ofVtsitots, works 
as the dnEeccoF of custromeir business development for Goca-Cola, one ot 
the premear sponsors of the E996 Otympi^c Gajmes. Coca-Cola started 
grUanning for the m -\danta tour years ago. FT i -a herb's office in 
Adanra overlooked Ohtnpic \ iLlage and the swimming and di'^'ing venue. 
During the Olympics, the Atlanta office entertained customers from all 
over the wortd- 

'% was an iiMifflsiid! tiimnse,'' sfce saind, *%« ewenytfeimg wotkedi gieait- 'The 
whole atmosphere was tabulous." 

A From July 1 to August 7. MBC Trustee Claire (Yum) Lewis Arnold '69 
worked 8-16 hours a day as one of tour deputy mayors in the Atlanta Olympic 
Village. The deputy mayors were called into the Village earlier than antici- 
pated to run crews preparing the Village for the 16,000 athletes and officials 
who lived there during the games. As the teams arrived, the deputy mayors 
conducted Team Welcome Ceremonies in which each of the 197 teams was 
honored and given two handmade quilts ftom the state of Geotgia. Each quilt 
was an original design and took up to two years to complete. For the remainder 
of rhe games, 'lum conducted tours for visiting dignitaries. More than 40 heads 
of state were among the many visitots to the Village. 

The Sfaear ^sebwin OdiihuE MAG.Aa>.E • Fall 1996 



Alice Parsons Paine '46 of Salem, 
VA, was chosen as one of six Credit 
Marketing and Management Associa- 
tion 1996 Mothers of the Year and 
featured in the 
Roanoke Times & 
World News in 
May. Mrs. Paine 
was nominated 
by her son Rob- 
ert who said, 
"My mother's 
to talk to strang- 
ers and to treat 
them kindly prepared me for life. Af- 
ter many travels and countless strang- 
ers, 1 have always been guided by this 
experience. My mother always said 
that we need to show kindness to all 
of God's people." 

Mrs. Paine's daughter Emily says 
that her mother "is shy, far more given 
to holding hands than holding office. 
She is an everyday saint, whose 
kindnesses and counseling are only 
known when someone tells me about 
them." Mrs. Paine is a retired research 
chemist and science teacher. She re- 
tired after her children were born. In 
the 1960s she began working with al- 
coholics, especially women, and 
helped her husband, Robert E. Paine 
Jr., establish a rehabilitation program 
when he retired from his career as a 

Mrs. Paine has also been active 
in the Salem Presbyterian Church, 
Friends of the Salem Librar\', the Sa- 
lem and Roanoke Valley historical 
societies, the Salem Garden Club, the 
Archaeological Society, Bethany Hall 
and the West End Center. 

Patricia Scholar Freund '75, 
French teacher and Foreign Language 
Department chair at the Pine Crest 
School in Fort Lauderdale, FL, was 
awarded the 1996 Linnell Award for 
Upper School Teachers in June. Mrs. 
Freund was selected from over 80 fac- 
ulty members in the Upper School, 
which covers grades 7 through 12. 
The Linnell Award is presented for 

teaching competency and o\era 
contribution to the school. 

Angela Blose Corlev '67 of 
Carmel, IN, was elected to the 
Carmel Clay School Board of Trust- 
ees in May, 1996. Mrs. Corley has 
worked with the school to raise funds 
for recreation facilities for community 
use at Carmel High School, has par- 
ticipated in the Ambassador Parents 
Club, has served as a member of the 
Carmel Clay Educational Foundation 
and has been active on the Parent/ 
Teacher Organization Boards at 
Mohawk Trails Elementary and Clay 
Junior High School. Mrs. Corley 
served on the 1994-95 planning team 
for the renovation and expansion ot 
Carmel High School and served on 
the Foreign Language Evaluation 
Committee that added foreign lan- 
guage study at the elementary level. 

Frankie Wood Apistolas '57, 
owner of historic Nimrod Hall in 
Millboro, VA, was featured in an Au- 
gust article in The Richmond Times - 
Dispatch for her part in the Nimrod 
Creative Workshops, week-long sum- 
mer artist retreats. Apistolas, along 
with writers Frances Birch, Nancy 
Wood-Woltz and Joan Dilworth, es- 
tablished the creative workshops for 
both painters and writers 1 1 years ago. 
Nimrod Hall, built in 1783 and 
named for a biblical hunter, is en- 
circled by mountains overlooking the 
Cowpasture River in Bath County. 

Susan Hankla of Richmond was 
writer-in-residence at Nimrod Hall 
this summer. She comments, "You're 
surrounded by nature here and it re- 
ally opens you up to writing. This is 
the perfect space to stir your imagi- 
nation." The workshops are small, 
with room for 20 or fewer participants. 
Birch says that the emphasis of the 
retreats is to offer artists a unique set- 
ting and uninterrupted time to work 
on their craft and get feedback from 
other artists. 

Apistolas and her husband 

Jimmy have operated the unique 
lodge for the past 25 summers, leav- 
ing their home in Alexandria for the 
trek each summer. The home has 
been in Apistolas' family since her 
grandparents purchased it in 1907. 
She was born and raised on Nimrod's 


Betty Gwaltney Schutte '52 has 
been elected to the prestigious posi- 
tion of president of the Garden Club 
of Virginia. She will preside during 
the 1996-97 term. Betty, who is a re- 
tired general manager of the Tanner 
Company, Inc., lives in Boyce, VA, 
with her husband Charles. 

SAT., APRIL 12, 1997 

Come join MBC for the 

65th running of the 

Strawberry Hill Races in 

Richmond, Virginia! 

MBC will have a tent on 

University Row so all may enjoy 

good food, good company 

and a fun-filled afternoon 

of steeplechiase racing! 

For an invitation, 

please contact the 

Office of Alumnae Activities 

no later than March 1, 1997 

at 1-800-763-7359 


Fall 1996 • The Mary Baldwin College Maoazine 

Alumnae Notes 

Alumnae President' s Letter 

D'emr friends, 

May I take a moment to say what a privilege it is 
fQTm£:tiO! he wiMng this first letteras president of the 
Alumndd Assodationl I look forward to meeting many 
aktrrmae in these two years, to listening to your com- 
meMs ahotit our coUege and to sharing my thoughts 

I am excited to be working with a group of alum- 
rwe. aix your Eoaxd of Directors who are fcrigfir, energetic and devoted to Mary Baldwin 
CfflSk^. Did you Icnoui tfrat we are 45 in number, including student representatives and 
ahmmae frorm. dke tradmonai program, the Adtdt Degree Program and the Master of Arts 
im leacfcigFTrQgramZ The board members represent dosses ranging from the 1950s to 
ife 1 390Sr ami liiey aamss fmsm 1 5 ^ersMt stMes. We meet twiee: m year on campus and 
devote muck energy anxd emhusiksm to creating a strong partnership between alumnae 
amdMaiy Baldwin. 

Tfee Executive Committee of the Alumnae Board is composed of the officers and 
dkams of ei^ carmmttees. An rmportant aspect of the board's mission is to spread the 
word atomn awr coMe^ — phnmg the seeds. ofMBC. We accomplish tte throu^ in- 
vohmg owseLkies as admissions, vohmteers, by partic^atmg ire lite career network, by 
famd raisiing tfooagft The Mary BaMiwin Sampler and by seddmg out the best alumnae 
hadsrs to serve on the Alumnae Board and to honor with alumnae awards. We work to 
pjjam far successftd Homecoming weekends , which inchide informative and stimulating 

The cahndoT of ahmmae events for die comingyear promises a busy, interesting and 
fern. mme. The tma^te spimt of Mary BoMwin,. which (hsw so- many of us to the college as 
sEudems-y stiM emts.. Ffease, come pin us. 
I hok forward to- seeing you. 


1996 Alumnae Association 
Raffle Winners 

Congraculacions to Diane Walczak 
RusseU '81, who won a Mary Baldwin, 
College afghan, and Eleanor Henderson 
'56, who won a Mary Baldwin College 
chair dirough die Alumnae Association's 
ratHe held during die 1996 Hotnecom- 
tns Weekend in Mav- 

Sue Warfield Copies '60 
WiUkimsburg, VA 

A Thank You 

Thanks to the machinations of Jane 
Townes '69, 1 celebrated my 88ch birth- 
day with greetings from an unusual 
number of cards from alums. Jane had 
notified friends from an unknown-to- 
me list, and good wishes poured in from 
ail over. Please excuse me for answer- 
ing ia wholesale fashion. 

I still feel young inside in spite of 
the statistic that 1 boast of four times 
as many years as when 1 became a Mary 
Baldwin faculty member. The miracle 
of time is something 1 wiU never un- 
derstand. Chip Grafton, my brother-in- 
law, expressed it this way: 

One hmmmg tftoagfit a^ears and reappears , 
Eadi time more painfi than ife time befbre. 
I do not knou: what happened to m^ years, 
Except I do not hmie them any more. 

Martha Stackhouse Gel^fton 

14th Legacy LLincheon Huge Success 

Over 12 paceeii of tfee MBC fireshmaii class asne legacies, meaEKiig that a moiilier, sister or other fenily member previously 
attended Mary Baldwin College. TKe 1996 freshmen legacies foined alumnae, current students, faculty and staff at the 
14th Annual Legacy Luncheon, Wednesday, August 28, on the front law-n of Alumnae House. Seventy-seven people 
attended the event, which b hosted each year by the Alumnae Activities Office on the day freshmen move into the 
residence halls- 

TEfEiSfea.YS»m])\ell«;Ci3U.EGE^t■>LC■.\ILNE • Fajx 199o 




A great item any time oj the year! 

This white 100% combed cotton. 

knit coUar, short sleeve polo shin 

has the college seal in gray and 

Mary Baidwin College embroidered 

in green . Made b^) the Outer Banks 

Conif)a)i;v . Available in large and 


X-2H Pnlo shirt $35.00 



A lasting gift which makes a beaunjul 

chair seat, pillow or wall hanging! The 

MBC Seal in college colors of yellow 

and white. Canvas is I5"x 15" with 

Persian yam provided far working the 


X'3 Needlepoint $45.00 


Show your enthusiasm for MBC h^' 

flying either of these attractive flags ! 

Eachflagmeasures 34" x5Q" . They 

are exclusive to MBC' Made b^ 

Virginia-based The Flag Center. 

Squirrel flag - dark green background , 

gray squirrel, goklen brown acorns 

ai\d "MBC" in black. 

Apple Flag - blue background, red 

apples, brown branch, green leaves 

and "MBC" in black. 

G-l Squirrel flag $96.00 

G-2 Apple flag $96.00 

$5 shipping for each flag ordered. 


Official MBC chairs. Black lacquer 
finish and hand-painted gold trim com- 
bine with timeless design for a truly 
e(e,i;(mt chair. The college seal is fea- 
tured m gold on the back rest. 

}-l Boston Rocl<er u'itli Cherry Arms 

]-2 Boston Rocker with Black Arms 

1-3 Captain 's Chair with Cherry Arms 

]-4 Captain's Chair with Black Arms 

(add $40 shipping per chair and allow 
6-8 weeks for delivery) 

This cap has a khaki top. The bill 
and the words "Mary Baldwin 
Alumna" are arichdeep green. A7\ 
ideal item for any outdoor activity . 
X-26 Baseball cap $18.00 


.\1.AKV B.\LD\XTN 
This beautiful 100% cotton a/g/wn 
is jacqiiard u'oi'en for exacting de- 
tad. Featuring nine scenes from 
I irnund campus , this is surely some- 
thing you will treasure forever. 
.\vailable in navy or hunter green, 
^oK can toss it ot-er the sofa or hang 
n on the ivall . Each afghan measures 
-/8" ,\ 70" and is machine washable 
uith card instructions included. This 
IS an MBC alumnae exclusive and 
NOT available in stores. 
Cost: $49.95. $5.00 S&H. VA 
Residents add $2.25 sales ta.x. 
Custom embroidery available for 
$15.00 (Initials and year) 





^H ' 


' 1 

■■■ •! 

">' 8 



•' 1 




Richmond, Virginianative Parks P. Duffey 
111 was commissioned to create this unique 
lithograph. The lithograph measures 23" x 
29" and is a limited edition signed by the 
artist. Don't delay, order now! 
X-15 Lithograph $75.00 


A unique gift! These replicas are 

hand crafted by Elizabeth Robinson 

Harrison '55 . Choose any MBC or 

Staunton building. Allow 6-8 weeks 

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R-; Miniature $ J 2.00 

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R-2 Mmiatures 4 for $40.00 

($5 shipping) 


F.M.L 1996 • The Marv Baldwin College Magazine 



'71 of WmdifiSBer lias dfessgimai ex- 

SMiBiflttjiig, ifeJwfarafiaSsacHinomse 
Gw^Hjn library, sfe L>i:fa B. Hboji 
Hofl, awi tfe WsHfarai G- PanniB 
SraaJeut Csntar. Gine jotmse^or «sn 
XIBC jiriaml fl Msefiil 3% t»f sfese Jjeii 
^jjnil jnic noffiaofflmaS- tMch p^Ksw^ 
conMMViS oi2£ wr^wvs^of€BA hMmd- 
mg luDii eniieli^jigs. (6 1/3 x 4 J/21 
Sat c^''-? M'fflfe arai'eSo^ses 
X'lOA MaiBQairefef4l S5-C0 


^viiv^-' ^^ ^ 





These (MET£BCE2te oocfeoi^ nk3^-- 
&ms aire tfe Iraijacr u3TiJiif)feTii)£mt 

loaiwaijiimaegailEimg Wfmts 

wi^dms ra-iefi lifo JTOPt aj LydLi 


^ jfam and GSaAs Aa segmsd in ttact 

B-fbamiiiMmgieemmk Itoii- 
aifcfe m pmhi^ of 25 
X'23A Napbm $2 V 

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X'24 BsjAeomd S20-W 

Thisfiil coltyirpQsecmdskmis 
-J^j£ hemtty efdte MBC mam 
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Mail to: Maif Baldwin Sampler 

Office of Alumnae Activities 

Mary Baldwin CoEege Staunton, VA 24401 

tm it^annatian €a 

Ttf!^ isssB Si's •csdfs- isajBar l«Oli]U!li? ' 
Toirf »«» X"s omfar <i«rQr IMjW — 

CLASS 1TA?. , 



Cnr, STATE. ZIP: _ 
































Itm Ontr* te s Prike +ai%png =T«)«BlPike 1 



(jVa. resufioffiEs oimlif - Va. I^Ees Tax ote Scifcciijcal an: 






TsffiMssrBMIJBIsGoiIJIBCEMsG-'SZHKE • Faiul!19?6 

Alumnae Association 



Sue Warficld Ciiples '60, 
WiUiamshurg, VA 

Sue McDowell Whitlock '67, 
administrative vice president 
Lansdale, PA 

Judy Lipes Garst '63, 
program vice president 
Salem, VA 

Ann Shaw Miller '54, 
recording secretary 
Raleigh, NC 

Dana Flanders '82, 
Staunton, VA 

Catherine Ferris McPherson '78, 
Alumnae Involvement Committee chaii 
Richmond, VA 

Elizabeth Cummins Dudley '84 ADP, 
Annual Giving Committee chair 

Richmond, VA 

Lynn Tuggle GilUland '80, 

Career Networking Committee chair 

Greenwood, SC 

Kathleen Kenig Byford '68, 
Continuing Education 
Committee chair 
Raleigh, NC 

Susan Parker Drean 'S3, 
Homecoming Committee chair 
Richmond, VA 

Louise W.Boylan '71, 
Nominating Commirtee chair 
Alcx.mdn.i, \ A 

Shannon Greene Mitchell '57. 
Project Funding Committee chair 
Greensboro, NC 

Courtney Straw '98, 

Student Alumnae Partnership chair 

Waynesboro. VA 

Jane G. Kornegay '83, 
ex-officio, executive directof of 
alumnae activities 
Staunton, VA 


Terry Huffman AUaun '75 
Gloucester, \'A 

Sylvia Baldwin '76 
Waynesboro, VA 

Susan Wilson Boydoh '89 
Greensboro, NC 

MacKay Morris Boyer '87 
Richmond, VA 

Ryn Bruce '99. student representati' 
White Stone. VA 

Nancy Kunkle Carey '51 
Staunton, VA 

Janet Haddrell Connors '65 
Tampa, FL 

Kelly Andrews Coselli '85 
Houston, TX 

Bufty DeBreaux '93 
Staunton, VA 

Donna Neudorfer Earp '76 
Greensboro, NC 

Ann Gordon Abbott Evans '65 
Hampton, VA 

Susan Train Fearon '69 
Saxapahaw, NC 

Suzanna Fields '97, 
student representative 
Abingdon, VA 

Cynthia Phillips Fletcher '82 
Salem, VA 

Lee Johnston Foster '75 
Williamsburg, VA 

Claire Garrison '91 ADP 
Cro:et, VA 


Jan Mitchell Harper '54 
Malvern, PA 

Ann Robinson King '63 
Birmingham, AL 

Margaret Kluttz '93 
Goldsboro, NC 

Mildted Farquarson Little '73 
Veto Beach, FLA 

Carmen Holden McHaney '73 
Little Rock, AR 

Jacqueline Nicholas '89 
Cupertino, CA 

Val Sutton Payne '76 
Waynesboro, VA 

Harriet Barksdale Runkle '94 MAT 
Sewannee, TN 

Betsey Gallagher Satterfield '66 
Lewisburg, WV 

Mary Jo Shilling Shannon '53 
Roanoke, VA 

Elizabeth Jennings Shupe '70 
Richmond, VA 

Jane Starke Sims '68 
EUicott City, MD 

Ingrid Geijer Erickson Vax '89 
Arlington, VA 

Carrie Warren '00 
student representative 
Waynesboro, VA 

Abigail Wiens '98, 
student representative 
Beuna Vista, CO 

Elizabeth Peyton Woolridge '68 
Columbia, SC 

freshman student representative 

Do you have a 
reunion coming up 


Dear MBC alumnae: 

Many thanks to those of you who responded to the Homecoming 
Survey published earlier this year. The Ad Hoc Committee dis- 
cussed many issues regarding the best time to hold Homecoming at 
Mary Baldwin, and submitted a recommendation to the MBC ad- 
ministration. After considering the college calendar, May Term and 
questions about the availability of college services and facilities, 
the administration has announced the following dates for Home- 
coming 1998 and 1999. 


The classes of 1948, 1953, 1958, 1965, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 

1988 and 1993 celebrate their reunion weekend. May 21 - 24, 1998. 


The classes of 1949, 1954, 1959, 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 

1989 and 1994 celebrate their reunion weekend. May 20-23, 1999. 

Mark your calendars now and plan to attend. 

Sue Warfield Caples '60 

Barbara Knisely Roberts '73 

Ad Hoc Homecoming Committee Co-chairs 




20 /IniiiK I'sdi 

May 24 and 25, 1997 

Coti[ie follow r^e, and you will see oil the fun mere\/ill be, at /VIBC 



We are pleased to announce the following chairs, 
who will be planning your reunion this year: 

Anita C. Malugani '39, 50 plus chair 

Eleanor Jameson Supple '42, 55th chair 

Betty Hamilton Kay '47 

Erline Griffin Eason '52 

Janet Russell Steelman '52 

Barbara Bullock Graham '57 

Ann Alexander Cook '62 

Susan Massie Johnson '67 

To Be Announced '72 

Alison Wenger Boone '77 

Mary Hunter Leach '77 

Dana Flanders '82 

Cyndi Phillips Fletcher '82 

Elizabeth Palen '87 

Joy-Marie Bigalke Chien '92 

Julie Brenner '92 

Julia King '92 

Our Homecoming chairs join the 

Office of Alumnae Activities in inviting the classes of 

1942, 1947, 1952, 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987 and 1992 

(and our 50'Plus Club alumnae who graduated over 50 years ago) 

back to Mary Baldwin College during the weekend of May 23 ■- 25, 1997, 

for what we know will be a fun and festive celebration. 

Won't you come and join our paradel 


Alumnae Notes 

Chapters in Action 


The Washintiton Ballet's performance of Alice The Savannah Alumnae Chapter enjoyed a de- 
in Wonderland and Our Town offered the perfect lightful spring lunch at the home of Ann Ritchie 
setting for memhers of the Washington Metro- McHugh '56 with special guest MBC President 
politan Alumnae Chapter to enjoy a Saturday Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson, 
afternoon at The Kennedy Center. Washington 
Ballet Marketing Associate Katherine 
Mauermann '94 organi-ed the event, which was 
attended by 18 MBC alumnae and friends. 


Minnesota alumnae and friends gathered for 
lunch at The Minikahada Cluh in Minneapolis 
with hostesses Evelyn Baker Arey '30 and Dor- 
othy Cleveland Robb '44. Special guests were 
MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson and Asso- 
ciate Vice President for Development Chunk 


The Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Alumnae Chapter kicked off 
the new year with a cocktail party at the home of Bill and Susan 
Andes Pittman '56. Over 50 alumnae, spouses and friends en- 
joyed an evening with the Executive Committee of the Alumnae 


Nearly 20 members of the New York Alumnae C/iupter enjoyed a spring 
wine and cheese party at the studio loft of Burhan and Angela Hausmann 
Dogancay '73. 

AliimndL' Board president Sue Warfield Caples '60 
talki with hostess Susan Andes Pittman '56. 


Over 20 Charleston area alumnae, parents, students and friends wel- 
comed MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson for lunch at the home of 
Kay Jacobs Wendell'Vl. 


Hilton Head area alumnae, friends and students enjoyed a wine and 
cheese party with MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson at the home of 
Margaret Carswell Richardson '78. 

Lynne Peto Gwaltney '93 and husband Kevin enjoy the company oj 
Kenneth and Catherine Odom Quick '93 at the RaleighlDurham/Chapel 
Hill evern in January. 


The Mary Balhwin College Magazine 

Alumnae Notes 

Chapters in Action 


MBC Preiiddnt Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson, Steve Pitt and Sarahjohnson 
Pitt '82 chat during a Houston Alumnae cocktail party hosted by 
the Pitts. 

Ronald Herdman, Gig Eversole Herdman '54 and MBC President 
Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson joined other Houston area alumnae and par- 
ents at a cocktail party hosted br Steve and Sarah Johnson Pitt '82. 

George and ]o O'Neal Brueggeman '80 and Leslie Lewis 
Granberry '84 and husband Mark enjoyed visiting at the Pitt's 
cocktail ()art>' in Houston. 

Helping bring in the new school year, Alumnae Board member Kelly 
Aruirews Coselii '85 hosted a back-to-school parry m her Houston 
home. Three generations o/MBC women enjoyed the celebration: 
Claudia Turner Ay cock '66, freshman Charlotte "Cherry" Aycock 
and Jane Kiattox Turner '38. 


Mary Jane Lyles Houston '43 hosted a cocktail party at her home . 
Here she chats with MBC President Dr. Cynthia H . Tyson , Char- 
loae Wenger '83 and Mary Goodrich Basldn '46. 

Margaret King Stanley '52, MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson 
aryi Jane Thurmond Gregory '52 enjoyed the cocktail party at the 
home of Mary Jane Lyles Houston '43. 

The NL\ry B.jj-d«tn College M.-\g.\zi>.'E • F.\ll 1996 


Alumnae Notes 

Chapters in Action 


k ■ 




r ■ 



P ' 



H' ' 


^ 1 


Arlane Crump '96 ADP, ADP Pro/c'ssor oj ijcrman Dr. Stevens IJarlick 
and Be:sy Buet '96 ADP attended the spring uiine and cheese party for Char- 
lottesville area ADP alumni and students. 

Katie t ';. i i ■' . muhJ MiUivd J. LuJisIl-^ ' ^^) share a moment 
ujit/i MBC /'resiiiem Dr. C>nt/iia H. Tyson at Westminster Can- 
terbury in Charlottesi'iile, VA. The trio joined MBC Director of 
Special Gifts Nancy Mc/n(;vre in ]une for a luncheon and update 
on the leadership program . 

Also e7ijo;ving the Charlottesi'ille area ADP alumni u'ine and cheese party 
were (l-r) MBC/PVCC Secretary. Joyce Diepold. MBC/PVCC Regional 
Coordinator Claire Kent. Troy and Lynn Leathers '96 .ADP, and Associate 
Dean for ADP Dr. Kathleen Stinehart. 


Harrisonburg area alumnae jomed Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Grafton (pro- 
fessor and dean emeriti) and residents of Sunnyside Presbyterian Re- 
tirement Community for a college update by MBC President Dr. 
Cynthia H. Tyson, VWIL cadet Ashley DiYorio '99 and PEG student 
Jill Rasmussen '96. 


Fall 1996 • The Mary B.aldwin College Magazine 


A E Notes 

Chapters in Action 


MBC RichiiKMKlalumiiae weie'KMiodieRac^"fodie64diniiiiiiiigof dieSnawbenYHiURacesin ApriL 

C\'er 25 aiuEQiiae and spouse Jomeil stalFat liae MIBC teoc tMi Ooiveisicy Row. 

MBC Stpmrd'frieui Ghiiys jomraad m Ae SBrmebenj HM festivisies fey 

"60 aural Sdh AnmsoroBg Bm^ley '60 g^ab smme skais imda fifes MBC 
temt at Ae Sumdieny HM Maces. 

-tamfeiig the Suaubeny HS RiC'cj- "!-rJi 
- -„ ~ ..n Pflifor Therni ".S3, Jac?. I?"-djr,. Sislv 
D^ , M«£ w u-rpdA Copies "60 ami Msclaeite Sckskm' 

""NiiHjles & Nletwofkiag" to^ hosted by the Rkhimxad ADP 
Regiioiidi Office aod die MBC Office of Alumoae Activities, ^ 
thefiist in a series of EietTOodldiig progtanK- Ditecwsrof CaiEO" 
and Life Planning Diane Kenl pieseeted t^is on caieer advance- 
mem fijr ower 20 ADP aliinmi and araenl students. Orfier Ridi- 
memd alumnae events were held at E^JkOfa's lestainant and 
WestmiiEter C^ntiaiiuty. 

Wfemfer "^-t ADP Sitsjr.HjI[ea'95ADPaniEidammdADP 
^trmmisl Q€€nrdm:Mw Cjjidn Ferns McPlaeTScm 'jS. 

TsE MAaar Balmwhn GaajLiBGE MftGyiZiisE • F.jyuL 1996 


Alumnae Notes 

Chapters in Action 


Over 20 Richmond area alumni enjoyed nclu'orkinji at the Richmmd ADP 
Center, including, front row (l-r) current ADP student Sue Cabanisi. 
Sandy Bravo '96 ADP and Sandy Hunter '96 ADP. Back rote (l-r) Vir- 
ginia Martin '84 ADP and David Dakon '96 ADP. 

Mrs. Edna Haldenby, mother ofMBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tvson, 
and Dr. Tyson pose with the three alumnae who scheduled and hosted a 
spring luncheon at Westminster Canterbury : Anne Holman Hinckley '34 . 
Anne Rudd Black '35 and Bev Hoy Howarth '35. Nearly 20 Richmond 
area alumnae attended the luncheon with Alumnae Board President Sally 
Arm.strong Bingley '60, Executive Director of Alumnae Activities Jane G . 
Kon\egay '83 and Associate Director o/t/ie Annual Fund Kristin Dafcne>'. 

Dakota's uyis the setting /or lunch and a college update for Richmond 
area alumnae from the classes of 1985 to 1995. Associate Director of 
the .AnTiual Fund Kristin Dabney and Executive Director of Alumnae 
Activities Jane G. Komegay '83 joined 1 1 alumnae for lunch. Seated 
(l-r) are Eleanor Ware '91, Sarah Penhallow Vostal '91 and Bobbie 
Welch '9i . Standing (l-r) are Maura Kelly Higginbotham '85, Chari 
Fortner Massie '85, Mary Douglas Erikson '90, Teresa S. Whitaker 
'94 ADP. Nancy Thackston '92 . Jeanne Reuther Putnam '85 , Martha 
Robson Gilg '85 and Suzanne Woodfm Villani '85 . 


VWIL Director Dr. Brenda L. Bryant presented a college update for 
members of the Roanoke Alumnae Chapter at the Shenandoah Club 
in February. Other Roanoke alumnae events took place at The 
Roanoke Country Club and the Ronnoke ADP Regional Center. 

Listening to a college update by VWIL Director Dr. Brenda L. Br\ant 
are (l-r) Peggy Weaver Crosson '67, Ginn^i Moomau' Savage '69 , Jackie 
Scrubs '86 ADP and Judy Lipes Garst '63, Alumnae Board member. 


Fall 1996 • The Mary Baldwin College Magazine 

Alumnae Notes 

Chapters in Action 

ROANOKE, VA cent. 

Harriett Middleton \i'aldrop '48 and Gale Palmer Penn '63 
enjoyed lunch and a college update at Roanoke's Shenandoah 

Roanoke area alumnae joined MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson and her 
mother Mrs. Edna Haldenbj for an afternoon tea ac the Roanoke Country 
Club. Attending the event were seated (l-r) Mrs. Haldenby, Eine Chapman 
Brcnim '52 and Nancy Doiims '56. Standing are (l-r) Jackie Scruggs '86 ADP, 
Alumnae Board Program Vice President ]udy Lipes Garst '63 , and friend 
Mrs. ]olly. 

Alumnae Board Program Vice President Judy Lipes Garst '63, 
Alumnae Board member Cyndi Phillips Fletcher '82 and Kelly 
Huffman Ellis '80 enjoyed the afternoon tea at the Roanoke 
Country Club. 

MBC President Dr. Cynthia H. Tyson and Harmn Middleton 
Waldrop '48 chat after tea at the Roanoke Coimtrv Club. 


Roanofee ADP Coordinator Dr. Pamela 
Riciuadscm. 'hAurray, Office Coordinator }oyce 
Franklin. Barbara Fattaleh '96 ADP and Lois 
E. Stephens '95 ADP enjoyed a wine and cheese 
event at the Roanoke ADP Regional Center. The 
event was jointly hosted by the Roanoke Center 
and the MBC Office oj Aiitmnae Actiti'ties. 

The M.-\rv B.aldwin College M.a,g.azine • F.^ll 1996 


Alumnae Notes 

Chapters in Action 

Roanoke area ADP alumni and current ADP students enjoyed a 
spring part\ at the Roanoke Center with Associate Dean for ADP 
Dr. Kathleen Stinefuirt and Executive Director of Alumnae Ac- 
tivities Jane G. Komegay '83. In attendance were, seated (l-r) 
Susan Sisler '82 ADP and current ADP student Cynthia Bergeron . 
Standing (l-r) are Ginger Brourn '94 ADP, Diane Buxhaum '96 
ADP and current ADP student Gwen Smith. 

Jane Crabill '8i, Kim Fisher Wood '92 and Dana Flanders '82 en- 
joy a happy hour for alumnae from the MBC classes of the 70s, 80s 
and 90s at the Pidlman Restaurant. The event luas sponsored by the 
Staujiton, Waynesboro , Augusta County Alumnae Chapter. 

The 10th Annual Ham to Jam Luncheon was the main course for the 
Staunton, Wayneshoro, Augusta County alumnae. A delightful meal 
from the Ham to]am Cookbook was served. Associate Professor of Com- 
munications Shirley Rawley and former MBC Alumnae Director Vir- 
ginia Munce Lousiell '47 joined alumnae and friends for the event. 
The Ham to]am Cookbook project was completed during Mrs. Lousiell's 
tenure as alumnae director 


New York Tn-State - February 1996 
Virginia Colleges Party 
MBC contact, Coree Earle '91 

Los Angeles, CA - February 1996 
Virginia Colleges Mixer 

Jacksonville, FL - April 1996 

4th Annual Taste of Virginia Social 

Boston, MA - May 1996 

Wine Tasting Event for Virginia Colleges 

San Francisco, CA - May 1996 

6th Annual Old Dominion Day Crab Feast 

MBC contact, Kris Johnson '83 

Los Angeles, CA - May 1996 

Virginia Colleges Barbecue 

Hosted by MBC alumna Cathy Harrell Pennington '84 

Cathy Harrell Pennington '84, (far right) chats with Pamela Leigh 
Anderson '84 and Ginger Hofler Duvall '59. Cathy hosted a Virginia 
Colleges Barbecue on May 19, 1 996 , at her home . The event attracted 
ot'er 60 alumni and friends from MBC, Hampden-Sydney , Hollins, 
Randolph-Macon, Sweet Briar, VMl and Washington & Lee. 


Fall 1996 • The Mary Baldwin College Magazine 

Help Spread the Influence 

Even- new- aiid increased gift you gi\-e will be matched. 


A week after graduation, Julie Young '95 was 
at work. She had already interned twice in 
long-term health care, and a fellow Mary 
Baldwin alumna had helped her find the 
perfect job. Now at Walter Reed Convales- 
cent Center, she oversees the facilities and 
operations of a 161-bed nursing home. Julie 
knows every resident and every family 
member who walks in the door. It's a 
challenge, facing death and dying ever^' day. 
But it's an inspiration, says Julie, because 
she knows she is helping people. 

"I was shy in high school. That's one 
reason I chose Mary Baldwin, with its small 
classes and close contact with professors. 
When you're in that environment, you 
realize you can really accomplish things. 

"I valued my years there, and I'll always 
be nostalgic. I can't give great fortunes, but 1 
can give a little. I figure that any amount 
helps. I wouldn't have wanted to go to any 
other school, and I want other young 
women to have the same oppoitunitv'." 

Julie Young, Class of '95 
Nursing home administrator, Gloucester, VA 

By giimg back to Mary Baldiuin College, 

yoiL ensure that the Colleges influence will continue to spread. 

Due CD the generosity of an anonymouis donor, every new and increased gift to the 

Annual Fund until the year 2000 will be matched up to $50,000 per vear, thus doublina 

_ "nonprqtempqhesedaetehn 

the inikence or your geneiosity. 

Mary BaldwTQ College 








PERMIT #106 

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